Dec 2, 2012

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2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year – Nominations Now Open!

**Nominations are now closed for this contest. The finalists have been selected. You can vote for the top 20 blogs right here!**

What’s your favorite Art Ed Blog? It’s time to open up nominations for our 2nd Annual “Art Ed Blog of the Year” contest — the blogosphere’s only contest for exclusively honoring Art Education blogs. With so many great blogs out there, the success of last year’s contest, and so many bloggers who generously share so many ideas and don’t always get recognized, we thought it was about time!

We’re looking for your nomination for the Top Art Ed Blogs of the Year.  The winners will be promoted with a permanent space on AOE, be featured in the Blogging for Art Educators online class, get kudos in our Weekly Newsletter and will receive a special Award Badge to place on their website.


Please nominate of your favorite art education blog(s). Do so by posting your favorites in the ‘comments’ section below. You may also send your nomination in an email to with ‘My Favorite Blog’ in the subject line.

  • Be sure to include a link to the blog you’re nominating.
  • Be sure to include WHY you like the blog, what sets it apart.
  • You are welcome to nominate your own blog.
  • You are welcome to nominate more than one blog.
  • This website, The Education Sea, is not eligible for nominations. Sorry!
  • We are also looking for more SECONDARY blog nominations. Please pass this long if you know of a good middle-upper level blog. They need some lovin, too!
  • Try to nominate new and upcoming blogs, too! We want to highlight art teachers doing great things and expose their work to a larger audience.
  • Make your nomination by Friday, December 7th.


Committee Consolidation - After all nominations are made, the AOE Committee will vote on and produce the finalists who will then qualify to be included in the vote for ‘Art Blog of the Year.’ Finalists will be selected based on the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement, look and feel of their blog, etc.

Voting - On January 10th, the finalists will be posted here in a ballot format so that you, the readers, can vote on their favorite blog. Voting takes place between December 10-14. Be sure to come back and vote!  Nominated blogs are welcome to share the ballot link with their own readership so there are as many voters represented as possible!

Results - The top ten blogs will be selected by, of course, YOUR or votes! The results will be announced on December 16th. You will be notified if your blog is a winner. We’ll announce the winners and the top ten blogs, as well as the finalists, will all receive a unique Award Badge which they can proudly post in the side column or other prominent location on their blog!

Lets honor some of the amazing Art Ed Blogs out there and help them gain the exposure they deserve!


We need your nominations to get started! Let the world know which blogs you are best!  Go ahead and enter your nomination(s) right now in the comments section below and be sure to let your art ed colleagues know about this contest through social media, email, and more!

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  • Lauren Wenk

    The Art Of Ed + Teaching Palette get my votes!

    • Jessica Balsley

      Thanks, Lauren! You can’t actually nominate AOE, but we will note The Teaching Palette! Thanks!

      • Mlinardatou2010

        I don’t see my nominations in the comment section.
        I tried three times.

        • Jessica Balsley

          Try creating a DISQUS account. That worked for someone else. It could be your browser. Sorry for the issues. You can also email it to me if you want.

          • picassoblue

            Jessica I just email you the nominations.
            Can you please post them in the comment section.

            Thank you

  • Nic Hahn

    I nominate  Erica post wonderful ideas and ‘how to’s’.  On top of that she has been know to start professional discussion and collaboration.  She also give us a glimpse into her life by showing her daughter every once and a while. From Nic… PS… Expect a couple more in the near future.

    • erica

      THanks Nic, I enjoy all the extra advice I get from you and your blog! Going to try that clay thing this year! I am a little intimidated about making my own glaze but with your instructions I’m going to dive in! Thank you for the nomination and how could I nominate anyone but the cutting edge mini matisse who was the first person to get into QR codes in the art room! we never met in real life but she is so down to earth and talented, I just know we’d hit it off:) 

  • Ronda Sternhagen
    Lisa is a third-year middle school art educator with an already veteran art education blog.

  • Andrea Ream Ellwood

    Jen is an elementary art ed blogger and she is also in graduate studies for professional development. She presents unique and clever ideas – both for classroom management and lesson ideas – and her blog is called Draw the Line At and found at

    • Deb

      I love reading this blog too! Very creative art and inspirational blog posts! 

