Sep 10, 2013

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Great (BIG) Giveaway: Win an iPad from Artsonia!

{This giveaway is closed to entries- Congrats to Amy Beumer who is the winner of the iPad!}

Since we’re covering all things ‘Artsonia’ this week, the folks over at Artsonia offered to ‘share the love’ even further with one lucky AOE reader. If you use Artsonia, you know how great it is, but you also know how long it can take uploading student artwork to the Artsonia website.

Now the process of uploading artwork just got got a whole lot faster and easier with the new “student-uploading” feature that was recently added to the list of features on Artsonia. It’s just one of the many new things Artsonia is releasing this year to make teacher’s lives a little easier. I can’t think of a better tool for your art room to get students uploading artwork on their own with a click of a button than an brand new iPad to help get the job done! This week, we will be giving away one iPad a lucky AOE reader!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.30.31 PM

To Enter:

  • Comment on this post, saying “iWant an iPad!” and you will be entered to win. Bonus! – Tell us how you might use an iPad in your art classroom to enhance teaching and learning. 
  • Be sure to include your email address when you fill out the comment form so we have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
  • This giveaway will be closed on Friday, September 13th at Midnight, Central Time. The winner will be chosen by and will be posted at the top of this article and contacted directly. 

Good luck and happy uploading! 

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  • Kelley Fewer

    I want an iPad! I’m a music teacher, but have been also charged with art instruction this year. One of the things I use an ipad for in my music room is to document student growth; students regularly record their playing and upload it to our eportfolio. It’s so much easier to do with an ipad than with our previous system. I think in the art room, documenting progress by taking pictures of the process and the final product, and then uploading them, would be just as stream-lined.

    I’d love to win an ipad for my classroom; right now we’re using my personal ipad, and I’m always a bit nervous to let students have it. I feel strongly about using the ipad to ease my workload, and put more responsibility into the hands of the students, so I’m willing to risk it!

    Shine on!

  • Mallory G

    I want an iPad! After reading about Artsonia yesterday, I’ve already made an account and am absorbing it all….trying to figure out how I can make it work with my high school classroom. I love the idea of having an iPad on hand to have students take matters into their own hands by photographing and uploading their own work. Fingers crossed!

  • Megan

    I want an iPad! :) I’m intrigued by Artsonia and have used it to share student examples and find creative lesson ideas, but have been intimidated by my lack of technology to photograph and upload work. I think an iPad would def. help with that! I’d also love to have it available for digital sketching and other digital art.

  • Carolyn Ibarra

    iWant an iPad! I would like to have at least 1 iPad dedicated for student use. The main purpose would be for students to upload their own artwork onto a site like Artsonia. I opened an account last year, but was unable to keep up with the task of uploading images. My students could help me out with this process, and they would get to experience the process of selecting and posting their work for digital display. Aside from being an authentic task, I think it would motivate students to do their best because their work will be viewed by outside parties.

  • Katie Morris

    iWant an iPad! It would be so helpful for students to add their own work. It wold also be nice to utilize qr codes in the art room

  • Erica

    I want an iPad! I need one for my students to use to upload pictures!

  • Jodi Youngman

    I want an iPad! I took the AOE iPads in the Art Room course in July and one of my goals this year is to do at least one project with each grade level on an iPad. I also started using Class Dojo to track behavior and use the iCal App as my class planner. I use my iPad for everything now, and dream of having one for each table in my classroom for easy Artsonia uploading. I plan on using their Artist Statement feature to enhance student learning as assessment and having iPad would make that much easier and faster.

  • Megan Forker Wallen

    I WANT AN IPAD!!!!!! I need one so badly to take pictures of student artwork!!

  • brittany

    I want an iPad! Our class room has no technology to use at all and this would really be a wonderful piece of technology they can experience. I really want to incorporate the interactive museums so students can see these important places and works of art. It would be a wonderful learning tool for me to use.

  • Amy

    iWant an iPad! I would love to have an iPad dedicated to student use! It is so easy to upload art work to Artsonia using an I pad!

  • Jules

    !I WANT/NEED AN iPAD! I am a traveling teacher in 4 schools and an iPad would be great for keeping lesson plans organized, to photograph student art and to share lessons with other teachers. I really want to start some kind of image sharing blog of student work, too!

  • Sara Pavao

    iWant an iPad! I took the AOE iPads in the artroom class and dream of having an iPad for every table in my classroom to create self portraits and animated shorts as well as extensions of traditionally produced artwork. I use personal iPad for nearly everything. It has been life-changing and I can’t wait to see how it will change my classroom!

  • justine

    I want an iPad so that I can turn my dumb board into a smart board……oh, the places we would go !!!

  • Kelly Betz

    iWant an iPad! I would use the iPad to take pictures of the students artwork and upload it directly to my schools website. Also use it as a document camera.

  • Megan Darling

    iWant an iPad! I want to create art with this IPad like what I have seen on Dryden Art’s Blog!!! I want to give my students the experience of using an IPad in general!!!

  • Aaron Webb

    I want an iPad! I would use the iPad for so much in my classroom; to upload photos, as an additional device for technology in my classroom. During some periods we are limited to my one computer. I would record videos for my flipped drawing class I am experimenting with this year. I would update and upload photos to my art room blog.

  • Maria Watson Meredith

    iWant an iPad! I’d use it to let the kids use different art apps and to show them artwork.

  • lolasblest

    I want an iPad! What a great opportunity to win and use more than my smart phone to post student work online. Since Our school district is FINALLY adopting social media, I can also facebook and tweet my kiddos work to our social media channels!

  • Lindsay

    iWant an iPad!
    It would be great for students to be able to take a picture of their artwork and upload it themselves to Artsonia! it woild also be nice to be able to search the web for examples to show students right on the spot!

  • Lisa Cox

    I want this IPad! I would use it in my classroom to take photos of student art work and upload to artsonia. I don’t have computers in my room so I would also use it as a tool for student research, student inspiration by looking up artwork, I would also let my student use it to keep our school art blog updated. Yes yes yes….the IPad would be used for many things in my classroom.

  • Rachel

    I want an iPad! It would help keep me organized and allow me and my 12st century learners to have technology at our fingertips all day-whether I’m roaming around the room observing and recording student progress, or taking pictures for student portfolios. An iPad would also allow me to communicate more easily and often to social media and parents.!

  • Laura Lipke-Fesser

    iWant this iPad! A Facebook page for the parents to see what their children are doing, with pictures taken from the pad! An online gallery for them as well. Inspirational videos and stills would be able to be projected to help fuel creativity! I could help our budget by showing the works of great masters rather than buying the prints, IF I could get the ones I want. I could do a running supply inventory so I’m not surprised when I run out of something. I’m sure I would think of several more apps as I meditiated!!! My e mail is Thanks for such a great give a way!

  • Rachel November

    I totally want an iPad to integrate technology into my lessons more in the art room!!!!

  • Sara Elmore

    I want an Ipad! I would use it to for students to create digital art,inspiration, and research. Such a great art tool!

  • Tisha Burke

    I want an iPad. I want to be able to have students upload their own work to Artsonia and then write their artists statements. It would save me so much time and it would give students some ownership over their Artsonia gallery as well as add a literacy component and closing element to the art learning.

  • Maria

    iWant an iPad!
    many of my co workers own an ipad for various reasons within the school district. I would love to be able to take notes, attendance, and ideas at the tip of my fingers. Sure I can write these things down on a clipboard, but being on top of technology is something that draws the students in.

  • Esther

    I want an iPad!! I will use it at my art class for watching vídeos, using art apps and taking photos of my students. I will be so happy!! My email is
    Send me good luck!!

  • Amy

    iWant an iPad! I’m an Artsonia fanatic and encourage art teachers everywhere to give it a try! It is such a powerful tool! Having an iPad would make my room more efficient by uploading art faster, communicating with parents more efficiently, and having the tools to use social media more often.

  • CarmenNavarro

    i want an IPAD! Having an IPAD in my classroom would be amazing because I can then show students the vivid colors of a specific lesson we are learning. Plus teaching students with special needs, I have learned that they understand & comprehend the lessons better when they are able to see color. I work for a non profit art program so alot of our printed materials are black & white, due to budget restrictions. Thank you!

  • karen

    I want an iPad! I am trying to get a “techno station” in my art room with 4-6 iPads, I have one and am working on getting the next three through various souces, PTA, Artsonia, donations, etc. So it would be too wonderful to add another this way! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Jen Matott

    WOW! I NEED an iPad!!! It would help me with uploading student artwork as I use Artsonia for all my 475 kids! I have parents helping upload work right now as it gets overwhelming but it’s awesome to have a parent tell me how great it is for the grandparents to see the student’s progress! I really could use some more technology in my art class! I’d love to try out stop motion movies, comic book art apps, and even some interactive review! Pick me PLEASE!

  • Rebecca

    I want an Ipad! My urban, inner city middle schoolers can have the opportunity to design, create, explore artists and art in a way they never have before. I can share artwork and critiques with them.

  • Patricia Roth

    I want an iPad! I’m still desk bound and would love the portability to take it everywhere,

  • Chris Sholl

    I want an IPad. I would use some of the great apps with my elementary students that I have seen online. I would also use it to take pictures of art work, create artist statements and upload artwork to Artsonia. Getting excited just thinking about it!

  • suzannedth

    I want an iPad! It would allow me to upload kid art and also let my kiddos experience some of those cool art apps I see other schools using!

  • Connie Vickers
  • Laura Duffy

    “iWant an iPad!” :):):) I would love to use an iPad in my art room to teach the kids about art history using some great art history/artist apps! The younger kids are so drawn to technology, this would be wonderful!!!!!!!

  • Beth Burns

    I want an iPad! I would use it in my classroom to allow students to interact with works of art and potentially work cooperatively on presentations to give to the whole class. The possibilities are endless!! Easily photographing and uploading artwork to Artsonia is awesome as well!

  • Jodi

    I Want an iPad! Two of the big things I want to explore is creating e-folios and animation with my kiddos!

  • Tracy Bemis

    I want an iPad! I would love to be able to upload even more work to artsonia and having the kids upload their own work would make it even easier. I could also have them include artist statements as part of the projects. It would even be great to use this to update a twitter account for parents, students, teacher, administration, and community members to follow what is going on in the art room. There are so many possibilities!!!!

  • Patrice Calabrese-Nash

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE an iPad!!!

  • Karyn Wenger

    iWant an iPad! I would use an iPad in my classroom to take pictures for artsonia. I have been taking pictures with my own personal phone and it has become overloaded with pictures and artwork. I also have taken the iPad in the art room this summer and learned so much!!!

  • Beth Hazard Bachuss

    iWant an iPad! I could use so many apps to help my students in the classroom. There are apps that help me keep track of behavior while learning (classdojo) and flashcard apps for my AP Art History class (quizlet). Using an iPad I could take pictures of student work and upload them to Artsonia all from one device. And I could do bits of work on-the-go from the iPad when my school computer is still sitting on its desk.

  • Dawn Pepper Romas

    Iwant an iPad! To use in our studio art classes for adults and children to show videos on technique or to look at artists’ work.

  • Christy

    “iWant an iPad!” I love Artsonia and also want to use an iPad with my Activboard! I think students would love the chance to interact from their seat during discussions.

  • Tricia Fuglestad

    I Want an iPad! I tested out the student mode on artsonia yesterday and it is amazing! I can generate a QR code, show it up on the screen, the kids scan it, then it takes them to where they can upload their artwork without any logins into the exhibit I choose. Awesome if you’re art is already digital…like it would be if it were made on an iPad. (Would really really really like one for my students to use). Does begging count for extra?

  • Lacey

    I want an ipad! I’ve always wanted to start artsonia and digital portfolios. There are also so many art apps out there. I have 700+ students and that would help greatly.

  • Anthony Cilli

    iWant an iPad!!!! I’m constantly scrambling for sketch paper to show them a visual example or suggestion. An iPad would solve that problem, be a great way to utilize technology in my classroom, and get them familiar with drawing on a new kind of tool. Not only could I sketch for them, but I could show video tutorials instantly in a 1-on-1and use some of those great apps to supplement my demos with my students. I’d be a dream come true!
    -Anthony A. Cilli
    Pinnacle High School
    Price, Utah

  • Denise Johnson

    iWant an iPad! To use in my classrooms.

  • juli schuster

    I want an I Pad!

  • Victoria Freeman

    :i want an ipad!’ I would want my students to experience some of the great apps out there, such as Layers, Bamboo Paper, Adobe Ideas, etc. There are so many more!
    from: Victoria Freeman email:

  • Devon Inglee

    I want and iPad! We could use it to photograph our artwork in the art room, work cooperatively and use so many of the great apps on the ipad. I also think it would be a great tool to use with some of my special needs kiddos. Thanks!

  • Jody Tate

    iwant an iPad!!!!! I would love to have an iPad for my classroom. I want to use it to start an art blog for my classroom, as well as start keeping a digital portfolio of my students work. I also want to use the Snap guide app to create project tutorials for my students who are new or have been absent. I really NEED an iPad for my classroom!!!!

    Jody Tate
    Washington Elementary

  • Shannon Lauffer

    I want an iPad!

  • Lori

    I want an iPad! I would use it for getting uploading artwork to Artsonia, creating animations, drawings and other artwork using technology and as a tool along with our class Dojo. Having an iPad in the art room would be awesome!!

  • Sheena Kohlmeyer

    I want an Ipad. my middle school students would use it to upload their own art to Artsonia.

  • Jenna McKnight

    I want an iPad!!

    An iPad in my classroom would be really useful since I have used Artsonia for a couple of years now. If I were able to get this I would be able to have my students become more independent. I would also be able to have them put up their artist statements they write about their work. If I were able to get this I would be able to reach 1500 students each year.

  • SaraGrz

    I want an iPad! I would love to do animation with my middle school students! I would also love to be able to use it to create demo/ instructional videos for my students to watch when they are ready for the next step. A great tool for differentiating my instruction! I would also love to be able to use it to take pictures of student art work so that the students or I could upload it to Artsonia. It would also be a great tool for having students look up reference images or materials. There are a million great apps! The possibilities are endless!

  • Nicole

    I want an iPad! Since I teach via cyber school, this would allow me to further develop curriculum that involves an ipad and its apps to create fun, interactive art projects for all ages!

  • Melissa Enderle

    I want an iPad! With a school iPad, students could be more active in documenting and uploading their work on Artsonia, have an instant visual resource, and try out projects such as stop motion animation. An iPad is also a handy tool for creating visual seating charts and videotaping processes to share with absent students.

  • Jan Woolworth

    I want an ipad! This is my 24th year teaching, but only my second year teaching art. I learned about Artsonia through the TN Arts Academy that I attended this past summer. I just recently joined and want to set up my schools, but am overwhelmed-2 schools-1,100 students per week. I think an ipad could help me achieve this goal. Jan W.

  • Gina M.

    I just started using artsonia this year, my 8th year teaching art, and I would love an iPad to help with uploading artwork!

  • Brooke Jetmund

    I want an I pad! I use artsonia on a daily basis and I would love to make that process easier! Last year, our art team made tutorials on clay projects, and we sped them up to music! So many cool things that can be done with an iPad in my classroom!(

  • Leslie West

    I want an iPad!
    I’d like to use it to connect wirelessly to my promethean board and be amongst the students while I teach, instead of up at the board. I also want to use it to document my student’s work and allow them to blog or write about their artwork on a regular basis. ~Leslie

  • dyane welt

    i want an ipad to enhance our classroom experience. portability is key in keeping an engaging thing happening and addressing questions in real time.

  • anne

    I want an iPad!
    I currently use my Cannon camera to capture student work, but recently another art teacher taught me how to take pictures with her iPad…it was so easy!

  • Beth McDonald

    I want an iPad!
    Documenting all the happenings in my class with the iPad would be awesome. It’s also a great quick way to have students search for images and even make some sketches! There are so many great new drawing apps! This would be awesome!

    Beth (

  • Beth Bataoel

    I want an iPad! The possibilities are endless in the art room. Many of my students don’t have access at home and they need any opportunity to blend art and technology. Researching artist and cultures, photography, animation, drawing and painting apps are just the beginning. Reading the number of responses this morning we could all use one! Good luck everyone.

  • Jacquelyn Visscher

    iWant and iPad!! I would love to continue to use the artsonia app to add artwork during the school day since we can no longer use our cell phones. Since I don’t have student computers I think the iPad would be a great way for students to enter in their own comments on their artwork with artsonia! Oh the possibilities!!!

  • Sharon

    I want an iPad to spread the wonder of art through Artsonia.

  • Lisa

    iWant and iPad!! I LOVE Artsonia and use it ALL the time. My iPhone is old and running incredibly slow. I use it to photograph and upload my art to Artsonia. I even have high school helpers assist with this. Having an iPad for school would allow me to not use my personal device. This way, I can have students use the iPad to photograph their own art, upload it, and write their statement all at once! Also, with an iPad, I’ve read about so many amazing art-related apps out there for students and I want to give my students the opportunity to use them! iPads are amazing and my students would greatly benefit from having one!

  • claire strock

    I want an ipad! I teach adapted art to students with disabilities. I would love to have an ipad to provide adaptive interactive software for students to use to communicate and express themselves in the classroom! I would also use it for posting artwork, as a camera, and as a video camera.

  • Susan Massucci

    I want and iPad! This would be a great tool in the classroom – students could access instructional videos and reference images. Not only could the iPad be used to take photos of the students work, but the images could be uploaded right from the same tool – no need to upload photos from the camera to computer, then again to the Artsonia website. It eliminates a step and saves time – something every teacher can use! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Debra Hastings

    i WANT AN IPAD! Hi all, this is such great timing, as I have been asked to consider a visual tool to show student growth over time by my district. I have wanted to consider Artsonia, and have tried a small sample of uploading a few years ago. But it took more time than was possible for me, and I don’t have an ipad in the art room. If one were available, and the students could help with the photography and loading of images, I can see how this would be very “do-able”! Both, Artsonia and AOE. are great sources of inspiration! Thanks!

