Apr 16, 2013

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Slang in the Art Studio

The other day three students arrived to class a couple minutes early.  Instead of having them wait out in the hall, I invited them in.  I said, “You can come in and get started working, but there might be someone in your seat.”  One girl looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, “YOLO.”  For those of you who aren’t up to date on middle school slang, that means You Only Live Once (YOLO.)  YOLO is all over the place, even in their art.

Here is a drawing one of my students made last quarter.

YOLO copy

His peers were BEGGING him to make them a YOLO drawing!

Middle school slang is ever changing and hard to keep up with! If you are looking for a lesson along these lines, you can also check out my “Graffiti Name Color Wheel” lesson plan – just like street art and slang, these ideas provide innovative ways to engage students on topics they are actually interested in.

What slang do your students use?

 Do you see these sayings incorporated into their projects?

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  • Artprojectgirl

    The s sign which after a little research I think means super satan! I don’t think they know that but we talk about using other people’s symbols without knowing what they mean. You can say something you don’t mean.