Sep 10, 2013

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Four Fab Artsonia Features You May Not Know About

It’s not every day you get a personal tour around the Artsonia website from the co-founder and CEO, Jim Meyers. Last week, Jim gave me the insider’s view of four outstanding features on that you might not know about: Newsletters, Animoto Connectivity, Teacher Feedback, and Progress Reports.



The Newsletter tool is a great way to communicate with families.  You can create a generic format, but then select specific grade levels or classes to receive information pertinent only to those students and families. It’s a quick way to tailor information and avoid communication overload. You can generate a link and paste it right to your classroom website. Can you say, environmentally friendly?



Animoto Connectivity
Artsonia has partnered with Animoto to provide art teachers with slick, professional slide shows that come together in a snap! Just like the newsletter, you can create slideshows that include only the work of certain students, classes, or grades depending on your needs. With so many personalization options, and the addition of cool tunes, using Animoto for your art shows is a no-brainer!


Teacher Feedback
Artsonia is a fabulous way to share your students’ art with family and friends, but the geniuses there have listened to us art teachers. When you have everyone’s art uploaded it becomes a simple assessment tool. Previously, all comments on student artwork had to be approved by parents. The Teacher Feedback tool allows us to bypass this requirement and make comments. We all know that authentic teacher feedback has a much greater impact on student motivation than letter grades. Being able to use Artsonia’s feedback tool also means that work goes home sooner. No more holding onto stacks of work awaiting your educational eye!



Progress Reports
In the same vein, Progress Reports are a great way to collect a body of evidence for your students without holding on to 500 bulky portfolios all year long. With this unique feature, you can select which pieces of art to show in the progress report for each student and give overall comments. In addition, the progress reports are printable, or can be sent to parents as an email.

Progress Report


By implementing these four teacher-friendly features in Artsonia you can save yourself considerable time and effort. Artsonia can be a student gallery, art show multimedia display, parent communication vehicle, and assessment tool all wrapped into one. That is killing four birds with one stone! What art teacher can’t appreciate that!?

The awesome people at Artsonia would like all AOE readers to have the opportunity to explore their wonderful site. If you would like to see some of the basic (and newer) features of Artsonia, follow the simple steps below.

1. Head on over to Artsonia.
2. Click “log in”
3. Choose “Teacher”
4. Enter “artofed” for both the username and the password

Which Artsonia feature sounds the most useful to you? 

If you’re an avid user already, which features do you like best? Why? 




Sarah-DThis article was written by AOE Team member Sarah Dougherty.  Sarah is the Visual Arts Curriculum Coordinator and Arts Integration Specialist for the largest school district in Iowa, prior to which she served as an elementary and HS art teacher for 7 years.

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  • Tierie

    iWant and iPad! I would use an iPad for quick teacher assessments, portfolio building, and community building and improving literacy skills through peer commenting about their work. Pick me! Pick me! :)

    • Kathy

      Is there a link to Animoto on Artsonia? I have not found it. Is there a monthly charge to use Animoto. I love, love, love Artsonia!

  • Hazel

    iWant an iPad! More and more the iPad is being used in all the students’ other classes and I want knock their socks off in the art studio!

  • Jessica Balsley

    If you would like to enter the iPad drawing, please comment on this article:

  • Franklin Spence

    I want an iPad! I would use it for easy entry of student work in Artsonia and in a TAB photography center I want to create. Thanks!

  • Lynn Beck

    i want an iPad! I have been using Artsonia for about 5 years now. I love it and so do the parents of my students. I would use my iPad to do special art projects with some of the apps. Also, the camera would be great to have.

  • Lynn Beck

    i want an iPad! I have been using Artsonia for about 5 years now. I love
    it and so do the parents of my students. I would use my iPad to do
    special art projects with some of the apps. Also, the camera would be
    great to have.

  • Lauren

    So with this new “Review”/Student upload does the child have to upload with an iPad? It would be so amazing to have the students upload their own artwork, and write an artist statement on their own…but if you need an iPad to allow the students to upload themselves, I may have to invest in my own… :/

    • Jessica Balsley

      Yes, Lauren, It sounds like students can upload from may devices, an iPad is just one of the ways.

