Oct 15, 2013

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Great Giveaway: Fused Glass Kit

{This Giveaway is closed to entries. Congratulations to Danica Willis who is the lucky winner!}


Today’s giveaway from Ed Hoy’s International will be the prefect toolkit to get you started with glass fusing in your art room.


Up for Grabs:

  1. 96 COE  Starter kit for Classroom, includes tools, a variety of fusible glass ( 36 sheets), dichroic glass, lots of accessory glass and more!
  2. Primo Primer, kiln wash and kiln paper
  3. Bails and glue to turn your projects into pendants (great fundraiser!)


Even if you aren’t the winner, you can definitely get some great prices on all of these supplies (and more) directly through Ed Hoy’s, and they will work with you to customize supplies according to your budget. The cool part is, they are wholesalers, so you can cut through the minimum order rules and work directly with their Education Specialist as an individual teacher. Learn more about that right here.

Ok, onto the goods!

To Enter

  1. In the comments section, tell us why you are excited to get started with glass in your art room.
  2. NOTE: Be sure to sign in with your email address or social account when you fill out the comment form so we have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
  3. This giveaway will be closed Friday, October 18th at Midnight, Central Time. The winner will be chosen by

Good luck and happy fusing! 

Psst – AOE isn’t paid or perked for giveaways- we just do it because we love our readers and want you to win some cool stuff! 

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  • Mallory G

    I recently delved into Fused Glass on my own at a workshop in Cleveland. IT WAS AWESOME!! I felt so unsure of myself as I was working through my first projects, but once they were fired I was in love. I would be so excited to be able to offer my newfound knowledge to my high school students.

  • Joslyn J

    We had an Artist-in-Residence do a glass fused window at my school a few years ago. She was amazing! I would absolutely love to do more glass fusing with my students for collaborative and individual projects. Thank you Art of Ed

  • Danielle S

    I would love to start having my 5th grade club students start to try this! it looks so cool!

  • Mrs. Darling

    I would love to do glass art with classes!!!!!! I just love new ideas and new projects!

  • Victoria

    I’ve been looking for something new and exciting to inspire the creative process in my middle schoolers. I’ve never done glass work so it’ll be fun to learn along with them. Thanks for these posts and your whole website.

  • Chris

    Having these resources would be wonderful

  • Kate Delvecchio

    I had a visiting artist one year to teach my middle school students glass fusing. The kids had a blast and created really awesome art! My school budget does not allow this luxury anymore, but would love to do it with my students as part of the curriculum. What a great giveaway!

  • Cassandra Moos

    These supplies would be wonderful for my students! I am rebuilding an art program at a school whose students have not had an art program in about 15 years, the supplies are either outdated (as in not well taken care of) or nonexistent. This would be some great supplies to add to my program to break away from the 2-D projects my very limited budget and supplies can afford.

  • Karen Crown

    Students are so excited to use new materials….and glass is especially attractive to them!!!!! Looking forward to using some techniques ASAP!

  • Christy Berry

    I started teaching last winter with alternative education students. They have not had a hands on art program in the last several years. Having these supplies would provide another avenue for my students to learn about different art materials.

  • Sara e

    My students are fascinated by the kiln and would love new materials to try. I’ve been wanting to delve into glass but my budget doesn’t allow it. Is would be amazing!

  • Melanie Wilson

    This is the first semester I have a jewelry class. My students are making their jewelry to sell at our “night of the arts” to raise money for our art scholarship fund. They would love winning this to add to our learning. They really enjoy making jewelry works from the heART!!

  • Becky P.

    I am a first year teacher in a lower performing middle school. This school hasn’t used the kiln in years. I am fortunate that my principal loves art and was willing to have the kiln repaired. I have fired it and my students have made beautiful clay coil pots for the first time in about 10 years! I would love to have this opportunity to show them what else a kiln can do. This would be a wonderful fundraiser as well!

  • Shannon Timura

    I would love to introduce glass to my high school students! This would make a fabulous fundraising project for the school. What a great giveaway – I am always looking for something different to let them try. Crossing my fingers!