  • Suzanne Huff

    I want an iPad please!! I document everything from the children producing their art to the finished product and an iPad would make it much easier.

  • Jill Bailey

    I want an iPad! oh please, oh please, don’t tease. :) First reason to have one – so I can take your class “iPads in the Art Room”. Second – the portability of the iPad in the classroom is priceless. From taking photos of student artwork, communicating/sharing student artwork with parents, adaptive art apps, and integrating art with the common core subjects. Possibilities are endless!
    Jill Bailey (

  • Kaitlyn

    iWant an iPad! There are so many things that I could do with it. I could use it as a tool for art critiques and students could use the iPad or their phones to respond to a critique in real time since many of them don’t like to verbally share their ideas. This year, I have a classroom instagram and twitter so I could use the ipad to photograph students as they work and post instantly. These images could also be used to create a digital portfolio to show growth over the year and to supplement my SLO. It can also be used as a reference and research tool for students as they are working and planning their projects. Kids love technology so I want to find new ways to engage them in my classroom

  • Mrs. Petersen

    IWant an iPad! The possibilies are endless! It’s a motivating, creativity charging and life simplifying tool! How empowering for students to be able to choose and post their own artwork!

  • Wanda Holmgren

    OMG! I want an iPad! Reflector makes everything possible for students to see what I am doing. Perfect for teaching perspective to 4th graders:)

  • Teresa Hogan Keene

    I want and iPad! I am a teacher for a non-profit organization. We would use the iPad to take our classes to a broader audience by going live online to our homeschool network. We would be able to offer webinars with video stream from the classroom. There are countless other appications that could benefit the students.We would also use the iPad for simpler upload to Artsonia which is a wonderful fundraising tool.

  • Jane Langenfeld

    iWant an iPad! I’m currently enrolled in the iPads in the Art Room class and I’m learning so much! I already use my iPad to VoiceThread critiques, upload artwork to Artsonia, project videos and presenations, and I can’t wait to be able to incorporate more!

  • Jennifer Dietrich Fernandez

    I want an iPad!
    I often use the awesome Artsonia project images as a source of inspiration for my students. I also have the ability to use Apple tv in my classroom but to take advantage of it I would need an i Pad :) It would greatly enhance the art education experience in my classroom by giving me the ability to instantly display images, video tutorials, as well as take my students on virtual tours of art museums and access to art adventures they wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to experience as a class! Artfully, Jennifer Fernandez

  • ashley

    iWant and iPad! I have had great success in the past with my autistic students creating art digitally and would love to open their world with an iPad in our art classroom. Plus, it would make uploading their projects so much easier.

  • Amy

    “iWant an iPad!” It would be so useful and the Artsonia app would be so much easier to use and allowing my students to upload their work would be FANTASTIC!!!

  • Amy Gale

    iWant and iPad! I use Artsonia to create digital portfolios for my students, and I’d love to simplify the process and teach students to upload their own artwork! Plus, there are so many awesome art apps on the iPad which would be great enrichment for students.

  • Megan Robinson

    iWant an iPad! I work for a non-profit museum that recently became a FREE museum. Our community involvement in the museum is growing and the exhibition I manage is growing too. The Art Venture is a creative space for the community to build their creative confidence and interest in the making of art. The exhibition is dynamic featuring 13 interactive and participatory stations throughout the room. All stations feature different media from theater, to music, to architecture, to printmaking, and more.
    An iPad would help to elevate my ability to manage the space effectively. My priority for my budget is to have proper art supplies for the Art Venture visitors to create with, stimulating items for exploration, and dynamic books and music throughout the space. Being awarded an iPad would make the sacrifices well worth it.
    Check out Art Venture at:

  • Kathy Olson

    I want an ipad! There are some really great drawing apps that students could use. I can project slideshows, videos, and demos up to my flat screen tv from an ipad. I can instantly tweet what we are doing, share student work with the class through the camera, and so much more! Kathy

  • Kellen Segura

    iWant an iPad! We use iPads in my class as digital sketchbooks. My favorite app, Paper by 53, is incredibly user friendly for students and is easily converted to a pdf to submit for grades. Currently, we use other classrooms’ sets of iPads. It would be nice to have an iPad that lives in the art room and could become an integral part of our classroom technology library (and it might not be such a big deal if a little paint gets splattered on the back).

  • Mary Reel

    I want an ipad! I could instantly upload the students artwork to Artsonia and there are sooo many apps that I want to use in the classroom. I want to be able to hook it up to my document display camera to show the students on the big screen!

  • Jenny Licata

    I want an iPad! I can use it to control the Panaboard in my room from anywhere in the room!

  • j4m3z

    i Want an iPad! I’ll be using it to plan lessons and share demonstrations for my students interactively.

  • Lauren Stahler

    I want an iPad! My school is heavily into technology. Each 3rd – 12th grader in my district receives a lap top to help further and enhance their education. I could use the iPad for so many things!

  • Dawn

    iWant and iPad! Visuals, Visuals, Visuals. It would be nice to hook it up to a projector and then show a visual or draw a visual for the kids to see it. It might keep there attention too considering these are the technology generation and are mesmerized by anything electronic.

  • vcrafty

    I WANT AN iPAD!!!!! Our whole school system is becoming more tech heavy, but everytime they start passing out cool tools Artrooms get looked over! I think this would be a great addition to our classroom. Thanks for a chance to win one!!!!

  • Linda Lavin

    i want an iPad! I love Artsonia! I use it daily to showcase student work. It’s also a great digital portfolio and a useful tool for assessment. I would use an iPad for Artsonia as well as for the many art apps, research capabilities, pictures and much more!

  • Emily

    iWant an iPad! I would love to have an iPad in my class classroom to give my students the opportunity to create digital art. It would also save me a ton of time in uploading my students’ artwork to artsonia.

  • Peg

    I want an iPad!! I would love to have one! I haven’t been able to upload pictures yet to my school’s page because of trying to get the school camera!

  • Abby

    iWant an iPad! :)
    I would use it as an activity for my down’s syndrome students to create art. They love working with iPads because it takes less motor skills to work and they can just create. One little girl HATES getting messy so this works well for her. :)

  • D Webb

    “i Want an iPad!” This would be a great technology tool for my high school students to photograph and post their work, check out art apps and demos, and use to create digital portfolios.

  • CandiceSantos

    iWant and iPad! Technology and art work hand in hand in my art room. Currently, I use my iPhone for personal and work use…using it to take photos, store examples and for my art apps including Artsonia. I would love to have a dedicated iPad for work where I could use it for my art lessons, photo storage and more.

  • Steph Holmberg

    iWant and iPad! I would love to start using an iPad in my art room to enhance instruction. I have been looking at some of the apps and the possibilities seem endless! I have wanted to start using Artsonia for many years, but it does seem time consuming. The iPad seems like an easy way to add artwork and the kids could even do it during class. I love animoto also and would like to explore the possibilities with using Artsonia and animoto together.

  • Katyuska Moran

    I want an iPad! This will allow my classes to have their own digital portfolios and document the process of art making, besides all the wonderful art apps that are available! want it bad!

  • Amy A. Osterberg Shamp

    I want an ipad! It would be great to use it to photograph artwork and upload directly instead of using a camera then putting the images onto the computer then uploading. What a time saver!

  • Breanne

    I want an iPad!
    As a beginning art teacher I would use an iPad in my classroom to integrate arts and technology. Students love to be able to participate and an iPad would increase the hands in the air! I want to explore apps that work with animation, drawing, and art history. The thought of having that kind of technology at my fingertips is really exciting; there are so many possibilities!

  • Christi

    I want an iPad! This would make classes more interactive and technology driven!

  • Kristie Gillespie

    I want an iPad! I would use the ipad for lesson planning, keynote projections for demonstration, free time tech time for students who finish a project early. I like to have several different centers so that it can offer students multiple medias to use to be creative!

  • Kristin Adolf

    I want an iPad! I would love to use it as a demonstration tool- by streaming live video from the iPad to the big screen TV in my room during demos! This way, students can stay in their seats and they can follow along as I work, or just save time in general by having less transitions!

  • Eric Hofstetter

    I want an iPad! I love using an iPad and sketching out suggestions to how they might improve upon an idea of theirs.

  • Jessica Rios

    I want an iPad!

  • Susan Ziegelman

    iWant an iPad! I have been teaching an after school art program for the past 6 years in elementary school that I work in on a shoe string. I use another teacher’s classroom and I don’t have access to a computer…the iPad would come in very handy an I would have many uses for it when I teach my class…

  • Heather Ramos

    iWant an iPad!

    I would love to have an iPad in my classroom for showing presentations, taking pictures of student work to put on Artsonia, and giving my elementary students an opportunity to do media manipulation in photoshop since we do not have computers with the software on campus.

  • Chelsea

    iWant an iPad! Using an iPad in the classroom would make Artsonia much
    quicker and easier. I already use the app on my iPhone, but I don’t feel
    comfortable giving my personal phone to school volunteers to use so they can
    photograph and upload artwork. Getting an iPad for the school would make it
    easier, since I would not have personal information stored on it. Also, there
    are so many great drawing apps the kids could use. If they’re going to pursue
    art as a career, they need to be technically savvy. I could also use an iPad to
    generate lists and randomly call on students…so many possibilities!

  • Michael McGee

    I really would like an Ipad. I want to use it to photograph and enter student work on Artsonia. I would like to teach my older students how to photograph and upload their own work to Artsonia. I want to use the Imotion and Doink apps to have students do animation projects. I want to use Accudraw to help students learn grid drawing. There are so many more apps that can help me illustrate the way artists can use technology to manipulate an image to create art or to construct an altered subject to use as the basis of a drawing or painting project.
    Crossing my fingers.
    Mike McGee

  • Lisa Ingraham

    iWant and iPad! I love the idea of students uploading their own work to Artsonia. This could be a good place to start using iPads with the students.

  • Stephanie Fedorovich

    I want an iPad! There are so many things I could use it for! In addition to managing my Artsonia account, I can start teaching some digital art lessons. I have been saving and saving to make this happen! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Katy Gray

    I want an iPad! I would love for my students to take advantage of the creative and relevant art apps during choice time. And I’d love to ditch my old crusty camera and be able to upload art to Artsonia a bit quicker and easier!

  • Mary L.

    I want an iPad! I am using my own iPhone to take photos for Artsonia – an iPad would make it so much easier! Also, there are so many great apps that I could use with my students.

  • Candace Miller

    iWant and iPad!!
    It would be so nice not to have to use my personal iPad in the classroom! I find it so valuable for looking up visuals, documenting student work, showing presentations to the class, etc. I don’t upload student work to artsonia though, because it is my personal iPad. I don’t have enough space to upload all that! I feel it is important to let my high school students research to hash out ideas, but I don’t feel comfortable allowing that with my own iPad. It would be so nice to have another one just to let students use!!

  • J. Sayers

    iWant an iPad! I would use the iPad with my students to create whimsical portraits, teach vocabulary, do assessments, incorporating Language Arts/ writing (artist statements), and stop animation to create student videos.

  • Leah Taylor

    iWant an iPad
    it would be a great enhancement for my classroom in showing students their work on Artsonia!!!

  • Sue

    I want an iPad!
    I would be able to do grading on the fly (with the Pearson PowerTeacher Gradebook app!) and continue to upload artwork to Artsonia… currently I use my personal iPod, so it would be great to have a 2nd device! And also to do some electronic lessons, etc! This is a great opportunity!

  • Liz

    iWant an iPad! Having an iPad for my art room would be amazing. There are so many ways to incorporate it into student learning. I would use them for centers, showing artwork, etc. There are so many options!

  • jimmic

    iWant an iPad!
    Along with all the fantastic ideas listed, I would love to have an iPad to carry with me around the classroom – for example, if I am in the back of the room and the student I am working with has a great idea, I could hand her the iPad and through the use of a comp. and projector, she could demonstrate to the class!

  • Lisa Blum

    I want an iPad!
    I want one to grade students on during class or at the end so I can check them off. Used a scissors correctly, check. I also would like to connect it to my projector to make things more mobile instead of having to be at my computer.

  • Toni Moore

    iWant an iPad!
    I would love to win in order to teach my adorable sons, especially my bright little guy who has ASD, all about Art and my love for it!! :D

  • Marcie schembre

    I want an iPad. I work in a school for multiply disabled children. The iPad would be a great tool for looking at artwork, making critisims using prolific and differentiating art making.

  • Suann Evans

    iWant an iPad!
    I have been an Artsonia teacher for several years. I plan to do more this year with the artist statements feature as they are such a natural tie-in with Core Concepts. I would love to have an exclusive art room iPad so we could make this even easier to facilitate!

  • Olivia De Hamilton

    iWant an iPad!

    I homeschool my child so this would not only be great for art but it would be awesome for the overall learning! Thank you!

  • Kara

    I want an iPad!
    I have a home business called Little Van Gogh where i teach art to students ages 5-13 and adults. It allows me to do what i love and utilize my education wisely! I would love love love an ipad because it would allow me to upload photo’s quickly to artsonia, ( i do it the slow way so i hardly post anymore, not enough time…sad)
    I have been wanting to use one as a projector and or to show reproductions on as well! This gift would make my life easier and I would be thrilled and honored to use it within my school!

  • Vicky Siegel

    I want an Ipad!
    I would love one to help with Artsonia artists statements and to reinforce what we are already learning in the artroom!!

  • Maria I Umana

    I want an IPad!
    I will use it to have my lesson There, to have a display of art work to share with my students, to carry it with me around the classroom – to show and share ideas with the class when connected to the Video Beam projector, and to use Artsonia and all the amazing resources that I learn to use in AOL!

  • Donna

    I want an ipad! I would love to use it for communicating with parents. I love the idea of students taking pictures of their art and emailing it with a note to their parents. (This idea came from the first awesome AOE conference.)

  • James Andrews

    I want an iPad! :)
    I could use the Apple TV that our building has and project lesson content and student galleries right to my room’s screen for instruction and display! It would also free me up to do mobile art project assessment–making those formative assessments more seemless in class.
    I also have two daughters that are home schooled so I could use the mobility of the iPad to teach them when I’m done here for the day. :)

  • Ms. O’Grady

    I want an iPad!
    I teach visual art to K-8th grades at a charter school. I could use an iPad for streaming music during work session, music cues for clean-up or visual timer, grade book app, and so many other possibilities I haven’t thought of yet!

  • Christy Humpal

    I want an iPad! I can’t wait to see how streamlined the process of photo editing and animation can be with this amazing tool :)

  • Sara Gmitro

    I want an iPad! I would love to use different apps for student management and also examples, etc. I would also love to use it for documenting student work and students in the process of creating their work. I hope I win! :)

  • Angela Harris

    I want an iPad! I would love to be able to have my students write their own artists’ statements on Artsonia. I would also like to have them extend their art into the digital world. Fingers crossed :)

  • Deb Frerking

    I want an iPad! I could use it to keep my classroom website up to date. It would also help keep me organized as I travel from building to building teaching all the different grades I teach!

  • Sherry Quinn

    I want an iPad!! i’d use it to chronicle each childs journey through the year!

  • MicheL

    I want an IPAD! Yes I do!
    I am a volunteer art teacher at a Montessori School. I bring in my own supplies for each class and the IPad would weigh a lot less than the laptop I currently use to teach my lessons. Thank you also for all of the great information you share on the Art of ed. and Artsonia.

  • Heather

    I want an iPad! I would love it to make Artsonia even easier!

  • Lea Ann Oglesby

    I want an IPad!! There are so many apps that can be used for enrichment when students get finished with projects early, or as a supplementary tool. Would also be cool to use the drawing app to make a quick sketch before starting actual compositions.

  • Marcy Frysinger Clewes

    I want an IPAD! I love and use Artsonia and having students help upload their own art this year is one of my goals!

  • Meghan Purcell

    iWant and iPad! I would love to start using an iPad in my art room to enhance instruction. I am very excited by all the art apps out their for kids, especially the students I have with special needs! I have wanted to start using Artsonia for many years and this seems like a great chance to start the ball rolling. Most of the elementary teachers in my district have iPad’s provided by the district, however my request was denied as they didn’t believe I would use it!!! CRAZY! I think the possibilities for using an iPad in the art room are endless!!!

  • Andrea Clague

    iWant an iPad!! I have a student who has autism and has trouble even coming to art, but he LOVES technology! This would help me get him to show me what he can do/knows in a way he is comfortable with. Having access to an Artsonia App would allow me to keep an assessment of his work as well. We have limited technology in my classroom, so this would be a Godsend…not kust for him, but for all my little friends!

  • Paige

    iWant an ipad! I have recently discovered a new painting program specifically for the ipad and I would love to try it out with students. This could be a great way to engage some tech-minded students!

  • Angie Howie

    iWant an iPad! I love using Artsonia! My students and parents love it too. It would definitely make the process less time consuming. I also love the drawing apps that could be used as a motivator for a classroom behavior reward system.

    Thank you!

  • Jo Mollhagen-Jaksa

    I want an iPad! An iPad in my classroom would be such a resourceful tool! I would be able to show students examples, document students work, and have students use applications to create artwork.

  • Janell Scannell

    I want an iPad. I would video the process of complicated projects
    Then show it on the projector to the class. The chalk board is limited.
    Then I would post the video to share with other teachers.

  • Amy Thomas

    iWant an iPad. I work with disadvantaged at-risk students in an alternative school. I have seen so many amazing apps that could help them in finding success in their own endeavors in Art as well as in guiding them to make connections with other disciplines. I would love it also to help me to put student artwork on Artsonia. An iPad and the Artsonia app would certainly streamline the process for me.

  • Leo Clark

    iWant an iPad! I would love to be able to explore the capabilities of the iPad hardware and share that with my students. Apple has always been at the top of digital imagery and I would love to show my students what it can do!!!

  • Ted Edinger

    “iWant an iPad!” I’m trying to get an iPad through edbacker right now, but two iPad’s in the art room would be AMAZING! Other than Artsonia….I’d use it for student needing to see what they are wanting to draw. I’d allow student to take pictures of their 3-d work. I’d use to do assessments for students knowledge. AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!!