    • Ted Edinger

      I want to nominate Andrea from !!!!  Her blog offers a different perspective than most…a Christian school that is rockin’ the arts!!!  Got love that.

      • Jen

        Totally agree on all accounts!

  • Andrea Ream Ellwood

    One of my all-time favorite art ed blogs focuses on elementary art education and presents very interesting ideas that are almost always completely original.

  • Tony Tepedino

    I nominate Amy Oliveri http://artwitholiveri.wordpres…  Amy is a techy art teacher with a background in digital design. She is an excellent teacher and her blog shows all of the many ways innovates with her students. What makes Amy special is that fact that she wants to share and learn with others. This includes, colleagues, students, and parents. She is the consumate professional. She is not only an art teacher, but a great role model for using modern educational techniques (social media) within her clases. Amy gets it and so does anyone who gets to work with her!

  • Jodi Theodore

    I would like to nominate two art blogs.  One I follow religiously is  The blog is more about the ups and downs of teaching art.  I enjoy the humor and sometimes the truth when it comes to teaching art.  We are an under appreciated group, we need all the support we can get.  Sometimes just sharing a laugh and an experience is all I need to get through a rough day in the classroom.  The 2nd blog is my own.  When I find time, I like to post some of the hysterical things kids draw, and also the awesome projects that turn out.  The Small Art Teacher Blog

  • Katherine

    I would like to nominate  She has great lesson ideas and I have started to incorporate her “painted paper” techniques into my art room as well!  

  • Katie Morris

    I have a middle school and a high school blog to nominate! Middle- Artful Artsy Amy
    High school-

    Katie Morris

  • Novak Amanda

    Sorry if this shows up twice – I tried to nominate two, but I don’t see it in the comments.  

    I would like to nominate Shine Brite Zamorano ( ) and Artful Artsy Amy ( ) — both blogs offer a variety of projects 3D and 2D with open ended instruction to let students make creative choices.  

  • Luna1426

    I would like to nominate deep space sparkle


  • Theresa Gillespie

    So many to choose from! I love to follow  Go to plastiquem
    It’s great to see what is being done in an art room in another country. She has wonderful ideas.
    Another one I’d like to nominate is Go to pixelsandpaintbrushes 

     ~Theresa from  Go to splatsscrapsandglueblobs


       Hi Teresa!I am pleasantly surprised by this nomination and more coming from a great professional. It’s exciting to see two places in the world so far share the same passions: art and education. Every day I learn from my fellow bloggers, their experiences, their generosity, … Thank you very much and a big hug from Barcelona (Catalonia)

  • Iman

    elementary art rocks! is a good resource for new and seasoned teachers!

  • Jblackstock    Is my favorite art blog!  Talk about a resource for the parents of Stadium Drive Elementary School of the Arts.  Ms. Novak’s blog is always current, interesting, and useful!  

  • Don

    Teacher Don Masse post student work and shares with artist who frequently respond to the students.

  • Tobie711

    I love Deep Space Sparkle! 

  • Amgentili

    I would like to nominate Mona Lisa Lives Here, which is my new and upcoming middle school art room blog:  I think my blog is attractive and informative for my students, their families, our school community, and art teachers far and wide. The Art of Ed award badge would look terrific on my blog and it would a be a fitting tribute, because I learned everything I know about blogging from Jessica Balsley in the Blogging for Art Educators class! Thank you for your consideration…

  • Janis

    I would like to nominate: Tricia Fuglestad. She is an amazing art educator that also serves as a mentor and role model for many other art teachers via her participation in the #arted PLC on twitter.

    • Tricia Fuglestad

      Thanks so much Janis for this nomination and the kind words too!

  • Rachel Connell

    I second that nomination for Jen’s Draw the Line At, which inspires me in my teaching and in my own personal journey, as Jen shares her own struggles and triumphs outside the art room–after all, we exist to do more than pour paint and invent new lessons.

