Jul 3, 2013

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How Will You Spend Your Time This Summer?

Your big art show is in the bag, you’ve wrapped up the last lessons of the year, and summer break is here. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about professional development, right? Before you start writing an, “are you nuts!?” comment, hear me out. Summer is the perfect time to grow as a professional. Consider a few of the following ways to expand your art teaching horizons…

summer copy

1. Take a course: Whether it is through community ed, your local university, or here at AOE, being a part of a class with other art teachers is really refreshing. After being the lone wolf in your school all year, as most of us are, the time spent with like-minded individuals can be rewarding and inspiring.

2. Teach a course: You are probably now reconsidering that “are you nuts!?” comment. I know you have been teaching your tail off all year and the last thing you want to do is teach more. However, consider teaching something outside of your regular stuff. Try teaching adults, maybe try teaching a little art workshop from your home studio.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan: Now is the time! There is nothing like walking into school the first week knowing that you have it all under control. Don’t do it all at once, just set aside a little time each week to explore your resources, read a professional book, or work on your curriculum. A little front loading this summer can really pay off next fall.

4. Do Nothing: On the flip side, remember the value of a break. You might do all of the things I suggest above, but it is still important to take a breather. Allow yourself to enjoy your family and friends in a way that isn’t as easy during the school year. You’ll be a better teacher when your priorities are in line and you have regained your energies.

We recently asked our Facebook fans where they were going this summer, and it sounds like many of you have some fun plans in the works.

We’d love to hear:What are your plans this summer?

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  • Kiara

    I told myself no planning or school work during the entire month of june- and I stuck to it! Only a little bit of pintresting! Now that is July I am allowing myself to work on sub lessons and start planning out my curriculum for the year! In august I am going to work on organizing and preping my room. Summer is going fast!

  • candace pridemore

    I am having a yard sail and trying to copy the Mona Lisa. Happy 4th.

  • Teresa Mallett

    Organizing and inventorying my new classroom….only problem I can only handle it for about 1 hour…No air conditioning (Arizona)! Also spending time inside doing some art. Hope to sell at the artist marketplace at the AZ Art Ed Conference in Sedona this coming November. This will help compensate for the cost to attend! Yes! One week and off to cooler climate with beaches and streams in the great NW!

  • Toby

    Realigning my curriculum with the core standards, DOK, cross curricular lessons update as well as updating assessments and strategies for differentiation.
    Attending Technology workshops that involve iPads in the art classroom (have attend a few already). This is mid-July and I’m sure I will run out of time.
    If I have time….
    Try and work on my own art projects.