  • Devon Inglee

    My elementary students are totally interested in the kiln- even my littlest ones could tell you the abbreviated science behind making clay into ceramic. This would be an exciting experience for them to experiment with other materials. I’d like to use it to make some science connections (perhaps have the students use the scientific method to predict what and why it will happen, compare and contrast to clay , etc…

  • Sarah F.

    I work at a school that serves at-risk students many of whom live in poverty. Last year, I wrote and won a grant last year for a kiln so my students are doing ceramics in art! My budget is small and I could not afford to buy this glass starter kit but to use the kiln for glass projects would enrichment my art program again!

  • Derica Belair

    Clay/Kiln work is always a favorite for my students! How exciting it would be to have the opportunity to use a new art medium with them! Thank you for this opportunity Ed Hoy and AOE!

    Derica Belair

  • Lindsay Foster

    My students would love working with glass – they love new things. So fun!

  • Sarah Paluzzi

    I had always wanted to work with glass with my middle school students, but did not think that it was a possibility until now. The students would love to work with this new, exciting material, and I think it is a great hook for students who are otherwise less motivated.

  • Thelia Foster

    I teach art for well as disabled adults. My students bring so many great ideas based on their experiences to class. Contrary to what one might expect; they are always eager to learn and try out new materials and crafts. As a jeweler myself, I’m excited at the opportunity to introduce them to working with the kiln. I would love to see what they’ll create with this amazing fused glass kit giveaway. I get such a kick out of seeing their eyes light up and twinkle when they start working with new materials!

  • Breanne Kanak

    I would like to share the experience of working with fused glass with students. It’s such a cool process and there are so many opportunities for learning more about the science of it, too :) Interdisciplinary learning !

  • Deb Cleary

    I would love to have the opportunity to work in glass with my students!

  • Kim

    I teach at a small school with a very small budget, this giveaway would allow me to expand my students’ exposure to various media. We’ve just completed fundraising projects and my students LOVED being exposed to new types of art, along with new media…we did a lot of up cycling to create beautiful pieces that will be auctioned. The ability to explore the world of glass in art would open up a lot of new studies… Tiffany. Rose windows. Stained glass windows that depict stories. Chagall’s windows and more. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nicole Gulledge

    I would love to share a new media with my high school students!
    Nicole Gulledge

  • Cynthia Grapel

    My students have used glass through mosaic and have wanted to move to fused glass for years. Any time I can integrate the arts with math and science, I feel like it’s a win. We have a local artisan that is excited to help out and teach alongside me. Another win! Thanks for helping provide for arts-strapped budgets!

  • Debra Freese Straatmann

    My students would love working with this. I received some samples once and made a couple of small projects. My kids loved them. Unfortunately, we live in a rural area with a limited budget, so this class pack would really let their creativity show. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • S. Spencer

    I have been interested in trying glass in my high school classes for years. I dabbled in enameling in college, but glass fusing would be a wonderful, new adventure! This class pack would be the perfect element to start our journey.

  • Mary L.

    My students would LOVE to work with glass!!

  • Lauren McClemens

    The opportunity to experiment with the fused glass kit would be a great opportunity to see if this is a medium that I could include in my elementary school art curriculum. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  • kathimm

    I volunteer-teach an after-school arts class at an inner-city school. Literally, all supplies are paid for out of my own pocket. Wednesday, we are doing marbleized paper, styrofoam and Gelli plate printing. So, needless to say, something as beautiful as this lot would be incredible for the students (and my wallet)! Count me in, for sure…

  • Marianne Griffith

    I would love to get my k-5 art students inspired about fused glass. This would be the perfect way!

  • Kandis Horton

    This would be perfect for my classroom. I already have a small glass kiln with no money for supplies. I teach in a rural location with a large at-risk population. Pick me!

  • Amy Dauphin

    Wow, this fused glass kit would definitely inspire my high school Deaf and hard of hearing students. Since I am only becoming a future art teacher, I am pre-interning working with this art teacher (I am in my last year of grad school studying) and their budget is very tight. All the students, even special needs students we work with, are feeling “fed” up with 2-D and other basic art materials to work with in the last two months. This glass set WOULD inspire deaf and hard of hearing students to try something new and take a different path in learning art. They have done magazine face mosaics before but having this glass mosaic would be so cool! Pick me! I want to give this glass kit for the whole deaf and hard of hearing high school students in their art classroom! I want to forward a small gift for the whole art students for letting me work with them and giving me chance to enjoy my “teaching” with these awesome students. Thank you! :)

  • lstoughton

    I have always wanted to try fused glass. I own a not for profit Art business called M.A.D art (Make a Difference) in Vista. My goal is to reach out to homeless children through art.