    And I nominate Phyl’s There’s a Dragon in my Art Room, which has provided me with inspiration more times than I can count. I adore her style of writing, her honesty, and her amazing creativity. And now that she’s retired, she’s kept the blog going with all sorts of good stuff! She inspired me to start my blog,

    These women are wonderful and I can’t wait to vote for them. :-)

  • Sdartteacher

    I would like to nominate my blog .  This is my first year blogging and while I am not expecting to win, I would love for some of you to at least check out my sight.  I teach high school art and I have a middle school study hall where I have been bringing in art projects for them to work on when they have no other homework.  I follow several blogs that have given me some great ideas for both my classes and my study hall.

    I would also nominate Artof the

  • Sbrown

    I nominate Don Masse’s blog.  He shows such wonderful work that the students do in school.  It is amazing to see what kids can do from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  All of his projects have a unique aspect to it and he is able intergrate it into all students work.  It can be found at:

  • Smart

    I would like to nominate Don’s art blog at does AMAZING work with our students in Kinder through fifth grade!  He reaches out the community to share our art at different art exhibits, holding art nights, and involving our staff in sharing our art through art boards at our school site.  His work has also been posted on other blogs by artists our students are learning about.  He is an amazing teacher and the work on his blog is shared by others!  He ROCKS!

  • Wespana

    Best. Art. Teacher. Ever.

    (wish I had him when I was in school)

  • ms art

    I would like to nominate my blog for the secondary nomination.  It would be an honor to be awarded, but mostly I would love to be an inspiration to more art teachers by getting my blog out there more!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Eukent

    If you haven’t checked out Tricia Fugelstad,  you need to!  One word,   AMAZING!   I also love Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room at   These both have fantastic things for us, as teachers.  I would like to nominate my own blog for art that we do in our own classrooms that we can share with our parents.  Please take a look.   Thanks!

  • Djmsam613

     I would like to nominate Don Masse at I follow his blog and am
    always amazed at the ideas he develops and uses with his students They are truly lucky

  • Heidi O’Hanley

    I would like to nominate my blog “Tales From the Traveling Art Teacher”  My blog offers ways to adapt lessons for classroom, travelers, and cart teachers.  I also include lesson ideas and school-wide art projects that are manageable for everyone, including educators in a non-stationary situation.  

  • Aayers324

    Apex HS Art Blog rocks!

  • Arwen

    Apex High School art blog is the blog of the year! I nominate AHS and remember Ian Sands as one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!

  • Amy Hall
    Yes, this is my own. I will also be nominating others, but do believe in promoting my own program. I have been a long time blog follower, and finally this year got the go ahead from my school to “go viral”, so I hope that this will fall under the “new and up and coming” criteria. :)I teach K-8th, so have an interesting perspective of seeing a wide range of grade levels. My school is small progressive independent school with a very strong environmental education focus, so I build this into my curriculum with several outdoor art experiences. What I hope to achieve through this blog is to show both parents and other Art educators the power of the art making process. I show kids working in sketchbooks, collaborating on projects, and critiquing other’s artwork as well as finished pieces of art with step by step directions. 

  • Shandstamper
    always current with great images and thoughtful projects!

  • Nmhellma

    the Apex High School Art Blog is amazing! This blog documents a classroom’s adventures at apex high, and has been sparking imaginations and providing a relief to apex high students from the stress of being a high schooler. The blog does not place an emphasis on talent, but on creativity and inspiration,and makes high school art a fun and non-medial task. the Instructor documenting the course does an amazing job at letting students explore the field of art, while at the same time teaching them techniques to enhance their work.

    This blog is one of the many reasons I am proud to be an Apex High Alumni.

    • Nmhellma

       the web address is :

  • Mary

    (I had made a nomination earlier today, but I’m not seeing it so I’ll give it another go.) 
    I would like to nominate Chesterbrook Academy Elementary at art lessons are so out of the box and she really lets her students explore their own creativity and share their voice.

  • Rina

    I would like to nominate two blogs:
    Don Masse’s Shine Brite Zamorano   Don’s blog is unique – many project are based on the art of living artists and illustrators.
    I love A Faithful Attempt  Miss always explains her lessons thoroughly, with a ton of great photos. She has lived and taught in many countries and includes projects drawn from her travels.

  • Knighth

    I hope this doesn’t come through multiple times, but my post isn’t showing up. I’ll try once more.
    3 international blogs I really enjoy: Art with Mr. Hall, Arteascuola, and Dream Painters.
    My blog, Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists, won last year and I’d like to be included in the mix again if appropriate. ( Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Knighth

      USA blogs – Shine Brite Zamorano!

