Apr 5, 2013

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A Sneaky Way to Stretch Your PD Budget

I really shouldn’t even be telling you this, but I have a clever way to stretch yours (or your school’s) PD dollar, and get the most bang for your PD buck. Ok, if you insist, I will spill the beans. Last summer a group of art teachers from one district in Alabama had some PD Funds to work with. They wanted to take an AOE Class and collaborate together on the information. Cool idea, right?

When most people approach this idea, you would first think about having everyone take the same class, at the same time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.15.01 AM

The teachers would then converse and collaborate on the material during and after the class. Not a bad idea,  since everyone is on the same page and the information would be familiar.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.20.45 AM

But what if you got sneaky about it? (In a good way) What if, for the same amount of PD dollars, you could get quadruple the information to bring back to your school, disperse, and use? This is what my friends in Alabama did. Each of them took a DIFFERENT class, one of their choosing and interest.
Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.15.44 AM

After all the classes were completed, they got together and shared out the information they gleaned from each individual class with the whole group. Everyone got a little taste of everything, plus all the great handouts, examples and resources associated with each class. Sharing all of this information could keep you busy for the whole school year!

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.20.38 AMIsn’t that a great idea? I even Skyped in with them personally (just for fun!) and answered some of their questions and chatted with them about the material. They were a neat group. Plus, the experience went so well, their school is now paying for all of them to attend the conference this summer, too!  I suppose it’s never a bad idea to ‘divide and conquer’ when it comes to information, ideas and tasks. More to go around for everyone!

What are some ways your art team collaborates and shares ideas? 

What other ways have you stretched your PD dollar? 

PS. Side-note:  So I actually found my old “little people” the other day and they looked just like this. Memory Lane. Do you realize the little people of today now are super HUGE, and have arms? huh. Times change.

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  • carey

    I love the little people visuals!

  • Donald Peters

    This isn’t a new idea. The art teachers in my district do this every year at state conference. There are 8 of us. 3 elementary, two intermediate, one middle and two high. We get together once the schedule is released and plan on who is going to what. This is often dictated by also which of us is presenting at that time as almost all of us present every year. We make sure to get extra handouts if there are any, write down pertinent information and sign everyone up on the email list. Then we are able to cover everything at conference.