Aug 13, 2012

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Manage Your Class with the Best Visual Timer Available!


A timer can be one of the best investments an art teacher can make in his or her classroom. Timers can help students and teachers make the best use of class time. Timers also help make transitions anticipated and smooth. Not only are timers important for students, but they are also important for teachers. There have been multiple instances where my students are so focused on creating their art project, that we all lose track of time. Unfortunately when this happens, my students’ concentration is broken by the sound of the bell dismissing them to their next class. I frantically tell the students, “Quickly clean up, I’m sorry I forgot to set the timer!” Sound familiar?

If you have extra money in your budget, you should spend it on a Time Timer. (No, they’re not paying me to write about their amazing product, I just love it that much.)

A Time Timer isn’t any ordinary timer. It is a visual timer that allows the passage of time to be visible by a red disk that gets smaller as time decreases. Check out this youtube video to see exactly how a Time Timer works.


I first purchased a Time Timer when I was teaching elementary art. (I since have purchased a Time Timer for every classroom I have taught in.) The Time Timer comes in three different sizes, a 3 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch timer. I prefer the 12 inch clock so it is visible across my classroom. The timer can be hung on the wall or held up on a counter by the collapsible plastic legs on the back of the timer.

The Time Timer App is now available on ipad and iphone.

The iphone app costs $3.99 and the ipad app costs $6.99. Both apps are well worth every penny. You can customize the timer’s name, duration, color and customize the beep sound. There are four color choices available; blue, green, red and yellow.


The Time Timer software is available for $24.00 that can be installed up to five times. How great would it be to have a Time Timer for your interactive whiteboard or computer screen?



People of all ages can benefit from using the Time Timer. I rely on the timer as much, if not more than my students. Check out my son helping me use the Time Timer. He loves listening to the beep. Unfortunately for him, the beep means bedtime.

(Word of caution: the red plastic disk is fairly delicate and not suitable for a toddler or young child to use on a regular basis. However, with proper training, younger students can easily set the timer in your classroom, just in case you forget to set it yourself.)

Here are 5 reasons why every art room needs a Time Timer

1. We live in a digital world where children and adults are used to reading time on a digital device such as a cell phone. Because of this and other reasons, some students struggle with reading analog clocks. The Time Timer allows students (and teachers) to visually see the amount of time left in a class period.
2. The Time Timer beeps when the time is up. (There is an off function if you don’t want it to beep) The beep is somewhat soft in comparison to a noisy art room. However, it’s almost guaranteed that at least one student will hear the timer and alert their classmates or the teacher that the timer has gone off. It normally goes something like this, “Mrs.Reinken, the timer is going off!”
3. The Time Timer is an excellent resource to help students learn time management. If one student takes longer to clean up than other students, they learn when to clean up based on how much red is left on the Time Timer.
4. The Time Timer is relatively inexpensive. My first timer was purchased five years ago and it is still ticking. The 3 inch timer costs $30.00, the 8 inch timer costs $35.00 and the 12 inch timer (my favorite) costs $40.00. (Check AOE tomorrow for some specials discounts)
5. The Time Timer is now available for your ipad, iphone, whiteboard, computer and your wall. You can purchase a Timer Timer for all your timing needs. What will they come up with next? I know I can’t wait to see it.


To say “purchasing the Time Timer was a good investment”, is an understatement. Purchasing the Time Timer was a FABULOUS investment.

Check back tomorrow for a very important announcement regarding a Great Giveaway compliments of Time Timer. We are not just giving away one Time-Timer Product, but THREE, with multiple ways for you to win.

How do you manage time in your art room?

Have you ever used a timer, visual or otherwise?

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  • Denise

    I use a small kitchen timer for times when I need kids to do a ‘timed’ drawing, or absolute quiet such as a contour drawing. I’ve also used the timer on my iphone now that I own one! But the idea of at least downloading a time timer onto my iphone is doable in the near future! Thanks for the tip!

    • Jackie

      I have a small digital timer I use with my classes. I started using it for a student who needed frequent breaks to get his work done. I had a list made for him with each step of the project that he needed to complete for that class with check boxes next to each task. After he finished 1, 2 or 3 tasks (usually about 10 minutes of work) he would check them off and then get a 5 minute break. The timer was great for this! He’d see me set the timer for him and when the beep went off, he knew it was time to get back to our project. He’d even ask me for his list if we were back in our seats and I didn’t hand it to him yet. 
      After using it with him, I started using it with other classes to keep them on track. I like the idea of having a larger one that the students can see. Since mine was small, I would clip it to my belt (so I didn’t have to hold it) and announce when they had certain amounts of time left. 
      Some classes moved along nicely and I didn’t need to use it, but there were a handful that benefitted from the timer. 

      • Cassidy Reinken

        It sounds like the timer worked really well for that student!  Thanks for sharing.

    • Cassidy Reinken

      I love the Time Timer app, it’s worth every penny!

  • Jessica Balsley

    I also like the idea of a timer on my computer for doing personal work. I usually set my timer on my stove, (right, Heather? :)) but it’s not visual enough. Also, at school, I am the timer, but when the teacher gets busy we can become unreliable. The idea of giving a student who struggles (or as a positive reward) to managing, set, and watch the timer is neat as well. So many ideas with this article, thanks Cassidy! 

  • Mrs.C

    Never tried a timer before what a great idea! I am usually the “timer”.  :)

    • Cassidy Reinken

      I was too,
      but I got fired by the Time Timer, since it’s much more accurate and gets less
      distracted than myself.  :)

  • The Art Teacher

    I use a the timers from all the time, and I find them very useful; but I do like the visuals on this one!

    • The Art Teacher has two timer. One that has a nice strong beeping sound that you can’t miss and another that you can set to beep or to vibrate–great for keeping in your pocket to keep you on track when you want to be the only one aware it has gone off.

      • Jessica Balsley

        I love Fly Lady, I didn’t know she had a timer. Thanks for the heads up. She helped me get my cleaning routine down back when I had no clue. I still use a lot of her tips today.

    • Cassidy Reinken

      I have never heard of FlyLady- what an informative website!

      • Jessica Balsley

        The book is kind of cheesy, however, once you read it, all the tips really make sense.

  • Amanda Heyn

    I’ve had other teachers recommend this timer to me, too! I think it’s about time I buy one! 

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  • Meghan Glass

    Wow! Amazing!!! I have a teeny tiny timer and sometimes students near the timer have a tendency to get up and check the timer as clean up time approaches. This is a great way to keep them in their seats and on task! I definitely am purchasing one of these, please let us know where to find the discount on the website. 

  • Laura Devin

    OK- This looks amazing. I definitely need to get one of these…

  • Kristin

    Awesome! I have used a cleanup timer on my smart board with some success last year but this is excellent for students and myself as well to know when that process should start. It sounds like a wonderful investment!

  • Kimber1964

    Got one before school started and have used it with every class so far…my students love it!  Thanks for the tip…and the discount. :-)

    • Cassidy Reinken

      I’m so happy your students love it!  My students walk in the door and ask, “Can I set the timer.” 

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