      • Jessica Balsley

        I am seeing your post!

  • Primed Canvas

    I just started blogging this year, so I would like to nominate myself ( as a new and upcoming blogger.  I teach art to elementary school aged students through community rec and to high school students as a sub.   I am a Canadian art educator with a background in art history, and I try to bring this into my art lessons and blog posts.

  • Aschmitt

    Don Masse, Shine Brite Zamorano, is my vote!!!  Don is able to teach the students (K-5) about past and present artists.  He has the students critic the art style and he allows them to take those ideas, and styles and adapt them to their own  unique art piece.  Every child is valued, focused, and ready to create when classy MASSE is in charge.

  • Breckpr

    Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists (GA) is my nomination because of the amazing knowledge of art history that her students learn, at an early age, from her lesson plans. The artwork they produce clearly shows an understanding of the principles and elements of design beyond their age. I have been following her blog for about a year and a half. I too have learned from the information she shares in her blog.

  • Marianne Griffith

    I would like to nominate my blog,  This blog is mainly a showcase for my lst-8th Grade students’ art at a Title 1 elementary school in Phoenix.  I would like to get more exposure for my students’ artwork! We study traditional and modern styles. My students are mostly new immigrants to the US and are ELL students. They absolutely love art!

  • Beth

    Friends School of Wilmington has an amazing art teacher and blog! Please nominate

  • Chanicrow

    After several years of getting great ideas from many blogs, I finally created my own. It’s constantly a work in progress, but I’m really proud of it :-) I have been teaching art in primary schools for three years, but I bring over 15 year experience as a working community artist. I wouldn’t normally nominate myself, but I have found these forums a great way to share new blogs…….will be checking out as many of the nominees as I can!

  • Nic Hahn

    Here another ROCK’n blog…
    Artascuola is Italian blog and one that I rely on for fresh ideas.  Miriam Paternoster has been VERY open to sharing her ideas and lesson plans.  The pictures on this blog are amazing!  One of my favorite blogs by FAR!

    • Chanicrow

      I love this one too!

  • Swessel

    I would like to nominate John Romang’s  He is always coming up with great ways to get the kids interested and excited about art!  Way to go John!

  • Miriam Paternoster  
    The ideas in this blog are always completely news and fresh. I find every post so brilliant and innovative, especially because the materials and the techniques are so simple and easy, they can be propose to any student.

    • Joe Hall

       Wow, thanks Miriam : ) I’m honoured you’ve suggested my blog. With all your nominations it’s obvious you are a highly respected practitioner.

  • Claudia Paternoster

  • Nwalkup

    SchoolArts Room from SchoolArts Magazine, Where Art Teachers go for Ideas

    We care and blog about any issues, ideas,  or concerns of art teachers around the globe.

  • Jjorussell

    What an awesome display of children of all ages.  As an educator and a mother of four children myself,  I have seen how this art teacher expands children’s minds and how fabulous to see his displays on his blog.  Please go to his blog at   

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  • Colleen Rose

    What an exciting time for Art Educators! I shared my nominations in my latest blog post here:

    • SuzanneTiedemann

      Thank you so much! I’m honored to be mentioned along with Tricia Fuglestad and Ian Sands.  

  • Hether Hoffmann

    I use my blog,, as a communication, portfolio, and teaching tool. It has been invaluable in my communication with parents, students, and teachers.

  • Jhodge

    John is an outstanding artist and art educator! The activities he presents are educational, informative and inspiring for our students and our community. I recommend browsing his art blog for unique and inspiring activities. His blog can be found at

  • Mario

    I Think arteascuola is one of the most simple, easy and fantastic way to approach how to learn and teaching arts; it is fantastic even for the simple beginner artist like me! Thanks Miriam, Italy makes the difference in arts!

  • Paolo

    Me too love ! As a teacher is a spring of inspiring an teaching simple things with the best result for pupils. Well done and simple in graphics, with a lot of update.

  • Smiller2

    I would like to nominate Don Masse at  He is an amazing art teacher and the studnts are so lucky to have him!