  • Jennifer Patterson

    iWant an iPad!! I would love to expose my students to all the the great artists through some of the art apps out there! It’d also be great to explore digital art possibilities!

  • Nancy Backus

    “iWant an ipad”!! I would love to use ipad to upload art pics of the kids to connect with their families.

  • Ashlee Kniskern

    I want an iPad! What wouldn’t I use it for?!! I would use it as a doc camera to show large groups of students demonstrations and apps AND artwork, and would have students take photographs of their work and put it on their personal portfolios on artsonia. It would be a great tool in the art room!

  • Leah

    I want an iPad!!
    I have just signed up with Artsonia, so that would be one use. I also plan to use it to document student work and add it to folders I have created in Evernote so that I have a digital portfolio for each student. Lastly, I would use it as a reward and let students use art aps. I’d love to do full class projects, but i need to get a little more iPad savvy first!!

  • Sarah C

    iWant an iPad!
    This would be such an awesome tool to have in the classroom. I do not currently own an Apple device that I can use with my students so it would be so awesome to win one and explore the possibilites! thecreightoncompany (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Marlo Ball Devoto

    iWant and iPad!
    With all the data collecting and testing my students dont’ get an opportunity to do any type of computer art. This would be awesome to sync up with my Eno and let kids work with apps from creating art to touring museums!

  • Jessica Shults

    Where is the student uploading feature at on Artsonia?

  • Kim Alfes

    iWant an iPad! iMagine all the possibilities….from helping with Artsonia to exploring all of the apps with my students. iT would be a great addition to my technology starved art room! :-)

  • Jason Stier

    iWant an iPad!
    I teach Visual Arts at an alternative high school and face a lot of reluctant artists. I have found that utilizing technology can often help overcome their fear of drawing and other traditional art forms. Apps such as ArtRage and ArtStudio allow students to simulate traditional media while having the option to undo or easily redo their work. I would also utilize an iPad in providing students with opportunities to learn, create, and edit music as well as share their creations to a broader audience.

  • Emma Field

    I want an ipad! We would use to manulate our artworks.

  • Melanie Nicosia Interdonato

    iWant an iPad! Really need one with a camera to take images of artworks, manipulate with some cool apps and then have the students upload to artsonia and type up an artist’s statement while they are at it!

  • Ron Chironna Teaching Artist

    I want an iPad! I always connect visual arts lessons with the other arts: theater, music, writing, dance, etc. The iPad would be ideal to use to show the students how various creations in the other arts complement and enhance their understanding of the visual arts.

  • Hilary Paine

    iWant an iPad!

  • Gordon Gavin

    I want an iPad!

  • Jenessa Luzader

    iWant an i Pad! This would be perfect for collecting data on student learning targets, documenting student artwork into student created blogs, and it would be a perfect opportunity to incorporate technology into the classroom. As a traveling Elementary Art Teacher to nearly 900 students, I can work along with my students without having to run to my desk everytime I need to use the computer.

  • art classes Trso

    iWant an iPad! Would be so helpful to documenting student artwork’s on our blog, also to incorporate technology in the art room.

  • Myra

    iWant an iPad! I would like to be able to introduce more technology with my students and my Art Club kids. We’ve been working on digital cameras and an iPad would be perfect to use with our pictures! We can manipulate the pictures they’ve taken! It would be really helpful!

  • Ieva

    Would love to have an iPad! There are so many great apps to use in the class, it would also be a much easier way to take pictures of kids artwork.

  • nicco

    I Want an IPad! I work in a low income school district and have no smart boards or new technology to help with adding visuals into my lessons. I use books and posters instead. It would be awesome to take a virtual field trip to the louve! There is a great app. named the Art Authority that I would love to use in my classroom:))

  • Chris

    iWant an iPad!

    Bookmarking/sharing useful sites, blogs, videos, etc.

  • Erica Criswell

    I want an iPad!!!!
    Having an iPad to use in my elementary classes would allow for students to record their work as a digital portfolio, as well as give them some experience in the area of photography. Also, I will use this iPad to engage active learners in an artist scavenger hunt as they hunt for placed QR codes around the school to scan and discover more about the artist being studied.

  • Kaycie Peck

    iWant an iPad!
    It would be perfect for students who were absent to watch demonstration videos in class, rather than sending them to the computer lab!

  • Megan Farkas

    I want an iPad!!! I would love one to share more technology with students through technology related projects, documenting their work, and showing more visuals during class,

  • Keira Talbert

    iWant an iPad!! Please!!! We could use it in my art studio to create art on different apps in group work, but we could also use it for learning and research to look at other works of art. I teach that art and inspiration are everywhere and what better way to show that than with an iPad that connects you to so much of the world. I am also ready to start using Artsonia and this would be very helpful to start putting work on it.

  • Crystal Voulgaris Burditt

    iWant an iPad!
    I have limited technology resources in my room & an ipad would be perfect for so many things! Documenting student work, showing examples, etc.

  • Marie E

    I want an ipad! I would use it for image searches, artist statement writing, documenting student work, stop motion animation……..

  • Margaret Oakley Cloern

    iwant an ipad! for student sharing, problem solving communication and creating.

  • Kellia

    iWant an iPad! To document student work, use for my kids on the spectrum (often whole group critique is too much for them), to do claymation/stop animation projects, to help motivate reluctant artist who are interested in the technology aspect of art, etc, etc.

  • Ashley Hammond

    iWant an iPad! There are so many apps that would enhance instruction! I would love to get students to make video and audio of critiques, work processes, etc. This would also help uploading student artwork! There are too many things to list!

  • Keelin M.

    iWant an iPad! There are so many great apps I want to use for creating, editing and sharing student artwork!

  • Susan MnM

    I love using Artsonia! My favorite is going back several years to see how student’s style and skills have grown. I also appreciate the new updates. Uploading is even easier than before and having an iPad would make it even easier.

  • Debi Dupont

    iWant and iPad! I’ve taken the art of education’s informative and highly inspiring class,’ iPads in the Art Room’, so the list of ‘how’ I’d use an iPad in the art room is a very long one! I recommend the class to all art teachers looking for ways to infuse technology in meaningful ways. There are so many available apps out there, it can be a daunting undertaking on your own. The class helped me navigate through and select apps I feel best benefit my kiddos; as well as teach about other formats that make my job more effective. Now all I need is a class iPad to get started!

  • Jackie Cassidy

    iWant an iPad!
    Thank you for this awesome contest! I’d love to use my iPad for students with special needs. I think it would be fantastic to utilize some drawing apps with some of my students. It would also be great to be able to upload images more quickly onto Artsonia.

  • Douglas Lloyd

    “iWant an Ipad!!” Not only could artowrk be up loaded to Artsonia, but an Ipad can be used to document students thoughts about their art, or the art of others. It could be used to video students working on their projects and then shared at a school PTO night. Slide shows and other relevent apps can be used and shared with the class. ICR codes can be made and audio or links can be posted of students art and thoughts.

  • Lauren Ellison

    I want an iPad for my art room!!! Thanks!!

  • igobooks

    I want an IPAD!

  • Beth Jones

    I want an iPad! It would be awesome to use with my seven classes of special education students, most of whom are gifted visual learners.

  • Lolita

    ” I want an IPad!” I have been so inspired by the Fugleblog and all of the amazing things that she does with her students, that I have requested an iPad for each art teacher in our district. Being able to demonstrate the possibilities of an online art gallery like utilizing Artsonia and creating digital artwork and keeping student digital art portfolios would keep moving our students into the digital age. Thanks,

  • Kathy Hughes

    I want an IPad! I would use it for both creative expression as well as assessment. With Apps like Wordfoto and Type Drawing I would create lessons to tie in Common Core standards.

  • Debbie Pulst

    iWant an iPad! There are many ways I would love to use one in my art room. I’ve been an avid user of Artsonia and the concept of having the students upload their own photos is exciting. I would love to explore art apps with the students too!

  • Nicole Nace Stormes

    I want an iPad! Love artsonia and the artsonia app!

  • Darlene

    iWant an iPad!I would love to have the ipad so my students could take a virtual museum tour.

  • Jackie Meier

    I want an iPad for the art room! I am an avid user of Artsonia. I feel my students would benefit from the iPad technology taking pictures of their own artwork and learning how to upload it to their site as well as upload artist’s statements and create original new artworks on iPad apps.

  • Patricia B

    “iWant an iPad”! I would love to use the iPad for Artsonia among other things. It would make adding artwork so much easier than taking photos and uploading to a computer before adding to the site. I have almost 1000 students I see every week. I add a lot of artwork to Artsonia! :)

  • Alison Lewis

    I want an iPad! I would use an iPad to have students record critiques and artist statement videos, as well as upload their artwork to Artsonia. I would also use an iPad to introduce photography to my students.

  • Sam Stone

    iWant an iPad! Our school seems to be the last to get these sorta things. Access to the internet with out getting up or handing a student my phone when they want to look up a reference picture would be great! –

  • Tami Tucker-Vanek

    I want an iPad to explore integrating technology into the classroom.

  • Keven Proud

    i Want an iPad! I would love an Ipad. I am teaching ceramics. It would be really nice to have an Ipad to use as a document camera to do demonstrations on our projector. It would also be nice to have students take pictures of their sculptures and upload them to artsonia to show to their families. They could also do quick research. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Nanna Tanier

    I want an iPad! I’d love for my elementary school students to photograph their own work, and learn how to upload it to Artsonia. Additionally, It would be a great tool for the students to use for artist research, as we only have one MAC in the classroom for 32 students. Thanks!

  • Amy Otteson

    I want an I Pad. After taking the IPads in the art room class through AOE I have a billion things I could use it for. The students are already asking me if they get to do that ” cool video project” like the classes did last year, which would be a whole lot easier with an IPad instead of my I phone. Sounds like Artsonia would be less time consuming as well, so I could plan to use it!

  • Denise Warf

    I want an IPad!

  • Jodie Hurt

    I want an iPad! Sooo many amazing things can be accomplished with iPads in the art room, from art making to documenting and assessing student work. IPads are awesome!

  • Kristin Janisch

    I want an iPad! I would use an iPad to have my 21st Century learners record artist statements, critiques, use apps to explore digital art and then integrate intro traditional methods, upload their own artwork to Artsonia, research artist, photographers and genres and more.

  • Gina sullivan

    iwant an iPad to continue the use of technology in my classroom and to have students take photos and upload their artwork to artsonia!

  • Julie Merz

    I want an iPad! I teach intro to art at the high school level, all day, every day! There are so many things in my classroom I would love to have an iPad for. I think my students would really respond well to an added technology element. I could document work and easily upload images, use it for student research, experiment with digital art making, have students prepare presentations for the class, make digital galleries, this list could go on for a while… :-)

  • Susan Legere

    I would love to win this iPad for my classroom. I currently use my personal i Pad mini in class and I would love to have one to use just for my students. I love to use Artsonia and the Kooleido app!

  • Kate Vinson

    I would love an IPad to develop a digital curriculum for elementary art. I often find myself competing with students to use an IPad and the learning curve of apps, programs, etc I just can’t get a handle on because IPads in my school are for students not staff and I need regular access to develop my “great ideas” into action! I love the idea of an art portfolio for students and have been wanting to insert technology into my classes.

  • Sandra Serum

    I want an iPad!

  • Debby Meadows

    I want an iPad!

  • Rosemary Walsh D’Elia

    iWant an Ipad! I would use tit to bring even more art opportunities to “play with” and create digital art to my preschoolers!

  • Katie Schaefer

    I want an ipad!

  • Laura Allan

    I would love an ipad! I would like to teach the kids to upload their own art to artsonia, and have my students use it to create some animation projects.

  • Michele Gorham

    iWant an iPad!! I would love to have my own iPad to record student discussions about their artwork, for adaptive art, classroom dojo, and artsonia (especially now that kids can upload their own!!)

  • Jamie Schwenn Herda

    “iWant an iPad!”

  • Dorinda

    iWant an iPad! I would allow students to explore and use many art related apps that could enhance their skills.

  • Angela

    iWant an iPad! I would use it to show artist videos and to show examples of artists’ work.

  • Melissa N

    iWant an iPad! We have NO technology in the art room at our school and an iPad would be super handy for the students to research ideas, images and information. Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway!

  • Amber Bergmann

    I would LOVE an iPad! I would love to use it to share whats going on, promote my program through artsonia and get some assessments entered through it!

  • Lauren

    iWant an iPad! I do all the Artsonia things myself at 3 different schools. Having an iPad would allow me to upload quicker, have students upload their own artwork and write an artist statement. It would also allow me to introduce different technologies in the hands of the student.

  • Guest

    I want an iPad…pretty, pretty please?!?! I’m going to be using Artsonia for the first time this school year. I have access to shared iPads for my classroom, but it would be wonderful to have one on hand every day for students to photograph and upload work to the website!

  • Marcia Beckett

    iDesperately want an iPad! Our school does not have any for student use and I would love to learn more about how to incorporate the technology into the art classroom.

  • Martha B

    iWant an iPad! What a great opportunity to help students learn about the integration between technology and art. Here’s to 21st Century learners!

  • Charmaine Boggs

    I would love an iPad! Although I have access to several shared iPads with the music teacher, it would be wonderful to have one available every day for quickly uploading photos to the school website and to Artsonia, which I hope to be able to use this year (still working on getting admin approval).

  • Jordan Burrier

    iWant an iPad! The art classroom is the best place to bring in technology!!

  • Leslie Windham

    I’m at a second year charter school for the arts and funding is very limited. I am very limited in technology in my art room. It would be absolutely wonderful to have the opportunity to expose my art students to that kind of technology. I would so love an IPad! :))

  • Melissa Hayes

    I got away from using Artsonia years ago because it felt like so much time spent. I’ve been toying with the idea of using an iPad to have students upload themselves, but hasn’t looked into it yet. Excited to hear Artsonia has added features to help with this. iWant an iPad!!

  • Theresa McMurtagh

    The reasons that iWant an iPad! are almost endless. From photos, videos and research to drawing, “painting” and collage, this tool offers another medium for the student voice. I could go on about assessment and record keeping as we’ll but giving kids “another tool in their supply box” is just to valuable.

  • devi

    iWant an iPad! I’m a big Artsonia person and taking 10 steps off of my uploading would be wonderful! I’ve been wanting one for a long time now!!! – thanks

  • Art_GottaLoveIt

    i Want an iPad! After 10 years as an Artsonia user I would love to empower my students and make them part of the Artsonia process. We could also use our iPad to add artist’s statements, for drawing and painting applications and to use digital photography and apps! Thanks!

  • Phlee edwards

    iWant an iPad!!! Easy upload of pics and how to vids for my student haiku site. Great opportunity to introduce photo editing. Tunes to stream while we work on our masterpieces.

  • Dani Tuttle

    iWant an iPad! I am a teacher at a charter school in New Orleans. It is a first year takeover school of a failing New Orleans Parish school. My kids have had a real dis-service in terms of their education, and forget about experience with technology. For most of them, this is the first year they are being introduced to it. They love the SmartBoard and go crazy when they get a chance to use the computers. I am not currently using Artsonia, but I would LOVE to utilize the artist statement feature of Artsonia. I know that my middle school students would really respond well to the idea of discussing themselves, their work, and their world. Using different avenues of technology will help ensure that my students are adequately prepared for high school and the real world.

  • Christi Bilderback

    I want an iPad! It would be a wonderful say to integrate technology in the art room!

  • Robyn

    iWant an iPad!! I have been an Artsonia fan and used it with my students since 2003. It is a great art advocacy tool and the students are so proud when they see their work in a online museum. My school district needs to increase technology (as per the state report card; having a iPad in my art room will help with this. The iPad can be shared within the art room and many of our students who live in areas with limited or no Internet access will be introduced to places they have never heard of.

  • Christine D.

    “iWant an iPad” but not for me, I want an iPad for my kids you see.
    My students love art they really do, but we have basic supplies like paper, paint and glue.
    With an iPad they could do so much more, but limited technology comes through the art room door.
    It would be a resource that is so great, and could be used to differentiate.
    We would love to use apps, upload artwork and share.
    Artsonia, Instagram, and Google docs is where.
    We want the iPad, yes we do! Thank you Artsonia and AOE too!

  • Tina Mendez Higa

    I want an iPad! I am all about guiding students to be involved in community or national and international events. I call my school a UN of schools because we have a beautiful blend of cultures. The iPad would work great as a tool to boost confidence in our technology world. It’s a universal tool that there are no fears of mistakes. They’ll discover a variety of possibilities that will allow them to educate and break culture barriers. I’m happy to hear Artsonia is taking steps to allow students to take the initiative to be involved. I will be returning

  • Catherine Polcaro

    iWant an iPad! I would use it to take photos of student work and upload to Artsonia. I would also use it for teaching art in the tech generation – allowing students to see that art can be created in varied media including digital

  • Art with Miss H

    iwant an iPad. The Artsonia app is so easy to use. I prefer using the app rather than the website! I’m not sure I have enough room for all the ways I could use an iPad in my classroom; from digital art, to classroom management, and Artsonia. Just to name a few.

  • Jean Schlicht Nickel

    “I want and iPad” because my school is in a low income borderline poverty district. Having an iPad would enable my students the chance to experience this wonderful technological advance. I have taught in several of the schools in my district of Olean, NY and Artsonia has been a big part of our school year. My students enjoy
    seeing their art work on-line but many of them are unable to write Artist
    Statements or write comments about their art and their peers art work because
    they do not have a computer at home. An iPad would allow my students the
    chance to do this; not to mention the other things a iPad can do, the
    numerous FREE apps that I could have my students experience. Thanks
    Artsonia for all that you do! If you didn’t provide your service of displaying
    our students art work for FREE my students would never get noticed from our
    small corner of the world.

