Dec 14, 2012

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How to Rejuvenate Yourself Over the Break

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From managing our art supplies, to finding unclean brushes left in our sinks, no one needs a break over the holidays like art teachers.  It seems as if when I’m about ready to start pulling my hair out from cleaning up art messes, a nice break comes along to rejuvenate me. Yes, it is true that I handle these classroom management situations much calmer after I come back from winter holiday break. I am assuming most of you get a similar type of break this time of year as well.

Check out the poster I made with the PhotoFunia App to help remind me to stay clam!


Here is my “Wishlist” of ways to relax over the break!

1. Sleep in -Yes, it is the little things in life that help me get my juices going again! Sleeping in when I have kids is usually until 7am, but it is still a wonderful joy.  When you have to be at school at a certain time everyday it is nice not to be on such a strict schedule when on break.

2. Stay in your PJs until noon - Dressing up for work is something that I enjoy doing, but over break I truly enjoy being in my sweats until noon or sometimes all day long.  If you do not have anything planned for the day, relax and enjoy those comfy clothes.

 3. Cook a real breakfast - Most mornings I’m flying out the door, so it is an added treat for me to enjoy cooking omelets for breakfast instead of just grabbing a bowl of cold cereal.

 4. Do NOT check your Email! When you are sorting through millions of emails a day, sometimes it is good to take a break from this technology.  If you are like me, you even get your work email on your phone! If a student emails me at night it pops up and I’m able to quickly respond, but over break I will be taking a break from all this communication by turning my email off!

 5. Create a craft that you find on PinterestI know that little addiction of yours, Pinterest! It seems that during the school year I just pin all sorts of amazing ideas, but I can never find the time to actually try them out.  Over break is a great time to get together with some fellow friends or art teachers and try out that idea that you have been waiting all year to do!

 6. Get a massage - Schedule yourself a massage and truly treat those feet to what they have been waiting for since August! When we are up working with students all day long our bodies start to feel it, and trust me your body will love you for this treat!

 7. Spend some much needed time with family & friends - Always trying to schedule a time to get together with family or friends but just can’t squeeze in that trip over the weekend! Now is your time to catch up with all your long lost Aunts and Uncles and see those great familiar faces again.  I know I have been meaning to get together with a friend of mine since the start of the school year, but it all seems to just fly by! I will make a point to set up a time to catch up with her over break.

I hope my wish list gives you some great ideas on how to rejuvenate yourself over break!

Share with us your plans for break and ways you like to recharge!

Here’s to wishing you a very relaxing and rewarding winter (whenever it begins for you) break as you rejuvenate.  

Trust me you deserve it!



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  • Mrs.C

    I plan on doing all of the above! Have a happy holiday and relaxing break! :)

  • Sara Gmitro

    Thanks for the ideas!  I love the sign you made…I think I may need to put it as my computer wallpaper.  :)