  • Alexandra Katzman

    After being incredibly inspired by amazing blogs like minimatisse and apex art, I too decided to create my own blog. Im just getting started, but i love sharing my projects to help other teachers the way they have helped me!

  • Manuela Zani

    • Jessica Balsley

      Thanks for all the great nominations! Everyone remember: Once the blog is nominated once, it will be in the running for consideration as a finalist. The voting will happen later. :)

  • MrsImpey

    While I am nominating my own blog,, I do also love Phyl at as she has been a major influence in me deciding to blog!  I also love everything she does and shares!  Even if I don’t get voted for this award, please at least check out my blog!

  • K Malonesmith

    I’m going to nominate my own blog :  because I love to advocate for our students! I think having the blog gives the students a sense of pride as they can show their parents and email their relatives what they have been doing in class. 

    • K Malonesmith

      and it’s middle school, where the students are AWESOME!

  • Donald Peters – This is a blog by a group of professional artists. They regularly post work in progress, posts on what it takes to be a professional artist, as well as commentary on the arts. This is a great blog for secondary teachers to be able to show students that 1) yes artists use references, 2) yes artists make thumbnail sketches, and 3) yes artists spend HOURS on their creations. I love this blog.

  • Cinzia
  • Cheryl Player

    I would like to nominate Chani’s Christmas project for making a simple idea look so great.

  • Tania
  • Victoria
  • SuzanneTiedemann

    I’d like to nominate Tricia Fuglestad’s
    “Fugleblog” because
    Tricia is an extremely innovative teacher (one that many consider to be of
    celeb status in #artsed).  Her blog is jam packed with lesson ideas,
    technology infused projects and many “How To” instructions which
    become valuable professional development opportunities.  

    I’d also like to nominate high school art teacher, Ian
    Sands’ blog, “Art of Apex High School”  . Whenever
    I read a blog article about Ian’s artists and assignments, I find myself
    wishing I were a student in his class.  He thinks outside the box and
    inspires his students to do the same by inviting them to create art using
    traditional as well as nontraditional materials.  Whether his students are
    featured working on individual or collaborative assignments, it is obvious that
    they are engaged and inspired.  
    ~Suzanne Tiedemann

  • Marciadotcom

    Most of the ones listed above are ones I do love to read. I also enjoy reading and the chocolate muffin tree. Both have so many fun ideas. Also, feel free to check out my blog: now known as Art is Basic. I know that’s confusing.

  • AJ Eberly

    I have so many favorites, it’s hard to narrow it down. On top of my list is  I like Ms Palmer’s blog because she has so many years of experience. She often has just the right tips I need to teach my class.

  • AJ Eberly

    I want to nominate . Her index makes her projects easy to find and the instructions are so clear.  I love her experience and inclusion of other cultures.

  • Alexsa Gonzalez

    As a new teacher- I am loving ALL the Art Ed blogs that exist!! My  favorite Art Education Blog is by far Deep Space Sparkle!… Why? Mrs. Palmer not has great, realiztic, standard-happy, and FUN project ideas and lessons- but I really enjoyed the e-course that she took the time to create.  There was a community building in this e-course and she extended a learning opportunity for all to learn from each other- not just her own experiences! I have tried many of her ideas- from lessons to organizationa nd product suggestions and I have become more motivated as a “newer” Art educator!

  • AJ Eberly

    I have to nominate this one too: . She has such a huge selection of art projects and nice tutorials.

  • Alexsa Gonzalez

    As a new teacher- I am loving ALL the Art Ed blogs that exist!! My  favorite Art Education Blog is by far Deep Space Sparkle!… Why? Mrs. Palmer not has great, realiztic, standard-happy, and FUN project ideas and lessons- but I really enjoyed the e-course that she took the time to create.  There was a community building in this e-course and she extended a learning opportunity for all to learn from each other- not just her own experiences! I have tried many of her ideas- from lessons to organizationa nd product suggestions and I have become more motivated as a “newer” Art educator!

  • Dineen

    I am LOVING this BLOG- absolutely adoring… So creative and attainable for all levels and age groups.

  • Adam
    • Adam

      Sorry, forgot to tell what the link is for.  It is the TAB Facebook page; Katherine Douglas updates almost every day.