  • Jenette Noe

    iWant an iPad! My classroom only has the teacher’s computer and one computer for the students to use. So any extra technology would be a big boon! My students would use it the most to look up reference photos, but I know there are a lot of interactive art games on the web that I could bring into the classroom on an iPad.

  • lauralee

    iwant an ipad really bad!! for artsonia, for art apps, for my special ed angels, for
    trying tricia fugelstad’s projects, for pinterest, for instagram, for photos, and much, much more!! lauraleechambersathotmaildotcom

  • Stephanie Burnett

    iWant an ipad! This would be perfect for Artsonia! I use it all the time for inspiration but haven’t been able to use it to post my little artists’ work!

  • candace pridemore

    “I Want an iPad!”
    I would use an iPad with my lower students, good behavior, and perhaps my students that are ahead.

  • Debbie

    I want an iPad! I would use it for so many things–photographing and uploading student artwork to Artsonia, keeping track of assessments and data, working on lesson plans, trying out apps before handing it over to students to create art on…organizing my schedule…the possibilities are really endless!

  • CDisqusman

    “iWant an iPad!” Would be a great way to capture student creations. Artsonia Forever!

  • katgirldu

    iWant an iPad! for so many reasons…to make and show a pinterest board for introducing each new project…fine art examples, images they need to see, etcetera. No computer in the art room!

  • Donna DeLong

    I want an iPad. I’ve been dreading uploading artwork this year. An iPad would make it so much easier. Artsonia posted a ton of apps for creating and enhancing art.

  • Stacey

    I want an iPad!!!! I will use an ipad to enhance the art that children will see.

  • Anastasia

    iWant an iPad! – Taking notes and being able to read larger text is always helpful when you’re a partially blind student :)

  • Kendra

    iWant an iPad!!! So good for easy photo collage, animation, and even color games like Blendoku.

  • Angi

    iWant an iPad! LOVE Artsonia! The online gallery instills confidence in my students and provides an excellent way for them to share their work with friends/family near and far. An iPad would help me publish more….and publish more quickly. THANKS!

  • Michelle

    I want an iPad for my art room. My students would be able to immediately photograph artwork and add artist statements to their galleries giving them more ownership to their gallery.

  • Mary M-Kulas

    I want an iPad! Let me count the ways I would use it…. Uploading, editing, videos and image collection, games, classroom management….

  • Paula

    iWant an iPad! Both the students and I could take photos of us working on our projects, as well as the finished products, making Artsonia even easier to use! I would use drawing software to have my preK and K students practice writing, and easily share with parents, quickly pull up art work and videos to show the students in small groups… there are so many ways!

  • Kyla Jenkins

    U can use Apple TV with any of the fantastic art apps that are out there, to broadcast on an interactive whiteboard, what a student is doin. Would be great to show processes, conduct surveys, access my gradebook and grade as I walk through the classroom!

  • Staci Nofziger

    iWant and iPad!!! Have stopped using Artsonia because of hours with kids being cut and less time to organize and upload… but really miss it! Would be great to have an easier way to upload. :)

  • Bre Determan

    iWant an iPad!!!! I am a first year art teacher with a technology minor in a school where all of the teachers, except for the specials teachers, have iPads!! I have been using my own iPhone to take pictures of the artwork, but it would be awesome to have a classroom iPad to use instead where I can teach the students to upload their own work with their own artist statements! I would also be able to use the iPad to update our Art Room facebook page, connect the iPad to the Elmo/ Projector to share videos, pictures, and even use it as a smart board in way. I also would love my students to make their own stop-motion projects :)

  • Marla Schoening

    iwant an ipad! It would help me upload pictures quickly on Artsonia.

  • Jennifer Carlisle

    I would love to have an iPad in my art room. I would love for my students to be able to enter their artist statements to artsonia during their “free time.” I love artsonia (and AOE)!

  • Lora

    iWantaniPad – I would use this iPad to enhance teaching units and allow students the opportunity to explore drawing apps and other specially chosen Art sites for inspiration. We look for lots of source material and an iPad would make this search very appealing and technology centered. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Lori

    iWant an Ipad! I love the idea of having a spot in my room with an iPad and backdrop ready for kids to photograph their own art. What a great way to advocate for your program as well!

  • Catherine Gruenewald

    iWant an iPad!!!! I have 2 art rooms and one broken down laptop. I could really use the iPad to upload student art, and teach uploading to my students. Also this year I want to start artist statements with my students.

  • melissa e

    “iWant an iPad!”

  • Erica

    I want an ipad!!

    I started a brand new art program this year at a new building, and we are really lacking in terms of technology. This ipad would be great to help me give presentations to my students since my projector is on a cart and doesn’t easily hook up to my computer, and it would be awesome for helping me start using artsonia since I can photograph the work and upload it all from the ipad!

  • Mike Hadfield

    iWant an iPad!

  • Jessica Davis

    iWant an iPad!

  • malo drvo

    I want an I pad. I teach english on voluntary basis in Zagreb, to a bunch of preschool kids. We love learning new songs and new words througout playful activities. But most of all we love using our hands and getting really dirty and getting lost in our creativity !!!

  • Leslie

    “iWant an iPad!” I’m not an art teacher, but my son is crazy about art, and the art program at his school has been cut. Our iPad would definitely be used for art and photography (another love of his), as well as other things.

  • Carla Johnson Nations

    I want an iPad. I could so use this in my classroom. It would be so much easier to reference things with my individual students with the portability of an iPad. It would also be another source for students to access reference material.

  • Mrs.C

    I want an IPad!!! I am looking into ways to use IPads in my elementary art curriculum. :)

  • rsmelko

    iwant an iPad! I would love to use the art based apps and to connect and have the students used their school issued iphones more!

  • Shannon Springfield

    I would love an ipad to use for artsonia and for my special needs students to draw using apps.

  • Mrs. L

    iWant an iPad! This is my first year teaching art on a cart, without a room or computer. An iPad would be so helpful as it is small, portable, and could be used to connect with the smartboards in our schools.

  • Lorna C

    I want an IPad! I want to use apps to draw and create beautiful masterpieces wit my first graders.

  • Sheri Hoppner

    “i want an iPad!” I’d love to be able to take pictures of my students artwork and upload it for their families to view. I’m also interested in using it with a projector to show professional artists work to aid in teaching lessons and art technique.
    Mrs. Hoppner ~

  • Christi

    “i Want an iPad” I am so excited about the iPad in the art classroom. We are a small school so even one iPad in the art room would benefit the entire class. Art teachers use all types of resources to teach and inspire creativity within our students. I would love to have the biography and art work of the artists we are studying available on demand. I rely on inter-library loans for most of my resources. I am ready to embark on this tech journey to further my knowledge, and then be able to include my students in this fascinating new form of art and art education.…thx!

  • Mrs. M

    I want an iPad! I’d love an iPad for planning my day, taking attendance and note taking, comments, grades while on the move, connecting with websites,integrating VisionThread, Slideshow, Google Docs, etc. with a smartboard, digital drawing, and music, too.

  • Paulette Mitchell

    I want an iPad. I’ve been teaching on a cart fort 8 years want to build a mobile art resource and reference station when I travel from room to room.

  • Christi

    “i Want an iPad” I would love an iPad in my classroom. We are a small school so even one iPad in our classroom would benefit the entire art class. I rely on inter-library loans for most of my resources. I am ready to embark on this tech journey to further my knowledge and then to be able to enhance my curriculum for my students. I would love to have instant access to the biography and works of art for the artists we are studying for our projects. Technology is the future, so knowledge and hands-on experiences are key to giving the students all the tools needed to succeed in life and art.…thx!

  • Doug

    iWant an iPad! This would be great for assessment.

  • Jenny

    I would love an iPad. I would use it to document student work and artist statements. Thanks!!!

  • Cristin Perth

    I want an ipad! That would be so cool to use with the new art aps out there. A welcome addition to the art room.

  • artgrunge

    “I want an iPad!” Several of my older students have ask about creating digital art work but there aren’t many resources in our area. I don’t have an iPad so I can’t teach myself so I can help them.

  • Lori Ziemann Riehl

    iWant an ipad!! I have used artsonia for years and love it. I would allow my students to take photos of their artwork using the ipad and upload their own photos to their accounts. This would be a great time-saver for me. :)

  • Valerie

    iWant an iPad!!!!!!!!!!

    It would be sweet, would love to be able to quickly photograph and upload student work to sites like artsonia. I think it would be great documentation of what I do in the classroom, and what the students do. A great way to get parents involved, and to foster students using technology in a positive way. Would use it to show master work examples. My 5th graders want to learn about stop motion videos, and an I-pad would make it these-able.

  • Tammie Bruton Clark

    I WANT AN iPAD! I have been wanting to use Artsonia but didn’t really have the time to upload photos. Having students do it themselves would be so helpful to me, empowering for them, and use technology. I got some great ideas from the Art of Ed online conference and would love to try those lessons out on my new iPad!

  • Hannah

    iWant an iPad! An iPad would help me upload much faster to Artsonia!

  • Chappy

    iWant an iPad!” I just moved to a new school to teach 10-12 art and there seems to be little for technology in my room. I have found a couple of old digital cameras. With an ipad students could upload pictures, make their own gallery’s, portfolios and easy show off this artwork to friends and family. Plus I learnt about so many great apps from the online conference. I could actually use them!

  • Lauren

    iWant an iPad! I would use it to have students take photos of their own work, and upload it themselves to Artsonia. I would also have them enter artist statements on the iPad. Thank you!

  • kjadud

    iWant an iPad! I already have one but two would be twice as fun. My Autistic students love iPad Fridays when they trace shapes, sort, match, and play color games.

  • Donna Staten

    I purchased my own ipad for my classroom. We do lots of cool things with it, but it would be ARTstanding to have another one! Have been supporting Artsonia since the beginning 13 years ago! :-)

  • Rachel Edwards

    I want an iPad! I teach A LOT of level 3 students, so I think an iPad in the art room would be great for showing techniques and different apps whole group, and I think it would be an AWESOME adaptive resource to make art more accessible to all!

  • Elizabeth Kennedy Moravec

    I want an iPad!! There are do many cool things and ways to integrate art. Like photography for the kids. Using faces I make or sonic pictures to make videos of art projects. Instant assessment for art reflections taping kids talk about their artwork, or having them help you teach other kids by walking through the steps.

  • jfarris524 .

    I want an ipad! I would of course use it to take pictures and videos of both student art and the process that students used to create it. I would also allow them to use it during free time to utilize all of the art apps. I could also connect it to the smartboard so that the whole class could utilize the apps. This could also open up lesson options because of the additional technology.

  • Jen H

    I want an iPad!! I would use it to help teach animation to my 2nd grade class. My 6th and 7th graders have iPads and I could use mine to help them understand art history apps and sketchbook apps.

  • Elizabeth Harper

    iWant an iPad! I would love to give my 546 bundles of joy the opportunity to create some of the awesome iPad-created artwork I have seen on Artsonia!!!

  • susan rudolph

    “iwant an ipad!” Thanks for the chance to win!!! I would use an ipad to take photos and videos of the kids, hook it up to my smartboard and let the kids explore and learn on the many apps for art in the art room! There are So many creative learning opportunities with an ipad! Thanks again for the chance to win!!!

  • Rebecca Martin-Meissner

    I would LOOOOVE to have an IPAD to explore all of these digital LP and sites I have seen with my students! I know that in my at risk students would be really motivated by this!

  • Nicki L

    I want an ipad! I love using Artsonia! I earned an ipad with my funds last year, and it has been a great help. I am hoping to add a few to my classroom in the coming year so I can try to do a stop motion film project with my 5th graders. It’s hard to do with just one.

  • Kathleen Hanson

    “i want an ipad” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to be able to have a tool to be able to take pictures of student artwork. Right now unified arts teachers can’t sign out a school ipad because the k-4 classrooms continually have them signed out. I have a personal one but it is the first addition with no camera.

  • kelsea

    iWant an iPad! I have been looking for grants to get ipads for my classroom. I have no space for student computers but would love to teach some digital lessons and allow the students to research. I also use classdojo and having my own i pad would help sooooooo much with that. I also have been told I can not have a laptop from school, like other teachers, because i’m not a “core subject” teacher. An ipad would help so much with entering grades for 500+ students :)

  • Chris Noel

    I want an iPad. The portable advantages would be great. I have most of my courses on Schoology, so having an ipad would make access easier. I also like the camera/video access and ability to upload images immediately.

  • KJackson

    iWant an iPad! This would be great for my art room!

  • A.Janicki

    I want an IPAD! I would love an IPAD to help ehance teaching art on a cart. Not only are there so many amazing apps out there for an art teacher to take advantage of.. but it would allow for easy documentation for evaluations. Artsonia is a program that I have always been interested in and this would make participating so much easier.

  • Tracey

    I WANT AN IPAD! I wAnT aN IpaD!

  • D Hoffman

    iWant an iPad! I’d love to use an iPad in my classroom! My desktop computer is not the newest crayon in the box (to say the least!)

  • s stutzman

    I want and iPAD!!! I just took the AEO course iPads in art this summer and I would love to win a free one to use in my classroom so that I can implement all of my new learnings!!!

  • ShannonChrisco

    I want an Ipad!! I think it would be great to be able to incorporate technology into the art curriculum as much as possible. The classroom teachers have Ipads, but the unified arts team did not receive them. :(

  • Lynn Spice

    I want an iPAD. I am teaching on a cart and between buildings and would love the portability of an iPAD

  • Jennifer Walters

    I WANT AN iPAD!!! It would be especially great in my ceramics classes! Kids without phones could use it to look up images!

  • J. Brown

    I want an iPad! :) I can’t wait to start uploading digital portfolios to Artsonia with my new iPad!

  • Heidi Parkes

    I want an ipad! Artsonia is a wonderful window into other art classrooms, and I can take pics and upload with an ipad :)

  • Karen Glenn Gregg

    iwant an ipad! There are so many awesome apps for art!

  • rbaker

    iWant an iPad! I teach in a very economically challenged rural school district. My whole elementary and 1/2 or our Middle school (which I serve) would benefit from the won iPad when we use it to improve our visual literacy skills. Using the iPad to help analyze visual images, create poetry, and to bring the world in to our students would be such a gift! Bringing Technology to students that have none would be huge!

  • Leigha Kilmer

    iWant an iPad! I teach K to 8 art in a multicultural school. I would love to use the iPad to create claymation art with students. I would also love to document student work and have an art ed blog!

  • S. White

    iWant and iPad! I would love to have the time saving capabilities to upload student artwork to my school website as well as use artsonia! I would also utilize the ipad when I am gone to give demonstrations and directions, so the class instructional time isn’t lost just because I’m not there.

  • Ms. Z

    I want an IPad!! incorporate more technology into my art room.

  • Valerie Shears

    i want an i-pad!

    • Valerie Shears


  • Lisa T.

    i want and iPad! NO, I NEED an iPad! I don’t have a smartboard in my classroom and my computer is soooo outdated and slow! This would make my artRoom complete! I could use this iPad in both of the schools I visit. I teach 450 students weekly and this would help me to stay super organized!!

  • Terese Frigo Kitts

    iWant an iPad! I want the students to create iMotion videos explaining key concepts, turn their drawings into animations, and other endless app possibilities! Thanks to Artsonia and to you. I enjoy this blog so much! Terese

  • Terri Smith

    iWant an iPad! There are so many great apps out there!

  • Whitney

    iWant an iPad! I iheart technology but have little access or funds for my students to use any. This way I can plug it into to my interactive board and they can at least experience some really cool art related app’s!!! :) Comstock Park, Michigan

  • A. Pitts

    iWant and iPad! I really want to try to keep an online gallery of student work as a way to aid in assessment and to show student growth throughout the course of the year. Online galleries seem like such a great compromise because kids hate when I keep their artwork for too long!

  • Adrienne

    iWant an iPad!!!! At our charter school we teach the International Baccalaureate program and not enough people know about it. Especially at the IB Diploma Programme level for 11th and 12th grades. The student’s artwork is so deep in meaning at that level – I would love to share it more with the world with the iPad from Artsonia!!! :) :P

  • yuri zaroli

    iWant an iPad! I would love to incorporate technology into my lessons and engage students with all those cool art apps.

  • Cheri Leiphart

    I want an iPad!! Great apps, help with organization, photo editing . . . and art teacher’s dream tool.. . especially those pre-k thru 12 teachers!!

  • Clara Crosby

    I have been creating an iPad pinterest board in hopes that someday I will have one for the art room!! fingers crossed!!

  • Robert Hepner

    I want an I pad! My old computer is fixing to die, and I am trying to students’ work into digital portfolios. I’m excited to use Artsonia with whatever gadget I find to connect with it!

  • Jessie

    I want an iPad! I use an iPad to show art images and artist power points in small groups. Another one would be great.

  • Mrs. Olson

    iWant an iPad! Now that Artsonia allows students to upload their own artwork, I would love to have an iPad at a photography station.

  • Alex Lugo

    iWant an iPad! A donor has helped our school to implement a 1:1 initiative for our freshman and 2nd grade classes (they are the smallest classes). Having an iPad would help me keep up with the technology they will have in the classroom.

  • Janis

    iWant an iPad! visit my artsonia page Whoot Whoot!

  • Brenda McCullers

    iWant an iPad! I will use an iPad to help upload my students artwork to Artsonia. I started using the website last year and my students and parents love it!

  • stewART

    iWant an IPad! I want to enhance my art room for the 21st century learner. Students need to know how technology impacts artist in the real world and what a better way to do this than be able to show my k-6 graders in a hands on way on the ipad!! Very exciting!

  • Heather R. Herbay

    iWant an iPad! An iPad in the art classroom would be fabulous because there are so many amazing art apps students could use and it is a great way to take pictures and video.
    Thanks, Mrs. H

  • Becky G.

    i Want an iPad! An iPad would open so many creative opportunities for my elementary students. The children would be able to start creating stop motion movies, digital artworks, plus the ease of uploading to Artsonia!