  • Linda Welling

    Just a note…in the “real” world, one iPad is not enough for a classroom.

  • Sasha Corkran Kelley

    I want an I pad !!!!! I loooove how easy your app is!!!
    I have taught my fifth graders how to upload
    By the teach one reach one method. We are a very
    Low socioeconomic school… I would love to have
    An iPad for my art room….. Did I mention I wanna iPad?:)
    I also love that you have letters and forms premade
    For us!!!! Thanks for makin my life easy…. Still wanna
    iPad !!! And your new spiffy features makes art teachers
    Wanna cut flips!!!!….oh… Ummm still want an
    Ipaaaad!!!!!! Sasha Kelley Hopkinsville ky

  • Brenda

    I love these suggestions. I have been using Artsonia for about 6 years and have used the slideshow. The online assessment sounds so much better than writing on the back of each artwork. And I can print it off to show evidence of assessment. LOVE!

    To a previous poster, you’d be surprised what you can do with one Ipad. I have had just one for a year now, and with creative management have been able to let students work in groups. Now a class set would be nice… but so would glue that doesn’t stop up. ;)

  • Nanette Bratton

    Thank you for posting these tips! They are really helpful in the classroom. I have used Artsonia since the inception and am so impressed at the new tools added!

  • Dar McClelland

    Thanks for this post. I didn’t know about the progress reports! The other features I use and like. The Animoto feature is great for families who are new to the area to get a glimpse into the art room at our school. I’ve used Artsonia for a few years now, and every year I find more and more ways it improves my program. Communication: Parents have commented that they really appreciate the Art Room News because it goes directly to their inbox. They don’t have to visit the school website and search for the art page to get information that relates directly to their child/ren. Every month or so, my teammates will include information about all the specials programs at our school (Spanish, Technology, Music, Media, Health, PE) in the Art Room News updates. It’s a great way to communicate current learning for every grade level. Creativity: I can quickly and easily bring up the project link and show students ways that other children their age solved the same creative problem, so they can see a wide range of creative solutions. Funds: Every purchase counts, and the money raised via Artsonia has been so helpful toward the end of the year when the art supply fund has been spent. Collaboration: More and more I’m seeing Artsonia projects pinned on art teacher boards on Pinterest. When I create and post projects I try to include a lot of information in the “lesson description” about the lesson and the NC Essential Standards for other elem art teachers who might want to use the lesson or tweak it for their own use. My three concerns with Artsonia are: A). Teachers should receive a larger % of the sale of keepsake items in the gift shop, B). The permanent ongoing use of artwork policy in the fine print, and C) the unpredictable definition of “student representation or likeness”; artwork from a project that shows all or part of student’s face in one type of project is rejected, while a Warhol style pop art photo is accepted. That is really confusing to me.

  • Mary Rutherford

    I am so happy to see the focus on my beloved Artsonia. It has made the most amazing impact on my teaching over the last few years. I use all the features and am thrilled each time a new one is rolled out. The Artsonia folks are geniuses if you ask me – always on the cutting edge, they have enabled me to look like a tech geek. They constantly work on making improvements to the program and each year seek teacher feedback. Ask and you shall recieve. When I expressed a need for the parent permission form in Spanish almost instantly it was done. They are really responsive to any issues that come up and are extremely conscious of internet safety for our students. I always feel comfortable placing my students’ work in their care. I use Artsonia in so many ways – advocacy, assessment, student critiques, the list is endless. A feature of Artsonia which should be mentioned is their wonderful partnership with various organizations to exhibit student work. One of my special needs students was selected through Artsonia to represent North Carolina in a national exhibit. He earned an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC – the trip of a lifetime made possible by our involvement with Artsonia. I just can’t say enough how much I appreciate their work and dedication to our students. It is obvious to me that they are much, much more than a business. They are my teaching partner.

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