  • S. Rushing

    I’d like to nominate John Romang at

  • Majka
  • Chiaradevigili
  • Vicki

    My Favourite Art blog 

  • Joe Hall

    There’s so many great blogs I frequent… It’s been a challenge but I have limited myself to 3 nominations!
    Miriam from the UK via Italy –
    Gretchen from New Zealand –
    and yes like a bunch of others here (!) Don from the USA

  • Giancarlo Calliari

    I really love

  • Gianpietro

    I like so much 

  • Nío

    I like

  • Vicki Smith Art

    I would like to nominate  Her blog features wonderful examples of her student’s work.  Her assignments allow the children to draw inspiration from unique sources and materials.

    • Heather Carr

      I agree! I love seeing what her students create!

  • Silvia Roncador 

  • Silvia Roncador ”I like it!”

  • Jessica Balsley

    Here is one from Marilena L that she asked me to post:
    My blog is wish to nominate a fellow art teacher from Barcelona, Catalonia.I always enjoy reading her posts. She often connects the art projects to a history lesson. I am looking forward reading her posts. Her posts are creative and engaging. I wish I could be a student in her class.Unique art projects that take into account the different ways students learn.Always looking forward to her posts. 

    • Mlinardatou2010

      Thank you Jessica.

  • Angela Di Fiore
  • Marietta Norman

    The artistic expression Don Masse is able to ignite in his students at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy is just phenomenal!  One of the techniques he often uses is the work of professional artists, both well-known and up-and-coming, to inspire his students.  His  blog at highlights the work of students from Kindergarten to fifth grade.  Several of the professional artists he has introduced to students have found out about Don’s blog and have also left comments about the students’ interpretations of their work.  Don’s art blog gets my nomination because of the innovative platform he uses to showcase and discuss the work of young artists alongside that of established artists.

  • pendledon

    I would like to nominate Don Masse’s blog, As so many others have mentioned, his passion comes through for his lessons and the projects he works on with this students. As a professional artist, he has used my art in a few of his lessons by introducing skateboard graphics into his plans, something that the kids enjoy and many can relate to. I think if you can get kids interested in art in both traditional and non-traditional ways at a younger age, those students will always have an interest in it.

  • Guest

    I wish to nominate Marymaking.blogspot

  • Heather

    I like There are good Christmas art ideas as well as other good classroom art ideas here.

  • amiria_gale

    I have a blog targeted at helping secondary school Art students… :)

  • Danika_7

  • Manuela Zani
  • Sandra Power

    The best Art Blog I have seen. Very inspiring and creative. I love the color used, and different pieces.

  • Karen A  Love it!

  • Hallie

    deepspacesparkle, think create art, artisans des arts, dali’s moustache….all are colorful and cheerful! 

  • Mary Simmons
    This is a good blog for those teaching art to special populations and shows diversity in our art education community!  This blog is based on the art classroom in a Deaf school taught by a Deaf teacher using ASL.  You will see lesson plans, curriculum mapping, student artwork and art classroom news.  Soon to come, USING TECHNOLOGY TO TEACH ART TO SPECIAL POPULATIONS & and many more!

    • Silvestri

      Even if this blog does not get an award, it should be shared for those who are interested in teaching art to Deaf students, students with multiple disabilities or students with autism!

      • Jessica Balsley

        Thank you for this new blog, at least I had never heard of it, and yes, this is an area where we NEED more resources! Fabulous!

  • Mary S  This is a good blog based on the art classroom at a Deaf school taught by a Deaf teacher.  This blog includes SECONDARY classes, as well as teaching art to special populations!  This will be a great resource for Art Teachers out there who work with Deaf & Hard of Hearing students, students with Multiple Disabilities and students with Autism.

  • Tim Andrews

    Art With Mr. E has been a source of encouragement to me.  I’ve e-mailed him many times over the past few years with questions, and he has always taken the time to answer them & be available for me. 

  • Ted Edinger

    I would like to nominate  I’ve really enjoyed seeing what is happening in a private Christian school.  It is a different perspective….and the work is quality. Andrea is passionate & cares about her students deeply!  If you haven’t checked out her blog…you should.  

    Artfully Yours, Mr. E (from Art With Mr. E)

  • Aly marcotte

    I’d love to nominate my own blog –
    I have been around about a year, and have a great following of loyal readers! 