  • Mrs.Speidel

    I want an ipad! I use ipads in the classroom to walk around and show the kids pictures of the painting or sculpture up close. It’s a lot easier than getting my computer projector all set up and they can ask me questions during that time.

  • Ms. G

    iWant an Ipad! I would love to create a blog and would be able to use this to help that!

  • Deborah Highfill

    i Want an iPad!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I can't stop thinking about amazing ways to use it in my art classroom! I love Artsonia too!

  • Alicia

    iWant an iPad! I would circulate in my room with iPad in hand to show resources or other inspiration work/motivators to the students on the spot.

  • FatCinnamon

    iWant and iPad! Artsonia has been a wonderful moticator and money maker for our elementary school in the past 2 years. The kids and families love it! So nice to share and make connections from other schools and teachers!

  • Mrs. V

    “iWant an iPad!” Teaching in a private school means that technology doesn’t always get to the art room first. I would LOVE an i pad for the room.

  • Lisa McGehee

    “iWant an iPad!” I am not familiar with Artsonia, but my initial glance at the website is intriguing.

  • Deborah Highfill

    i Want an iPad!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I can't stop thinking about amazing ways to use it in my art classroom! I love Artsonia too!

  • kcarlson

    I would love an iPad for our art room! This is my fourth year teaching art here, but I am new to Artsonia, and it is fantastic!

  • Jody Tetreau

    whoot whoot, I want an ipad. I have Art grade 9 through 12 this year and it would be great in the classroom.

  • Ms. A

    iWant an ipad! I would love to use an iPad in the classroom to photograph student work, allow students to photograph their own work, use Google image search, and take advantage of technology, as we have very little in the Bronx. My email address is

  • Lisa McGehee

    “iWant an iPad!” I am not familiar with Artsonia, but my initial glance at the website is intriguing.

  • Charity Eppolito

    “iWant an iPad!” It will be a beneficial tool for all my classes to use for a “hands on” experience with digital activities! It would also be great for my younger students and special needs students to work on color theory, etc.
    Fingers crossed:)
    Mrs. Eppolito

  • Grace Hulse

    iWant an iPad to use with my super savvy smart artists at Orems!

  • Mary Sederburg

    I Want an iPad!!!!!!!Could really use it in classes……

  • Hope

    “iWant an iPad!”
    I will use the iPad to collect images/gallery exhibitions at NYC museums and create lessons for teachers to enhance core subjects being taught. As a museum specialist at the Museum Magnet School in NYC, this iPad would be most helpful for me to assist teachers in their planning and modeling museum gallery tour talks.

  • Pleuni van Loon

    iWant an i Pad! I would tell my art students to go to our own artblog and learn about the subject we are working on. For instance the subject ‘color’. The students go to the links I put on the blog and they will learn about primary colors, secondary colors and colorcontrasts. After that they will read the assignment on the same blog and then the students make their own artwork. When they are done they photograph it with their iPad and post in on the blog. So everyone can see, even friends and family!
    The only thing is…. I’m from Holland, so I don’t know if I can actually win the iPad :)

  • Ms. K

    iWant an iPad! I teach Technology Arts- Yearbook, Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Web Design. An iPad would be so helpful for students wanting to ‘draw’ on the computer, and would seemlessly work with our iMacs

  • Jill Kranitz

    iWant an iPad! I would love to be able to easily upload my students artwork from all classes and be able to share the images. Also sometimes when I’m teaching, a student’s artwork reminds me of an artist that I’d like to show them. With an iPad I could immediately pull up images to show the students to further develop their understanding or art, knowledge of other artists, and continue to inspire them.

  • Mrs. Wiese

    Mrs. Wiese from Portage H. S. iwant an iPad!!. Easy to upload. I have been to some workshops but to have my own is better for uploading apps and doing my own work. I travel classroom to classroom. It will be easyto take it with me.

  • Becky

    I want an iPad!! This is my 2nd year to use Artsonia and I love it.

  • Tristessa L. Howard

    iWant an iPad!!! It seems that everyone in my school has one of these fabulous tech tools except me :( I would love to have one to explore all the great art apps out there and bring that new “21st century” to my classroom! Kids are less and less interested in the traditional “hands on” approach to learning art and an iPad would be a great way to mesh old school and new school! Being that I teach in a very rural part of TN, I think it’s very important to keep our students on the cutting edge of what the rest of the world is doing!

  • Ashley

    “iWant an iPad!” I would love an IPAD to share images with my students, to find lesson ideas, and to finally start uploading to Artsonia!

  • Liz Lyons

    I want an iPad! One of the biggest helps would be for kids to be able to research on the Internet for artists and images to use when they are working. So many times when someone has a question I say ” let’s look it up!” I would also like to have an origami center for those who finish early because there are some neat origami apps they can learn from. Too many more ideas to list!

  • Sheryl L

    iWant an iPad!” I would love to have an iPad. This item would be much better than my lap top.

  • Mrs. F

    iWant an iPad! This would be a great way to utlize art history, and organize my student artwork.

  • Danielle Seikaly

    Want an iPad!!!!!!!!! I teach in Detroit and dont have a lot of tech in my clasroom ,well, if you can call an over head projector technolagy then i guess i have some!

  • Jshan626

    I want and IPad Please!! My preschool is the ONLY preschool in our area with a certified art teacher. This will be a great way to introduce my kids to artists, artwork, museums, and digital art! Start them early and keep the love growing!!

  • Andrea Wilson

    iWant an iPad! I’ve been fighting for my students right to technology in the art room. Everyone I talk to about it raises an eyebrow, so I’ve been doing TONS of research and reading about incorporating technology into my elementary art classroom! I’d LOVE the chance to SHOW rather than TELL everyone how much is possible!

  • Sasilvio

    “IWant an IPad!” I would love to have an iPad in my art room. I would like the students to create QR codes about different artists or art history material and place throughout the school for others to find. We could use it in groups to go on scavanger hunts. I htink the students would also enjoy using the iPad to create a portable library of resources. These could be images, links, artist biography, etc. They could then use this portable library to share both inside and outside of the art classroom. An example would be if we are studying early American art and the Social Studies teacher is educating the students about the same time period, they could use the portable library to share relevant information.

  • Lindsey Sauerzopf

    iWant an iPad! This is my first year teaching art at our school, and an iPad would be beyond helpful as I could begin to engage many students into the wonderful world of art/culture/museums. I teach in an extremely disadvantaged school – the possibilities are endless!!

  • Hollie Reilly

    “iWant an iPad!” I teach art in three different buildings that are 20-30 miles apart in two different districts and even am teaching art in the lunchroom in one of my buildings and have limited technology available in my rooms. Having an ipad to hook up to a pocket projector would make showing students images and videos a LOT easier for me. It would also streamline the process of putting student artwork on Artsonia.

  • Darlene Drummond

    Mrs. Darlene
    iWant an iPad soooooo badly. The schools I am at do good to buy me paint and brushes. I beg, borrow, recycle, or scavage hunt for supplies. Technology is extremely limited in any lesson that I do. Artsonia you would have your name in lights if you could help up out.

  • carol

    I want an I pad….I often have to bring students to the desk top or carry my laptop to their desk in order to show them image searches, pinterest boards etc….I would love to be mobile smart phone is to small. Also I want to take pictures that I can instantly upload.

    • Kristina

      Exactly one of my strong reasons for wanting an iPad as well! I hate loaning my iPhone to students with an image pulled up – nevermind that they might drop it… I’m also worried that my husband will take that exact moment to text something inappropriate (he’s known to be a complete goofball)! How awful would that be?!?!

  • sedi

    iWant an iPad!! I could certainly use this for uploading my blog, and for lessons in my class.

  • lruggles

    iWant an iPad! I would use an iPad in the classroom in a variety of ways. Many of the tools/apps would enhance my lessons and allow students who struggle to practice their skills/techniques in a non-traditional format. I also have a couple of physically impaired students, with limited movement, who would love the ability to make marks with simply the pressure of their hands or fingers!

  • Karen Luellen

    iWant an iPad! I’ve been using Artsonia for 3 years now and really enjoy all that it offers. This year will be especially important and it is a way that I can gather “evidence of growth.” An Ipad would be great for me to take pictures and have students enter statements!

  • Bryce Cottingham

    iWant and iPad!It would be awesome to have an iPad in the classroom as there are plenty of apps for art and art ed available that can help students grow individually as artists. It would very wonderful to have the ability to have access to portable digital images. I would also use it to show students how to think creatively in that with the help of the camera and a sketchbook app I could take a picture of their work and show them several different ways to possibly modify their project then let them try out the modifications without having to worry about destroying their project.

    • Kristina

      Neat idea about taking a photo and sketching on top of it! I usually flip their work over and draw on the back, but this would be neat to do!

  • Mrs. Jeffers

    I want an IPad! having a background in digital media is improtant and I move between three schools so having an IPad would be awesome to make sure I have my materials at all times.

  • Robin Kinney

    I want an iPad! Jessica, I really appreciate what you are doing for art teachers. We’re the minority in most schools. Having an advocate of the content is a huge help. Looking forward to hearing your keynote in Eau Claire, WI

  • Kristyn

    iWant an iPad! I would love to get my middle schoold students documenting their work.

  • Dawn McKay

    I want an iPad. :-). It would be sooooooo helpful in the art room.

  • Kendall Gamelin

    iWant an Ipad! I would use it upload student work and digitize the reflection process.!! Plus use it for students to create digital art projects.

  • Julia

    I want an iPad!!!

  • Lori Wrankle

    I would LOVE an ipad!! There is so much to do with these pertaining to art and it would be great to own one myself!!

  • KTSmyles

    iWant an iPad! It’s a great tool for research and portfolio documentation.

  • Julia

    sorry for the double post…it uploaded without the entire comment…I want an iPad for use with student blogging and posting on Edmodo! Having the ability to do everything with one machine, photograph, edit, write and post!

  • Pat Standing

    I want an iPad.

  • Jessica Vatter-Davis

    I WANT AN IPAD!! Our elementary building is the new home for the life-skills students in our district. I have several students with very very poor motor skills. They are wheelchair bound and non-verbal, but, they can do things on the iPad in the life skills classroom. I really want to let these kids use the iPad to create in the art room right along side the rest of their classmates. Right now, I do as much as I can to adapt for them, but they are still so limited in what they can do without hand-over-hand help, an iPad could really start us on the path to some wonderful, fully-inclusive lessons and projects!

  • Ellen

    iWant an iPad! So I can Show Artsonia everywhere and acess AOE at my leiusure!

  • Melissa Arnold

    iWant an iPad! I took the AOE course “iPads in the Art Room” this past spring. It was a really helpful course! I learned about some great Apps to use in the art room. I would love to use the iMovie or StoMo app with my students and create a stopmotion movie.

  • Charles Glen Marshall

    I want an iPad! It would be great to use in class to look up artists and their work and connect to our projector.And thanks for the great website, articles and useful information.

  • Ddavis

    I use iPads and could really use another for my artsonia artist statements…diane Davis

  • Jane Davis

    I would love an iPad! I don’t have any kind of technology in my classroom and I teach grades 1-12. What a wonderful thing it would be to surprise my students!

  • Chelsea Brendle

    iWant an iPad! I am a first-year art on a cart teacher working through Americorps at an urban, high-risk school. The kids are really great and would LOVE to see more art and technology integrated. Such a great giveaway!

  • Kristina B.

    I want an iPad! I have literally JUST been thinking about writing a grant for my first one because I know it would be a huge help in the classroom. Loads of art ed apps, pulling up images of things the students are asking how to draw (griffin or oyster shell, anyone?), early finishers… Being the last on the list at my school to get a smartboard, an iPad could act as my mini smart board! Connecting it to my LCD projector and bringing kids up to use it! Please! :)

  • Mrs. G

    iWant an iPad! I would love to have an iPad in my classroom for students to use as they create their digital portfolios through Artsonia, as well as use for stop-motion animation.

  • Carrie

    iWant an iPad! I recently took the AOE i-Pad class and it was awesome! I am planning on using the i-Pad to enhance some art lessons, such as my 5th grade tessellation project. There is an amazing app called Amaziograph!

  • Mrs.P.

    iWant an iPad! I love using iPads for uploading artwork on Artsonia. It is also fun to do collaborative art projects with websites like Twiddla!

  • Mrs.Babb

    I want an Ipad!

  • Stephanie C.

    I want an iPad! I already bought one with the money I earned from using Artsonia. Last year I uploaded 4,300 works but I have 600 students, and I would love to have a second one to let students create artwork (or use 2 at a time) and also upload artist statements.

  • Amanda T

    iWant an iPad! I have such LARGE classes this year and it would be great to use a mirroring app and my big projector for class demonstrations. My older students love looking at Artsonia for inspiration for their independent projects and having an available iPad would help them access so much information! Thank you!!

  • Mrs. D

    iWant an iPad! I would love to use the iPad to upload to Artsonia. My special needs students as well as my regular classroom students would really benefit from some of the wonderful apps available.

  • Annette Brown

    I want an iPad! We would definitely use in the classroom in so many ways!!

  • Norene Schreiner

    iWant an iPad! I use my personal iPad for instruction. However, I would like my students to have hands-on experience with photo editing, adaptive art apps, drawing/painting apps, and, much, much more!

  • Deb DeRoo

    I want an iPad soooooooooooo bad! My budget is cut every year and they would never dream of giving the Art teacher an iPad. I can think of so many uses for it in my Art room!

  • wendy martinez

    iWant an iPad! I’ve wanted to incorporate technology into my classroom for a really long time, but resources are so limited at my school. There are so many cool apps for the art room! I know my kiddos would be thrilled to use it!

  • Mrs. Ulreich

    iWant an iPad!!! An iPad would allow my students to create art using technology. There are quite a few Art Standards for 4th and 5th grade that deals with using technology to create art and an ipad for our classroom would allow students to have that opportunity! EVERYTHING in our art room has been from the kindness of others, resources in the community or my own pocket. An ipad would really open up a whole new world of learning! Thanks for all the great resources you guys provide!

  • Mrs. Nienhouse

    iWant an iPad! I would love to be able to take photos and directly upload them to Artsonia for our fundraiser!

  • Tiffany

    I want an iPad! I have tons of lesson ideas to use if I had one…It would be the start of something new and great at our school!

  • Kimberly Nicotera

    I WANT AN IPAD! After 13 years of teaching art I have lost my classroom and am on a cart. An iPad would allow me to have visuals at hand to show students as well as simulated experiences for students with tactile issues.

  • rpatterson

    I want an ipad!!! I want to start using Artsonia and the ipad will make uploading my pictures so much easier!!!

  • Laurel Wahl

    I want an IPAD! Thanks Jessica and Artsonia! I would use the IPAD to download great art apps for the children to use when they complete their assignments and as an aid for teaching about famous works of art via my document camera. Art Authority is awesome.

  • Ms.Duffy

    “iWant an iPad!” It would be great to have an iPad in my art room the students would be exposed to a new technology! We would be able to upload photos and be able to create a new center for our classroom!

  • Kristen Land

    iWant an iPad! This is my 5th year teaching art. All these years, even through grant writing, I still have not been able to incorporate newer technology in my class curriculum. My students who are ESOL and ESE would greatly benefit from the use of this instructional tool in class. Plus the AWESOME cross-curricular lessons, photography integration, and creative media of technology can be reinforced. This is such a great opportunity – THANK YOU ARTSONIA and AOE!!!!!

  • RG

    I want an iPad!!

  • Shelby Etress

    “iWant an iPad!” This is my third year teaching and I currently teach at 3 different elementary schools (basically I’m the art teacher for the county). I would love to utilize an iPad in my classroom because it’s portable and offers a wide range of possibilities – from simple drawings, to assessments, to making movies!!! Furthermore, many of my students live in a rather poor community and may never have the opportunity to use this type of technology. I hope whoever the prize goes to, they will use it in amazing ways!

  • Danielle Porter

    iWant an iPad!!!!!!! My school and my students ROCK! They deserve an iPad! I am so lucky to be their teacher…and they are so great to put up with my teenie-tiny artist examples that I have to print off from home just so that they can see the COLOR! WE would love to incorporate technology into the Art room and use an iPad to see all the wonderful artwork that we are studying and get going on catching up to this world full of apps!!! Thanks!


  • nrutland

    Always so many exciting things going on at AOE that I hope ever art teacher is checking it out!!

  • nrutland

    “iWant an iPad!” Always so many exciting things going on at AOE that I hope ever art teacher is checking it out!!

  • Michael P.

    iWant an iPad! I will soon be taking the iPads in the Art Room class from AOE!

  • Ashley

    I want an IPAD! As a traveling art teacher this is a perfect way to share examples with students at both my schools!

  • Bonnie McDaniel

    “iWant an iPad!” An iPad would be so useful in my classroom. Taking photos of student artwork, loading work on Artsonia, emailing parents with images of what we did in class today and of course all the great Apps. I hope I win the iPad!

  • Mrs. K

    iWant an iPad! Our school is really pushing technology and an iPad in the art room would be such a great way to get on the tech bandwagon :)

  • Damien Husen

    iWant an iPad to help students develop mobile online portfolios!

  • AnnieColor

    “iWant an iPad!” Pretty please :D It will make my Kindergarten class so much easier whenever I have to show my students paintings from other Artists! Thanks for the great site :D

  • Shanna Aubin

    I want an iPad!

  • william braymer

    I want an ipad!, I could use in class for instant image reference, pass around the class, use as demovideo ect.

  • Belinda Monn

    iWant an iPad!!!! An iPad is portable with many possibilities. It would enable me to put technology at the finger tips of my students. It could be a visual resource tool that travels around the classroom. As an elementary art teacher, I would like to create a partnership with my feeder high school. The iPad would enable us to quickly load images and posts onto a wiki, and then at the start of the class we could read the high school students comments and posts. I envision this as a constant exchange of ideas between high schoolers and elementary children. This would be a valuable arts advocacy tool promoting arts education through high school to my young students. Art is an elective in high school in my district (and students only get 20 lessons a year in middle school), and offerings are based on student interest therefore it is imperative to promote visual art in the elementary art program to keep it going!

  • Don Wachter

    I need an iPad because it will help my students explain and express their creative stories by using it in conjunction with recorded QR Codes.

  • Ms. Pickell

    I WANT AN IPAD! My students would benefit from being able to view images, see missed class work/presentations, and use photo editing software. I feel that an iPad would enhance my art teaching greatly and could also serve as an incentive item for my students so they could explore art in a new and exciting way.

  • Ms. B

    iWant an iPad! This is my first year teaching art for middle school-aged students and their response to any form of technology is dramatic- they are enamored with any integration of technology. My classroom is set up in Studios (i.e. drawing studio, painting studio, sculpture studio, etc…)The iPad would be an amazing addition to the VERY limited items in my technology studio. I have learned of many amazing apps on the iPad that really enhance their learning and reinforce other my concepts and technical skill of the elements and principals.

  • Kkennedy

    I want an iPad!! I tech highschool students art and technology, how they connect. An iPad would be an excellent learning resource for my students in this field.

  • Mrs. Espejo

    “iWant and iPad!” I have been a mobile art teacher for 7 years at various schools. This is my first year with a classroom! The classroom has no overhead projector or smart board, just an ancient TV with a VCR. Besides teaching art at 2 elementary schools, I am also back in school to get my single-subject credential in art. It is going to be a busy year and an iPad would help me stay organized (google calendar, Pinterst, etc) and allow me to share slide shows of art work with the students, as well as art related You Tube Videos. I love Artsonia and having the iPad in the classroom would also help me quickly take photos of students work and upload them immediately. Thanks, Devon

  • Mrs. Aina

    iWant and iPad! I could use an iPad to teach “Art through Technology” on Fridays as well as enable students to write their artist statements and upload them to their online portfolios along with their artwork and introduce them to virtual tours of museums most of them will never get a chance to visit.

  • Mr P

    “iWant an iPad!”

  • Stephanie

    Of course I want an ipad!

  • A.M. Hyde

    iWant an iPad! Truthfully, who WOULDN’T want one?!

  • Rita Martin

    I want an iPad! Our students are getting them but not The Art Teacher! :(
    I would love to do art projects with them! The classroom teachers are doing such cool things with theirs.

  • Mrs. Day

    Please pick me! I would love to have an ipad! I would use it to upload to Artsonia, I would use it for Prezis, I would use it for stop-motion animation projects, I would use it EVERY DAY!!!

  • ghagen

    iWant an iPad. I would love to use this in my classroom to photograph and share student artwork!

  • Jenn M

    Want an iPad! I would love to add an IPad to my classroom more than anything! I would use it every day along with my students in the classroom. I can imagine them working on one of their artist studies together while searching great artists and seeing art from around the world! Wow!! I dont have technology in my art room so this would be the a great start! An iPad would invigorate my art class and the possibilities are endless!

  • COS art teacher

    I want an iPad! the one I use belongs to my school. It would be a blessing to have my very own.

  • Alicia Carradus

    iWant an iPad! Students are always thinking objects, animals, and people to put into their artwork but they don’t know exactly what they look like. An iPad would give students a quick way to look up a visual reference or find more information on an art question they have.

  • VJ Wray

    iWant an iPad! Please. :) We have no ipads at our school and I think it would be great to use them in our Art Room! :) Stay Creative!

  • Holly

    iWant an iPad! I have an interactive white board in my art room and would love to incorporate more art related Aps for the kids to use with their projects

  • Mrs. B

    iWant an iPad! Art of Ed, an iPad, AND Artsonia, all work wonders in elementary classroom!

  • Ashley

    I want an iPad!!! ;)

  • Julie G.

    Wow! I would LOVE an iPad! I would use the iPad in my classroom by being able to pull up the Wiki I have created for my classes at each table as well as use the camera to take pictures that I could upload to our school website.

  • Michele Parris

    I would love an iPad! Don’t have any in the art room, although classrooms are getting some. Need resources to be able to incorporate digital art technology, and students could post digital art to Artsonia.

  • Molly Foster

    iWant an iPad! I am presenting a session at our local Virginia Art Education Association called iTeach Art, where we will be exploring ways to use technology in the art room. I’d love to have an iPad for our art room so that I can share all of the wonderful ways that kids can use iPads in art. I am also taking a Master Class in Nov. with @fuglefun on using iPads in the art room, but I don’t have an iPad to practice and play with! Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Dar McClelland

    Por favor! Quiero un iPad! My students want – need – an iPad in their art room! I teach a number of students who have few resources at home and they would love to have access to all the wonderful art tools an iPad could offer them. I (+students and their families) use Artsonia regularly, and having an iPad for students to photograph their work and enter their artists statements would be awesome! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to enter into this drawing!

  • Stephanie Messer

    iWant an iPad!! (Pretty please!) I teach a CTE course of Commercial Art, but we bridge from technology to fine art all the time! In fact, this week we are reviewing the elements and principles of design (they apply to us too!). I would LOVE to win an iPad – I would use it in class in conjunction with the Bring Your Own Device pilot I’m participating in. Sketching thumbnails, research, search for inspiration, catching up on missed assignments, etc.

  • Buffy Houchens

    I want an IPad! Art plus technology is hot!

  • Alia

    Using technology is such a great motivator in the art classroom! I would love to use an iPad with my students!

  • Dercksk

    “iWant an iPad” for my classroom. I teach high school art courses. We have weekly class critiques and often travel with our art team to other schools. The ipad would be a great tool to use for critiques, connect with the SMARTboard, and take to other schools for competitions.

  • Mary Cooper

    iwant an ipad! I love tying technology into the classroom any way I can! -Mary- (

  • Nina Galindez

    I want an iPad! I just started teaching art classes for all ages in Buenos Aires. I am even giving a free class on Saturdays for students, people who cannot afford to pay for classes or those who just want a little extra practice! An iPad would be a huge help for me to teach my students, especially the ones who do not have any English. I teach in Spanish as well but to be able to show them different things on the iPad would be a MAJOR help! :)

  • Eleanor Clough

    I want an iPad! I have been at “The Villa” for 10 years. After not having access to the technology center for art due to core subjects having first shot at the ENO board, I have been delegated to finding a projector to show my slide shows and videos to the art class.
    My biggest problem is that my laptop is 7 years old. I have been part time at the school and teaching art at three other locations with the same laptop, with the same issues and unable to afford a new one!
    My laptop freezes or just refuses to cooperate with the projector. I’m usually reduced to having the class gather around the art cart and I try to make sure everyone can see the presentation on my screen. I know updated equipment would bring this effort to fruition. I’m so close, yet so far away from catching the class’s interest and being able to share some the awesome slide shows of master artists that I have put together!

    You can tell me when to expect ( tongue-in-cheek ) the delivery of my iPad by contacting:
    Ellie Clough
    Art Teacher
    Villa Augustina Academy
    or at my home email address:

  • Corinne

    iWant an iPad! I had one at my last school and had the students watching Art History videos. The students are so fast and the size is perfect for their little hands. It is a great way for students to explore art work or tour a museum.

  • Amy

    iWant an iPad!
    (Thanks for the reminder e-mail to come and post here) :)

    I am between two buildings AND art on a cart. An iPad would be a great way to keep things organized from class to class and building to building. Of course we know there are so many art apps to use and it would be a a great way to be able to share images with students all in one small package. Additionally, I could hook up to individual teachers’ projectors when I come into their room instead of taking over their computer or technology area of their classroom. The benefits of iPads in art are endless it seems!

  • Kathy M

    iPad mania has struck! It would make me look soooooo much more organized.

  • Cynthia Arnold

    I Want an IPad! I want to use technology in my classroom. Our school is limited on funds and we do not have the resources.

  • Lori Lowery

    iWant an iPad! I currently only have one iPad (personal) and would like to begin building a collection of iPads so we could use them more in the classroom for student digital art. Contact:

  • Rachelle

    It would be such a blessing to not upload art room pictures from my camera. :)
    iWant an iPad!!!!!! :)

  • Alice

    I want and iPad for students to use when finished early with their projects! There are great drawing apps out there and they can practice emailing their picture to themselves then printing (in computer class)!

  • Melissa

    iWant an iPad! Although my school has a few laptop carts, they are consistently checked out far in advance by our other “core” departments, leaving me as the art teacher left behind once again. I have the capability of purchasing through my art funds, but with a minimal total budget as is, there it would all go! I actually have never even used an iPad, so although I have yet to experience the greatness, I can imagine the creativity that could happen with the use of one!

    Thanks for the consideration!

  • Laura D.

    I want an iPad! I would love to use the ipad to enhance learning in my art room. Sometimes the children ask questions and showing them something visual on the spot would be great. It would also be a great way to share my students work with other teachers, children and parents.

  • Laurel Halstead

    I would love to have an iPad to use in the art classroom. We have 4-5 iPads in each general classroom but none for the “specials”. I used to do Artsonia at my last school, and an iPad would have been wonderful to help with uploads and comments.

  • Peggy Henke

    iWant an iPad!! I would love an ipad to use in my art room. What awesome photos we could take that would be super easy to download and print. I would also be great to connect to my Promethean Board and use some of the art apps on the big screen! Thanks for this opportunity. You are the best!
    P.S. It might also work great with the special needs children in my art classes to!!

  • Ms. KP

    iWant an iPad! I currently use my own iPad with a classroom timer on. It helps the students see how much time they have left in class and is a great motivator for students to stay on task. (I teach in a storage loft space above the gym and I don’t have a clock in my room, so it keeps me on target too!) I would love to have an iPad to have students create artwork, there is a great app called pottery!
    I could us it to connect to the projector and set up as a document camera since I don’t have one. Our online grading system has an app that would be helpful during assessments, I could walk around the room and assess as they are working. The list is ENDLESS!!!

  • Perron ART

    “iWant an iPad!”I travel betwen 2 schools a k-2 and a 3-5 building. Keeping myself and my physical space organized is hard enough, but keeping all my files, PPt and lessons in two places is HARD. If I had an iPad I could also keep my webpages updated.

  • S. Bolinger

    iWant an iPad! I love using the paper 53 app and its a great classroom resource.

  • Pam

    “iWant an iPad!” I would LOVE to have an ipad in my classroom. I am required to teach and use technology in my class yet I am not provided with the necessary equipment to do so! I only have one computer in my classroom and have only recently gotten to use the mobile SmartBoard in my classes. I feel so behind the times when I hear and read of so many other art teachers using ipads and other technology in their curriculum. I want my kids and myself to be able to learn and create with the same tools that is necessary for 21st Century learning. Thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad! And congratulations to the lucky winner since I know it won’t be me. :-( Pam…..

  • Diane

    iWant an iPad! We have been using Artsonia in the art room for several years and I would love to have an iPad to photograph and upload our students’ artwork to Artsonia. It would be an immense help for me (the Art Teacher) and our parent volunteers. The iPad can also be used with our Mimioboard as well. Thank you so much for this offer to art teachers in need!

  • Artdillo

    An iPad would be a great tool to use with all of my art students—especially my Special Needs artists!

  • Janis Nunnally

    i want an iPad!

  • Mrs. Arneson

    iWant an iPad! To have one in the classroom to connect to a projector would be great or to take pictures and post directly online or to an Artsonia site would be awesome too!

  • Artdillo

    iWant an iPad! An iPad would be a great tool to use with all of my art students—especially my Special Needs artists!

  • m zellar

    i want an ipad! I will use the ipad to create my own space for student art on Artsonia.

  • Jo-Anne Kirkman

    I hope to win an ipad! Our school was #1 in the state on Artsonia last year! With an ipad, I can upload even more art!

  • Kelly Hurst

    iWant an IPad! This is my first year teaching middle school comin from a school with technology, we don’t have much and would love to get them involved in the technology aspect of art!

  • Stacey

    I want an iPad!!! Stacey Pulliam
    It would be so neat to use the iPad for art apps. Set it up as z station to learn about artists. This would be a treat especially since my budget doesn’t even allow for $1 per student. It would be like Christmas!!

  • Mrs. Stevenson

    “I Want an IPad!” I would love to use the IPad to integrate more technology to my art lessons in the classroom. I’
    ve been doing a lot of research on applications used for art in the art room and have been able to use one that I can borrow in my school. I have my instructional technology Masters and want to put it to better use yet!

  • B. Artsmart

    I want an iPad too! My small school has no technology budget for the arts, so it would be wonderful to finally have a way to get the students in my classroom into the digital age! The possibilities are endless!

  • Jean King

    iWant an iPad! I plan on using it to take photos, make short videos and Keynote presentations, for drawing, using ClassDojo, and, of course, to upload student work to Artsonia.

  • Edna Caperton

    IWant an IPad! I am learning about the various capilities of utilizing an IPad and having one would be an excellent tool for helping my students learn all sorts of things.. Being portable and convenient, I would be able to walk around my classroom and take pictures of my students while they are engaged and working on their projects and assignments. HAVING AN IPAD WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!

  • SSchiebe

    iWant an iPad! I had one that I used in my art room last year that was so helpful to quickly look things up when students needed to see a picture of an african animal for our masks. I also used it with the classdojo app to keep track of student behavior and grades! Then I moved schools and it didn’t get to come with me:( –

  • Julie

    I want an iPad! I am eager to project slide shows of inspiration, as well as to take and upload photos of my students’ work to Artsonia without needing to use my personal laptop and phone. I also have been eyeing lots of drawing apps that my early finishers could try out. Thank you!

  • Anne Eckenroth

    I would love to add an ipad to my art room! My school is just now updating its technology, but alas…the art room is always last on the list.

  • Courtney Renee

    iWant an iPad!

  • Mary Cooper

    iWant and iPad! There are so many things the kids could use it for. (

  • Margaret Roddey O’Neal

    I want an iPad. It would be so great to have an i-pad to use as a learning tool. I just saw an app. today that turns a drawing into 3-D. It looked really cool.

  • Sue Anne McCoy

    I want an iPad!! Would use to access and upload to Artsonia , could connect with my smartboard as well.

  • Rebecca Vander Sys

    IPads and art are an awesome combination. I would love to have the kids help upload to A

  • Sarah

    iWant an iPad! My students could use it for SO many things!

  • Barbara-Jill

    I want an iPad! Who could not use an iPad for their class room :)

  • karenb

    I want an IPAD! This year I have a little girl returning after a year battling (and beating) leukemia. Somedays she is too tired to attend or cannot because there is a flubug going around and her immune system is that of a new born bay. An Ipad would allow us to facetime when she is home and not miss andy art!!!!

  • katherine braun

    iWant an iPad! Ready to get some tech into my art room!

  • amanda young

    iWant an iPad!!! I would love to keep digital portfolios and be able to better share with the parents what we are doing throughout the year. :) It would help build anticipation for the” portfolio release party” at the end of the year.

  • Rae trisko

    I would love an iPad. Our school owns nothing like them. I would like to use the artsonia site if it was easy.

  • Kate Daniels

    I Want an iPad!!!! I would use an iPad to show students artwork one on one throughout the classroom, submit my student images to artsonia, and bring fun learning ideas to the classroom!

  • Nic Hahn

    I would love an iPad!! This iPad would be in the hands of my students as much as in the hand of the teacher. I would ask students to educate each other with this device recording tutorials and performance arts, using QR codes, and up can coming apps such as the Artsonia Classroom mentioned above. You better believe this would enhance my blog explaining to the world all the wonderful things that are happening in my classroom!!

    Thanks for the give away opportunity! Nic Hahn,

  • Artdavis:)

    The artists would so appreciate an ipad for the Oak Grove Studio! So many children have technology in their lives yet seldom have the responsibility to use it without an adult hovering over them making sure they do not damage it.
    I tried to set up Artsonia last year however, my parent volunteer supervisor was unable to help and it fell to the wayside. HOW WONDERUFL IT WOULD BE FOR THE STUDENTS TO UPLOAD THEIR OWN WORK!!!!
    Thanks for considering me,

  • Layne Long

    I want an iPad! I would love to hook it to a mimeo and work magic!
    Thank you,
    Layne Long

  • Shannon Kelleher Scire

    I want an IPad!!!! I am currently working with 1000 students at a K-9 school. I’m also on a cart because I lost my room due to the school being so over crowed. Having an iPad will allow me to bring back some of my art lessons which I have been unable to use due to the lack of computers. Thanks!!!

  • Mr. Tucker

    iWant an iPad just like these other 508 teachers. I’d like to use the device for animations and digital drawing. I already have some great apps picked out!

  • Sherry Mirakian Mourning

    “iWant an iPad!” -for so many reasons. Exploring Artsonia’s new student upload would be a good start. I would use it to photograph projects that I want to grade that are cumbersome to carry.I would be able to access our grading system all over the building…wow so many reasons!

  • csteagall

    I need an ipad for my classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have several students who are behind in learning and I believe an ipad will be a fabulous motivator!!!! And hello we all should be teaching with the latest tools!

  • Kendal Stoney

    iWant an iPad! So very much! There are so many wonderful applications the iPad could help with in class. A very portable devise that could easily look up inspirational ideas for student work, it can be many things. It can be connected to our projector and I can demonstrate art techniques using various apps. The possibilities are endless.

  • K. Bruns

    I want an iPad!

  • Kim

    I want an iPad!!!!! It would help with some many different things: organization, classroom management, fast finisher, art shows, and more!

  • Kathi M.

    iwant an iPad!! We are adding this technology to our school next year and I want to be ready. Having the opportunity to show virtual art museums and examples of Old Masters work would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!


    I WANT that Ipad!!! It would be great for my art center, where Kindergarten students go if they have completed the regular project.

  • Ms. W

    iWant an iPad!!!! I’m a brand new intern teacher (trying to make a GREAT art impression) at a new school. I would use the iPad to demo an art application I am designing in collaboration for educational and public use.

  • Nikki Lorence

    iWant an iPad!

    We use apps and use it to take photos/video.

  • Nicole Stone

    iWant an iPad!

    I use my school-issued and personal ipad all the time in the classroom. Students use art apps, take pictures and video, and view presentations I upload for them. We have only scratched the surface and I am eager to do more.