    • Jessica Balsley

      Aly- I have not yet seen your blog, but I just visited, and it looks great. I am glad you shared it with us. Your job description sounds intriguing. Good luck in the contest.

      • Aly marcotte

         Thanks a lot – it’s definitely an odd assignment, but I make it work! Today was art with grade 1, French to junior kindergarten, art to grade 3, then science, language and gym to my grade 5/6′s. It’s crazy!

  • Carol

    I would like to nominate a new blog I love the variety of Heather’s posts from lesson ideas, current art trends, and humorous stories. I’m always excited to see what will be posted next!

  • Donald Peters

    I would also like to nominate the blog of artist James Gurney. Not only does he update daily, but he also is constantly putting up great info for high school art teachers to use and share with their students.

    I know that both of the blogs I nominated are not ‘art teacher’ blogs, but maybe you could add a category for blogs that contribute to education in the arts. =D

    • Jessica Balsley

      As the contest grows each year, I can totally see us adding in categories like you suggested. Thanks so much and we will consider all of your nominations this year.

  • Positivespaceart always trying new things and the love of her work shows. of great photos of happy students and works in progress, and finished. Proud of my efforts in the past few years, and love the communication I have with my fellow bloggers!

  • James

    Elementary Art Rocks is an awesome site for elementary and some secondary projects. I like it because the projects are great but it talks about art outside of the classroom and how that art translates into projects.

  • K.Lee Mock

    I’m not thinking I’m a winner because all these other blogs are super fabulous, BUT I’d love to share! I don’t have any followers and it’s so lonely talking to myself! 
    My blog is Ms. Mock’s Smocks at
    I’m a new art teacher in the greater Boston area and would love to connect with other art teachers to keep adding strings to the web of inspiration. 
    ~K.Lee Mock

    • K Leemock Art

      Because I had a moment of clarity, I simplified my blog name:

      Also, DeepSpaceSparkle is one of my saving graces. 

  • SandraR

    Artisan des arts is an amazing blog.  She covers all ages of children and the children all come up with amazing results from, what seem, easy ideas.

  • Cathy
  • Lwinkler

    I would like to nominate as an excellent resource for secondary art educators.  Lots of lesson ideas and resources!

  • LizzieB

    I want to nominate Aly. She is an amazing artist and ‘crafter’ and has passed that on through her artwork with her elementary classes. Her art projects are not just about the end product (which always end up beautiful), but about the fun and creative process along the way, which is what children should really be benefiting from art.

  • Doghousedonnie

    Check out Aly Marcotte’s great elementary art blog:

  • SUZ  has my nomination! Aly MW’s blog inspires!   The scope of creative thought,  understandable instruction,  and format for success among students will have me coming back for more!   A gifted teacher!

  • Gelizald
  • Clara

    My favorite art blog is The Georgetown Elementary Art Blog.  It is the most practical elementary art blog that I follow, and the one that I get the most inspiration from! I hope you like it as much as I do!! Clara Crosby

  • Julzlife

    I love! The ideas are fantastic and easy to follow. Great resource for teachers who are not necessarily art specialists but want to add that flare to their classroom. 

  • Janie Nolan

    Chani Crow’s blog, Once Upon an Art Room is wonderful, check it out. Lot’s of brilliant ideas and results from her students.  I wish she had been my son’s art teacher!

  • Michaela

    I vote for once upon and art blog! 

    • Michaela

      Sorry Art room:)

  • RJ
    Aly’s blog is well-written and well-illustrated. She’s an imaginative and creative artist and crafter.

  • LegoPlayingMum
  • Nwestran

    Aly is such an inventive and inspiring teacher of Art and French – young and enthusiastic and eager to keep the students involved and learning new techniques all the time.  I only wish one of my teachers from 60 years ago had shown us how exciting art can be.  Thanks Aly for sharing all the masterpieces created.

  • James  This is a great blog from a teacher who is passionate about teaching social justice, creativity and contemporary art!

  • Laily Eager
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  • Gianpietro  I like this blog and I thank Miriam for many ideas that gives us. Congratulations!

  • Cheryl Player

    I vote for   Chani does some great art in all her classes.

  • A Tava
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