  • Mrs. Kuryla ~ rhymes w gorilla

    iWant an iPad!… at the same time I also understand that there are others who could make excellent use out of one with students as well. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and be considered! The use of current technology is so critical in expanding students’ potential for being creative and learning through a differing medium. Having access to one in the elementary art setting would allow students and myself to research sites such as Artsonia for inspiration and make use of applications to painting, digitally enhancing creations and connecting to Smart technology around the world for visual arts information!

  • Rosanne

    “iWant an iPad!” Who doesn’t?? An iPad would be a excellent addition to any classroom for both student and teacher use.

  • Miss Prescott

    iWant an iPad to help disengaged students to become more involved in my lessons. Also being able to show a digital painting of Aboriginal Art played back as a video really shows the ‘journey’ of the painting just like the Aboriginees.

  • Maria Depasque

    I want an iPad. Loved the webinar on SGO’s in August, it was a big help.
    I’m trying very hard this year to post onto Artsonia. The kids love being published, but it gets time consuming with 3 schools and 600 students. An iPad would be great to have in the district so that I don’t have to log on in each building, just pick up the wifi and go.

  • Annalyn Elloren

    I want an Ipad to expand my art curriculum and to have Student centered digital portfolios.

  • deb

    “iWant an iPad!”Looking forward to doing claymation using the ipad and imovie ! Also would love to have my students enter their own art statements on Artsonia using the ipad.

  • Barbara Rutaiwattana

    I want an Ipad!!!!!! Please!!!!! My school would benefit greatly from it.

  • Colette Alexandra

    iWant an iPad! I would love to use it for uploading work to Artsonia, as well as have students take turns using it to type up their artist statements or comment on friends’ artwork. It would also be great for extension activities. I have heard about so many wonderful art-related apps!

  • Cknope

    I want an IPad. I have used Artsonia in the past and love the new changes mentioned in this article.

  • Laura Beery

    I want an iPad! Thank you for the opportunity and chance to have one!

  • Kristina Peabody

    I want an ipad! It would really help with keeping me more organized as I go to different schools, some of them with limited technology. I would love to be able to upload artwork and show visuals.

  • Lacey Toole

    iWant an iPad! This looks amazing! I teach art and am also the computer tech support/ webmistress for my lower school, so unfortunately I gave up on Artsonia uploading to make room for this new job. This student uploading feature though sounds amazing, and I would love an ipad to help with that and to use in connection with my Promethean board!

  • Mrs. L

    I want an iPad so my students can take pictures of their work to put on Artsonia!

  • Jennifer Kupfer

    I want an iPad for my classroom! I have not uploaded any artwork, sounds like doing so on the iPad will be user friendly. I would also use it for the writing component of my lessons. Students could comment on their work and work of others! Jenny Kupfer


    I want an iPad! I would love an iPad in the classroom to take pictures of students and manipulate with filters to Re create self portraits. It would also be useful in looking up and learning about famous artists.

  • Miss. R

    iWant an iPad! As the Studio Arts teacher at my school I am last on the list for any technology upgrades. But I do have a Smart board and I would love to use it to integrate technology and art into my classroom. Thanks for helping the art educators of the world-Erin

  • Allison Fuller-Mulloy

    “iWant an iPad!” I’d like to use an iPad in my room for students to add their own audio artists’ statements to their digital portfolios of work I create.

  • Mrs. A

    iWant an iPad! I have been using Artsonia for at least the past 5 years and LOVE it!! However, it would be SOOOOO much easier to take pictures and upload them directly from an iPad than from my digital camera (which is at least 5 years old). I would also like to use the iPad for classroom management and to create my own art (something I rarely get to do). Thank you for this chance!

  • kirsten ator

    I would love an iPad. It would be put to great use with all age of students!

  • zuzanna mignon

    iWant an iPad! It would be great tool in art class-room, great to work on pics or as a research tool during class about famous painters. Thank you!

  • Toni Tucker

    iWant and iPad! I have no student computers and because all the other classes and state testing getting priority over art I can seldom snag one of the computer labs for lessons. An iPad would rock our world!

  • aarty

    PLEASE, iwant an I-Pad!!!

  • rhea knott

    I’m using my own with the kids and they love it. Would love to have another. My classes use technology all the time and not just fun programs. They love to push things beyond the limits and technology can do that.

  • Dana

    iWant an iPad! to use in my art room because I did the AoE conference this summer and learned all about Artsonia and using iPads in the art room. Now I want to implement all these great ideas.

    I started my school gallery on Artsonia this year and my students and parents LOVE it! The easy navigation of the iPad makes it so simple to upload art work. I was lucky enough to get one iPad this year, but the students are always waiting for their turn to upload. Another one would be incredible. The children can write artist statements directly on the iPad to upload with their art work. This is a terrific way to integrate art, writing, and technology.

    Dana Hunter

  • Courtney White Prugh

    I want an iPad!! We have an iPad cart at my school, but it is only available to core teachers :( I would love for students to be in control of their own portfolios, as well as using the ipad for video and animation projects.

  • Sarah Doane

    I want an iPad! I’d love to use one for students to create digital art, take photos and enter artist statements on Artsonia! It’s so wonderful that you are giving one away to your readers! :)

  • T

    iWant an iPad!”
    The student’s hand painted or hand created artwork can be digitally altered and manipulated to create a whole spectrum of ‘interpretations’. eg. heightened contrast, change of hues, distorted form, layered etc. T

  • Jennifer Leban

    iWant an iPad! My husband has a whole cart of iPads for his middle school students to use, and I am very jealous! I hope to one day have enough devices for my students to use them 1-1 too…

  • Melanie Burton

    iWant an iPad! We have an iPad cart at our school…it is in high demand. To do a project with all art students I would need to check it out for a week.

  • Lauren

    iWant an iPad! I was fortunate enough to purchase one last year using budget money, but I would love another one to help student’s with reference pictures; activities for those who finish early; having students help with Artsonia and add artist statements. And I would love to have my middle school students use them to write emails to their parent’s about their progress in my class, as was mentioned in the AOE Conference this summer!

  • b.levy

    iWant an iPad. I teach middle school art and digital photography. Winning an iPad would be an amazing tool for photo enhancements and manipulation in my digital photography class. I also want to start the students with keeping a digital portfolio. This would be a great experience to share artwork with anyone around the world.

  • Shanda

    iWant an iPad in my classroom. It has been a great tool to use as another art medium and for in class research AND for taking pictures of the student’s artwork as it progresses from start to finish. Kids love to share by showing the images on the “big screen” (Ipad with Air Serve and an LCD projector through my computer) and to show their families.

  • shannon

    iWant an iPad!

  • Angie Renaldo

    iWant an iPad!!!!! This would be so useful in my classroom because we have no technology for the students! My students are always wanting to look up images to use as resources for their projects. In addition to this simple need, there are so many fun and engaging things I could do with an iPad to meet the needs of my special needs students!

  • trout

    An iPad would be a great addition to my classroom. I recently used the computers we have to let the students do an art history unit on Prehistoric cave paintings. They were able to use computers to take a virtual tour of Lascaux cave in France
    Groups could proceed at their own speed with my pointing out areas they should note..

  • Lela Englert Pohlmann

    I want an iPad for my classroom! I would love to use it for differentiated instruction as well as all the awesome apps I could use with my classes! I publish my student’s work on Artsonia! Can’t wait to see my name on random selection! My email is

    Lela Pohlmann

  • art4him07

    “iWant an iPad!”
    I’d love an iPad in my art room so I could take pictures of each individual child for them to be able to see themselves while they draw their self-portraits! It would be a great double lesson! They could free-draw themselves first using the black and white copy for referencing proportions and also using colored pencils, they could color their printed portrait making it in Living Color!

  • Katie Fitzsimmons

    I want an ipad!!! I would use this in my room to upload to artsonia and get my school website updated by taking pictures and edit the page from the ipad. I would also have a parent volunteer come in to help as I have 650+ students and teach in two schools in my district. It would also be nice to use artsonia to fund raise for our schools.

  • Ms. M

    I want an iPad! My kids want an iPad! I just started teaching at the K-4 level and I have NO VISUALS! Bringing an iPad into the room would change everything and make teaching and learning so much more fun! Also want to post student work and just learned of Artsonia…Cool! Will use. My fingers are crossed.

  • Sara

    I want an iPad! My school has a classroom set of iPads to check out and I love using them! If I had my own iPad I could find more apps and programs for my students to use!

  • Emma Fosnaugh

    I want an iPad!!! It would be able to upload artwork to Artsonia so much more easily. Not to mention all the great art aps.

  • Erin Bartenstein

    I would love an iPad for my elementary ART classroom!!! My amazing little artists would be so excited to see their work online at Artsonia! We would use the ipad everyday!!!!!

  • Clare Butler

    iWant and iPad so I can do fun things in my art room! I’ve seen so many fun apps that can be used from sharing famous works of art to controlling voice levels! It would also be fun to take along to a field trip to the art museum to reference other works of art or artists while spending time in the galleries!

  • Amanda Lucas

    iWant an iPad!!! I want this iPad to assist in the teaching of photography using the iPad as the classroom tool for 4th and 5th grade students.

  • Caroline

    I want an ipad to continue to improve my teaching. I am a third year high school teacher in Maryland and I love teaching art. It completes me just as much as making my own art does. I am extremely hardworking getting to school at 6:30 am an leaving school shortly after five along wih teaching performing and visual arts magnet classes at a nearby school twice a week for two hours a day. An iPad would help managing and sharing student work easier. I started using artsonia last year, edmodo this year, I have been using prezi presentations since I began student teaching and I am teaching an interactive media class next semester. An iPad would do a world of wonders for myself and my students in terms of organizing and sharing. I am even taking students to Europe this coming summer, which would be an amazing form of digital communication as well as sharing tool for my students abroad. I want an iPad but more then anything that iPad would be used by the happiest art teacher and Maryland art students if I were to receive it in every way shape and form possible.

  • Da art lady

    I want an iPad PLEASE!

  • QueenBeeArt

    I want an iPad =) because it is so important to incorporate technology into the art classroom!!

  • Annette

    I want an iPad! I would love one to use in my classroom for art videos, to research artists, and to upload pictures to artsonia.

  • Cathy Kemp

    iWant an iPad! There are so many awesome art apps that I would love to use in my art room to help enhance and reinforce learning.

  • Jacquelyn Sengia

    I want an iPad!! Technology is very sparse for me and my elementary students.

  • Kelsey Hill

    I want an iPad!

  • K. Arthur

    I want an IPad! I have found so many apps that would greatly benefit all my art students, but especially my art classes of special ed. students. There are so many great apps for every student.

  • Ms. Art Teacher

    iWant an iPad to engage my students by using technology in the art room. I read of so many interesting apps to use and would be a great way to incorporate digital media in the art room.

  • Cara Hawkins

    I want an iPad!!!! Pretty please…:)

  • Ms. M

    I want an iPad! I would love to have a classroom iPad for all of the kid friendly art apps out there.

  • Joanne Atkinson

    iwant an iPad!!! I would love to incorporate it into my classroom by using it as a center. I would have my classes use the iPad for artsonia mostly. I want to try and have the older student upload their own art….like the aoe article talked about, and I would also like to have my students use it to enter their artist statements. We would love love love to win an iPad for our class!!!
    Thanks for all the helpful articles and opportunities.

  • Karen

    iwant an iPad. Just started an after school lego club would be wonderful to actually do the stop motion filming like on the one batman lego video I watched recently.

  • Donna Streitmatter Palkovic

    I want an IPad! Technology is moving at such a rapid pace I feel the art students need to benefit from it too.

  • Miss M

    iWant an iPad! This year our school has banned cell phones and ipod from being used in the classroom, but I find them so helpful for students to look up pictures, get inspiration and even take and share pictures. This would be a wonderful resource for our classroom!

  • artstudio301

    “iWant an iPad!” So many of us Art Teachers can use help in the technology part. I would like to share the art making apps with my students. We don’t have access to iPads at our campus.

  • Ross Hettinger

    I want an iPad! I have some great portrait project ideas for my students

  • Molly

    I want an I Pad! I’m trying to integrate technology into every class I teach!

  • KMooney

    iWant an iPad! I do not have a smartboard or even a computer in my art room so having an iPad would be very helpful (there’s also only one outlet in the room!!), and might help convince the school to get me a smartboard!

  • Ms. C

    AN IPAD WOULD BE THE TALK OF THE CLASS – I can see the students marveling over their work on ARTSONIA, and then doing the same of the master’s we are studying!….There are so many possibilities when this tool of technology is introduced. Tools – brushes, paints, resources, technology ~ these all add to the exploration of art, expressive art of the children! Yes, I beg, borrow, and beg again for supplies – so YES ARTSONIA, we would LOVE to be a WINNER with a classroom IPAD!!! Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Obrigado!

  • Jamie Petit

    i want an iPad. My students could type in their artist statements on Artsonia, as well as attend virtual museum field trips to art museums all over the world.

  • Elaine Nogueira

    I’d LOVE an iPad! This would be a great starting point for adding technology to my classes!

  • Tyra Baxter

    I WANT AN IPAD. I teach in a target area and technology is scarce. I would be forever greatful.

  • Christopher Ward

    I just played with an Ipad in the classroom I am subbing in as a sped para and I never realized how many amazing programs there are. The writing and sorting programs are a big hit. I would love an Ipad so I can use it at all the locations I sub in.

  • Joanie Wilcox

    iWant an iPad!!! I would use it at school for my kids to photograph and upload pictures of their artwork to Artsonia, of course! I would also use it for the early finishers to work on some of the incredible art apps that are available!

  • Karoll Joson

    Yes, “iWant an iPad!”…I would use it to take virtual field trips to museums and galleries and faraway places that our budget just won’t allow! Thank you.

  • mrs jones

    I want an iPad!
    I would use it to store masters and student artwork
    set up ppt in keynote for introductions and learning center type work
    track students by taking recordings and pictures as formative assessments for a portfolio
    use drawing apps for students
    hook up to a smart board or LCD to display artwork
    I see so many applications!

  • Mrs. Murphy

    I WANT an IPad!!!! I would love to keep my students “hooked” in art by keeping up with the newest technology. I own an itv and I’ve been reading up on how an Ipad can be displayed on a bigger screen using itv.

  • debbie

    I want an iPad! I will use it so many ways. I could created video lessons to share with students on the iPad. It helps reach students from a different perspective. The portability of it allows for you to take it outdoors, in the hallway in front of a student art exhibit, while waiting with your last class in line getting those extra teaching moments in!

  • Kathy

    I’d love an iPad. I took your iPads in the art room class and now have tons of ideas.

  • Kim Evans-Robey

    I WANT AN IPAD!!!!! I am teaching art at a public Montessori Charter School and this would be a dream to have. I currently don’t have a classroom or even a cart, let alone any type of technology! I would LOVE to be able to use this ipad to upload student artwork to Artsonia and organize lessons! Please, Please, Please pick me!!!

  • Diane

    iWant an iPad!” I will use an iPad to turn students pictures into sketches so they can grid and draw a self-portrait. Also, I will also teach the students to digitize and upload their work and it would be used for research and record keeping.

  • Kim Jones

    iWant an iPad!
    With such little contact time with students I find it difficult to give enough time for reflection. I’d like to use the iPad in a “Reflection Center” where the students can individually head to the center during work time and video themselves reflecting on their artwork. Additionally, I’m sure there are some great apps out there where students can easily make mini presentations of their reflections.

  • Kathy

    iWant an iPad!”I would use the iPad for tons of photo based projects and social media promotion of our classroom and projects to the community.

  • Carrie

    I want to win the iPad. My students would truly benefit from more technology in their lives. I would use the iPad to introduce literacy connection and subject integration into the visual art program. Students will be able to reflect, create, and review artists using the ipad. My students having little to know computer skills. The iPad would allow my K-5 students the opportunity to build self confidence and foster their creativity using 21st century skills in the art room!!

  • Angela Campbell-Miller

    I want an iPad for my art class kids to teach me a thing or 2 million,
    ways to be creative not to mention manage my Artsonia gallery that
    I can show off at conferences!!!

  • D hearts Art

    I want an iPad…please!!! I would love an iPad in my art room for many reasons, but…the ease of having the camera on an iPad to upload student artwork to Artsonia would be WONDERFUL! It is so time consuming to use a digital camera to upload (but SO worth it to my students and our community, so I continue to photograph ALL their work!). I am also piloting a new Fine Art course that relies heavily on technology, unfortunately my request for an iPad through my district was denied due to funds.

  • Mr. Neville

    iWant an iPad! It would be amazing to have students use the iPad to take pictures of their artwork, not to mention all the cool apps we could use to enhance or alter the students’ artwork!!! Pictures, videos, Apps; What a great instructional tool. There are so many possibilities!!

  • Valerie York

    I want an IPad! I want my students to be able to upload their work to Artsonia.Awesome!

  • estepnick

    iWant and iPad :) In fact, I just started an EdBacker campaign ( for funding. I am sharing my room this year with 4 different teachers and we don’t have a desktop computer. I’d love to have an iPad for the students to document their work (I plan to use Evernote to create digital portfolios).

  • Cherri Cash Rutan

    iWant an iPad! We would use the iPad to view videos on origami and make our own movies and animations. Also I would load it up with art apps.

  • estepnick

    iWant and iPad :) In fact, I just started an EdBacker campaign to fund this purchase ( I share my room with 3 other teachers and we don’t have a desktop computer. I’d love an iPad for students to document their artwork and to create an online portfolio (hopefully with Evernote).

  • Vonnie

    I never win ANYTHING, but I guess it won’t hurt to post!! It would act as my camera as well for EVERYTHING we do – I could do things with Apps! – I have a basic 911 phone that doesn’t get charged half the time!! Who knows!

  • Amy Henderson

    iWant an iPad – I just signed up a week ago to start Artsonia for my students, and this would be of marvelous help to us!!! (especially with the lack of tech support in the classroom and school)

  • Stacy Lombardino

    We are very limited in our technology in our art room. I would appreciate an IPad greatly ! We need any technology. We love ARtsonia ! Thanks so much!

  • Erika Mahoney

    iWant an iPad! We don’t have many technology options at our school…and as an art and music teacher I’m often last to receive what we do have. I have SO many ideas for things I could do with an iPad with the kids in both subjects. It would be really exciting to get to finally put those to use!

  • Jenny Humphreys

    I am amazed at what I can do with an iPad in the artroom! I took a class through the AOE this summer and learned so much. I am a believer! I would love to have my own iPad to research and can better serve my students!

  • Sandy

    i want an iPad pretty please! In today’s day and age use of technology in the arts is very important because it truly seems that children are technology trained from birth! They know how to express themselves even more with use of a pad, can you imagine what has yet to be created by these creative children!

  • AarrttTeeaaacchheerr

    “iWant an iPad!” i have to run around, cajole, beg ,borrow and steal to even come close to our schools iPads, so my art students are missing out! I have been letting my kids use my personal iPad to upload to Artsonia, use 123Sculpt and SketchbookX – not fun!! Thanks!

  • Andrew Crum

    I Want an iPad! Good for lots of things.,, artsonia, google art project.

  • JNordensvan

    I want an iPad for my students as a way for the ones I teach who have multiple disabilities to use to express themselves and vicariously use mediums they either medically cannot touch or are unable to physically do so. I lost my art room and am now teaching a school of 900 on a cart, with many rooms having no sinks. Getting an iPad would be another avenue to explore the arts as I have taken 5 professional development courses this summer all about integrating technology, especially the iPad, into the classroom. My district cannot afford to get me this type of technology and I cannot afford one on my own so I think my only hope is winning one! My email address is

  • Linda Harris

    iPads bring a little bit of technical wizardry and magic to the art room climate! What an engaging tool, I just read about using the ipad with kids to help them upload their art to Artsonia. How Cool would that be? I love the idea of getting my students involved in the process.

  • Rene Sohonage

    “I Want an iPad!” Technology is something I am really trying harder to incorporate more of this year and an iPad would be a huge help. I am also starting a classroom management system online this year and with an iPad, I could carry it as I walk around to give points or take away points, and also to give grades.

  • Denise

    iWant an iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all the different programs you can download on an iPad makes my teaching Art so much richer! It can reach them on so many levels that it makes the learning experience whole. Using programs like AirServe one can project their iPad onto the projector making it a whole classroom activity.

  • Stephanie

    iWant and iPad! There are so many things I would love to do with an iPad in my art classroom. I would especially love to be able to let the students independently upload their artwork to Artsonia.

  • Derica Belair

    iWant an iPad! I currently run an art studio for children in a community that doesn’t provide art! I would love to have an iPad available for students use! I LOVE the idea of incorporating technology in my program. I am in the beginning stages and am slowly accumulating additional resources for my students. I also LOVE the idea of having an iPad for personal use so that I can learn the MANY ways an iPad can be used in the Art room! Thank you Artsonia for this opportunity!

  • jeffreywp

    iWant an iPad!

    What a great way to start off the new year by winning something I can use to take and upload photos of my students’ artwork. I added “creating an Artsonia account and using it to advocate for the arts program at school” to my professional improvement plan for the 2013-14 school year and winning an iPad would be a great way to celebrate my inaugural year of using Artsonia!

    I may actually be moving from an art cart to a room and I’d love to set up a photo-taking area where students can take pics of their own work to upload to our school’s Artsonia page. Winning this iPad would be a great help to motivate them.

  • Rachel Albert

    iWant an iPad! I love your idea of the Uploading Station! I’m desperate to get one going in my class to allow the students to help with an online gallery and class blog!

  • Jessica Hughson

    I love Artsonia and I want an iPad!

  • Jennifer Bernstein

    I want an iPad. Nothing else like the Apple products!

  • Fran Moran

    iWant an iPad
    Technology is very important in keeping the visual arts in our schools.
    Having an iPad for our students use in the art classroom will help put our art program in the up and running..Thank you for this opportunity

  • Karen

    I want an iPad. The idea of having kids able to upload their own work might make me return to Artsonia. I would love to add technology to my room. Having an iPad would promote getting along and allowing kids to use it when done early would be a great incentive to work hard and be nice to each other.

  • Janel Bezona

    iWant an iPad! Oh the fun my kiddos and I could have with this! I teach in a small school, and a gift of an iPad would be such a blessing!

  • eag7073

    i Want an iPad! Artsonia is the best website ever! They make improvements every year! We want to be able to use more technology with our students and also upload more art than ever before! Artsonia is an awesome home-school connection! Please let us show you how it has helped our school!

  • Laura Kuah

    I want an iPad, pretty pretty please?! :-) Technology is limited in the school where I teach and I’ve been writing proposal after proposal to get the administration on board with eventually switching to iPads for classroom instruction, student/teacher interaction and as an educational tool. The art classroom is the best place to start since Apple products are still an industry standard. This year, I’m having the 8th graders put together an artist portfolio and would love for them to have an iPad to document their artwork and upload it online to Artsonia and beyond. Not only is it a great tool for art education (with the myriad of apps students can use), but it is also valuable for the special needs students in my class. I have several students who have difficulty using traditional art materials due to a disability or lack of fine motor skills, but they can use an touch screen tablet to interact with the class activities. For projects such as sculpture and clay, an iPad would be a fine alternative for these students. Thanks for running this contest and all the best!

  • Kris Boydstun

    iWant and iPad! Currently, our school does not have any technology available for me to use in my art class. We are a small school, and I would love to have the versatility to virtually explore art museums with the students. I would love to teach them photo editing!

  • Michael Bell

    iWant an iPad! –to use with google glass in the studio!

  • annemrie

    RMS art room could use an ipad. Art is treated like it is meaningless and has no importance in the future

  • Jackie Kathary

    I want an iPAD! I would use it to post pictures of student work on Artsonia. I would love to tach the students how to draw and paint digitally. I would use it to assess, document and store information for my SLOs and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Ms “A”

    iWant an iPad!! I would use it in my art room in many ways… demos of things I don’t usually do w/ real art materials (Pollack, etc.), interactive art games, small group stuff, I love the idea of having kids photograph their work with it (for Artsonia or for making posters for art shows, etc..)

  • laura coffman

    would love an ipad to share with my students. plan to use with students to help them upload their own work to you site! also to use with qr codes to enter artist statements. oh yeah, we might make art on it too!

  • pmjacobson

    i want an ipad! How nice would it be to not be tied to my desk top and be able to pull up specific information or examples for individual students as I walk around giving feedback on classroom work!

  • Pbgal

    iWant an iPad!! Would love to take video of student presentations and link them to art display via QR code.

  • Courtney Lakin

    I wan an iPad! There are so many things I could do with an iPad. Edit photos, use it as a sketchbook, show demonstrations on it to students, or use it to help foster one-one instructional time.

  • Lil Morelli

    Oh yes, iWant an iPad!! What WOULDN’T I use it for in my classroom!!I can be reached at!!

    • Lil Morelli

      P.S. – Looking forward to seeing you at AENJ…:)

  • Mr. Durben

    iWant an iPad! This is the technology of my students’ generation. They enjoy using it especially as a virtual art museum in the classroom.

  • Mrs. Potts

    i want an iPad! Please! I teach art at a school for children with ASD. We would use it in multiple ways : as a way for non-verbal students to communicate by using a “tap to talk” app, using it as a way for students to visually track their schedule each day and the numerous apps and videos that would enhance and engage students with me.

  • Meredith Muenks

    iWant and iPad! There are lots of things I would like to do in my art classroom with an iPad…the possibilities are endless and I am still learning about them. If I win an iPad I would continue to learn about all the cool ways I can apply it to my classroom activities!

  • Kathryn Johnson

    iWant an iPad! This is my first year teaching art K-5th.

  • Yama Zaru

    iWant an iPad! … as it would be especially useful when developing skills with multiple classes. I could use an appropriate app (like procreate) to record ideas, strokes, sequences and the play them back in slo-mo when teaching another same grade-level class.

  • EShafer

    I want an IPad..the camera and all the lense options are great and I can create immediate slide shows or photo stories using student work. There are numerous apps which are so accessible and quick to load compared to the typical PC.There are drawing and painting apps which can be used for spontaneous demos and this device can even be used with my projector!

  • Lisa Abbassi

    I want an iPad! I would use it to show videos of interviews with artists, artist and art documentaries, examples of artist’s work etc. to enhance my students art education experience. I would use it to introduce my students to digital photography with some of the photo editing apps. My school doesn’t have a lot of resourcesvsonit would be an invaluable bool!

  • melan26

    I Want an iPad!

  • mrsmith22

    i Want an iPad!
    i see tech as an invaluable part of learning and teaching. With an iPad id be able to do so much more than is currently available. look at and download applicable apps, stop motion animation software, composition tools and have access to a far wider range of materials.

  • Amy Muehlenhardt

    I want an iPad!!!! Art teachers are leading the way with iPad use in the classroom and I want to be one of them!!!

  • laura

    lovely generous, thanks x

  • candy cranch

    I want an iPad so that I can pass my state evaluation this year. I received an involuntary transfer from my beloved elementary school to a middle school on August 1, 2013 by e-mail six days before school started! My new school is “big” on technology for each classroom. I don’t even have a budget from the school system for Art supplies (new superintendent – two years into the job – has not funded us with a penny)!! So, the iPad would be an awesome addition for me to use with my Art-hungry Middle School Kids!!!! It is all about my kids!!

  • Mrs. Corey

    iWant an iPad! I would love to have the students upload their own images. It gives them ownership to the process of creating a portfolio much more than if I do it.

  • Andi Cates

    I want an ipad so I can do stop motion film and so many other cool projects.

  • Andi Cates

    I want an ipad so I can do some if the really cool prulo jects I have seen on pinterest. I l9ve technology but my budget just won cover it.

  • Lauren Cheeseman Gregory

    iWant an iPad! I am about to finish my Primary/Elementary Education program, and have so many ideas for using an iPad in my future classroom! There are lots of amazing apps that can be used in Art class, as well as other classes. Plus, I am a poor student so could really use one!! :)

  • Ashley Sullivan

    I want an iPad! I teach Art and Yearbook in a high poverty middle school. Our school does not have any tablets that can be used by students. I am really interested in exploring design with my students. There are some great apps for developing fonts that I would really love to use with my students. Also, our school only has 3 cameras. It would be nice for my yearbook staff to have another way to take pictures and even videos.

  • Jennifer Tatum

    iWant an iPad!!!!!! I’m teach K-8 art on a cart and I would love to have access to that technology!!! Would really be helpful and portable! :) Yay!

  • Donna Gross

    I request an iPad. It would make life a whole lot easier to be able to use an iPad to send art to Artsonia! I love Artsonia!

  • cindy

    iWant an iPad! My deaf and hard-of-hearing students would benefit so much from an art room iPad! Bringing technology into my 2 rooms would be so much easier.
    My K-12 students live at a residential school and only see parents on the weekend. Artsonia keeps parents and students connected in an amazing way. I love Artsonia!

  • Gen

    I want an iPad!! As in most cases around the country, our teachers all got iPads… except art and music…. :(

  • E. Farnesi

    I Want an iPad! We have limited access to technology and having an IPAD for the class would enhance not only student learning but my own. It would make it easier to take pics of student artwork as well as the unlimited art apps that could be used with in the classroom.

  • Beth von der Embse

    i want an iPad!!! I would like students to create digital online journals where students would explore contemporary art and respond to it. Students and teacher would have access to each other’s entries.

  • Bridget

    iWant an iPad. This is i think a great tool to create and learn about art.

  • K C Doodlebum

    iWant an iPad! – I just moved to a small school with a very tight supply budget, technology is hard to come by here. I would love to be able to utilize the Artsonia app for uploading student work, it would make life so much easier!

  • Jeanne

    iWant an iPad. I love my old old one, but my husband stoled it. I finally have a way to use it with kids in my art room.

  • Mrs. Lind

    I want an iPad! I have saved ideas galore on Pinterest, and I would love to take a class on “uses for one iPad in the art room” . . . which I believe I saw on AOE, right?

  • Hillari Knight

    iWant to win an iPad pleeeeease! Having an iPad in the art would would make loading artwork to Arsonia eaiser. It would also alow me to ad the desperately needed technology to my lessons!

  • Shannon Finley

    I want an iPad, please!! Having an iPad would allow for more student autonomy in the art studio. It would also help facilitate better parent communication by streamlining the uploading process to Artsonia’s site and sharing artwork/ artist statements with parents more quickly and efficiently.

  • sandy borkowski

    i want an iPad!!!!!! :) During the summer I participated in your very first webinar and was drooling over the awesome things students could do in art with an iPad! I’ve been trying to get one since that time! I can’t even begin to imagine how much my classes would benefit from this technology. It’s also been tough keeping the art program relevant in the eyes of a board and administrator who don’t get it. Thank you!!

  • Vrivas

    I would LOVE to use an iPad in my classroom!! :) There are so many amazing art apps out there!

  • Name

    I want an iPad! I am excited at the possibilities that I may not even know yet!!!! I would like to use it for students with disabilities and for taking pictures and easy uploading. :)

  • Jennifer Kisner

    iWant an iPad! This would be so helpful for my classroom! I would love to use it for my students with disabilities, to help explore, and expose my students to an updated art history curriculum.

  • Amie

    Would love an ipad for the art room!!! So, yes, officially: “iWantan iPad!” My kids do not have access to these and it would be great to let them see an art app and create a scene using this wonderful technology!

  • Amie

    I would love an ipad for the art room. Kids need exposure to this technology and would so enjoy it!!!

  • Valerie

    I want an iPad! : )

    I will use it at my Technology Center so students can use photo apps, make movies, etc.

  • daniel jones gonzalez

    iWant an iPad!”

  • Samantha

    iWant an iPad!
    I could differently use it to start up my Artsonia account. Taking pictures to directly upload students works of art!
    Thank you Thank you so much!

  • J Fontaine

    I want an iPad! My school computer is so old, I have to download converters constantly to use certain software. An iPad would be a wonderful upgrade.

  • claire

    iWant an iPad! The students in my elementary would love to have access in the art room to an iPad . So hard to coordinate lessons with technology when you have to sign out a few at a time and way in advance. Thanks so much, for this opportunity!

  • Karen

    “iWant an iPad!” because I would love to add video evidence to my assessment tools, plus I would love to let them create short videos, claymation shorts and puppet shows for multimedia learning.

  • Jen

    I want an iPad! I would use an iPad to introduce technology in my classroom and to show my students all the fun art apps!

  • Kristi Watson

    iWant an iPad! I would use an iPad in my classroom so students could take turns drawing with all the cool app software. I would also use it for math & reading games in conjunction with my SmartBoard.

    • Kristi Watson

      Sorry, I can’t fill out my e-mail address for everyone to see here, hate spam. You can notify if I win on Facebook.

  • Ashley A

    I want an ipad! I am using my own personal ipad but would love a school version to separate work and home. I can’t believe the incredible things I can do with it! I love that education can be so versatile and we can make technology work for us! I introduced artsonia to my school last year and it has become an incredible success. My complaint was in fact, that students should be able to upload the work! I love that the Dropbox feature makes it quicker but this is a great solution.
    My favourite app right now….PINTEREST!

  • Sarah Bettendorf

    I would appreciate an iPad greatly. It would help me give my IEP kids a chance to do art in other ways that accommodate their plans. Plus I could use it to upload photos to Artsonia so my students can be celebrated. Thank you for this chance.

  • Maline Pierre

    iWant an iPad! This is my first year teaching art and it would help to have access to videos and ebooks as well as connecting to the smartboard.

  • Art lady

    Hello mrs. Darlene,

    I would like an IPad very much. I walked into my art room (after being at another school for two years) this summer and IT was taking all of my computers and printers because they were too old. No talk of replacements. I also lost my Promethean board…

    I could hand an iPad to a student (who finishes early) to play an educational game, draw a picture on Brush, visit a museum to write about a painting, create a video about an artist or style using IMovies, or conduct research about art styles, cultures, or artists. The iPad would enable them to go online and do all of this. Plus, it would restore some of the technology I lost over the summer.:-)

  • Art lady

    I want an iPad! I forgot to say this!

  • Christine Besack

    I Want An IPad !!! it Would Be So AmazingTo Use It In My Artroom. I Could Finally Use All Of Those ARt Apps That Are Only For Ipad And Not Android !!!!

  • Laura

    iWant an iPad!

    Just started the Artsonia log in today and need to somehow photograph all the art for my 900+ students! An iPad would be a huge help! Thanks! Laura Wilson

  • Shulie

    I want an iPad very much. I work at an elementary school in East New York, Brooklyn. There is no budget for art. I have been using Artsonia for years on my own to promote my students work, with the intention of boosting their self esteem, reaching parents who are not really a part of their lives, and bringing the arts to life. The kids love this but as you said in your well written post, it has been a daunting task for me to keep up with and an IPad would not only help alleviate this problem but teach my students how art and technology are infused together.
    In a community where my students have next to nothing, this would be a tremendous asset to say the least.
    Thank you Darlene for all of your efforts and most importantly for following your passion and making this site for people like me who need the support!

  • Bonnie Gardner

    I want an iPad! I just got an email today from Artsonia explains how to give students access to the account allowing them to write an artist statement. That is great!

  • Sylvia

    I would like to win an I-PAD for my husband who does not see too good.

  • Julie Anderson

    I want an ipad! It would be a wonderful way to incorporate technology!

  • paintinacorner

    I want an ipad! I already had kids uploading their digital art to my website. I would love to have them photograph other artworks with the ipad and upload their traditional, non-digital work right away. Show videos right at the studios. Maybe let them film their own ‘how-to’s”

  • skherri kuecker

    I have been researching how to get an IPad for my art class room. I have been looking into grants and if I had one to let the students use I could show the PTO how valuable a tool it is for everyday work.