  • January

    this is perfect for my classroom of middle school students who are hungry to investigate all different art media! I have a small glass kiln and have fused glass a few times and love it! I’d love to share this with my students and they’d be so into it! (BTW, I’m Ggyorkos and I cannot change this posting as January)

  • Laura M. Lockhart

    I have taken several glass fusing classes but don’t have the budget in my elementary art class to start it with my kiddos. It would be fantastic to put some of the ideas in my head and the skills that I’ve learned to good use!

  • savoystudio

    I feel that using a variety of media in the art room allows for differentiation and success for all students–glass could be an important part of that effort!

  • Katie

    We do a fused glass workshop for teachers– this would be a great addition to entice more to use it in their classrooms.

  • Bryn Johnson

    I would love to be able to do glass fusing with my sixth graders. I’ve done it a couple times at a local glass shop, but don’t have the budget to buy the needed supplies to use it in my classroom.

  • katiekees

    I have a kiln, the interest and the students, I just need the supplies. kt

  • Annette

    A kit like this would be a wonderful way to learn with my middle school students. As an Art Teacher we don’t always know everyhting out there but it is a perfect opportunity to show them that our education doesn’t stop beacause we are adults!

  • Tanya A

    I have been fusing glass for about three years and everytime I wear a pendant necklace one of my art students comments “I like your necklace. Can I make one!” I was so amazed with the overwhelming interest from students in the entire school at both locations. Last year, I decided to have both my art clubs at my two schools make fused glass pendants for our office staff during “Secretary Appreciation Week”. Each student made one to keep and one to give away. I am at one school this year and my next goal is to have my fifth grade classes experience the process. One idea to incorporate Science is to place a plant material such as fern in between two pieces of glass and fuse. The carbon remains and the look of a fossil shows inside the glass. I hope to have my students learn by doing this lesson. Thanks AOE!

    • H.Taylor

      Thanks for the science idea Tanya A.! Love it!

  • H.Taylor

    I would love the chance to expose my middle school art students to glass fussing. I teach ceramics and have been itching to expand to glass but have not had the supplies or experience. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Karen V-T

    Glass is such a magical medium and have visited exhibitions from local to international artists. I have two venues that I would like to introduce the glass fusing/mosaic process. I teach a ContemporaryCrafts class and I know my art students would really enjoy this process. There is a local artist, Daveia Davis that I would like to contact and set up an artist in residency project with her. These supplies would be a good way to get started. Thanks for this opportunity! I look forward to reading the lesson plan and other articles for ideas and direction.
    Karen V-T

  • Mary

    What an amazing opportunity for our students! Good luck to all <3 <3 <3

  • Lyndi hudson

    I have never used glass before, and know the kids and I would love trying something new! I have a 3d class and am always looking for creative things to do that go beyond clay. We come from a small school with a small budget so it’d be nice to have the opportunity to try something new at no cost! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mrs. Stratton

    I can not wait to get started up with glass again! I worked at a couple of different stained glass studios about 12 years ago– and loved it. I taught students of all ages about using glass in traditional methods like lead and copper foil– and a popular take on the mosaic– making stepping stones using a quick set concrete-like product. I have some colleagues that are working with simple fusing projects and slumping glass. I am so excited!!!

  • Lori Wrankle

    I have always wanted to use glass in my elem. class room but am afraid of the sharp edges, etc. This would give me the confidence I need to try it! Thanks!!

  • Meredith Hughes

    I would love to try this with my elementary students. They have not had much experience with 3D and I know they would love it!

  • Lisa

    I have such a fascination with glass! I never dreamt of being able to use it in elementary though. Without knowing too much about how to teach it to that young age, I haven’t wanted to spend any of my precious budget for materials that may or may not work. With winning a set – I could experiment until I find what works and then be more confident to order more!

  • Susan

    Jessica, I love your tutorials, I am always getting new ideas! I would love to win this giveaway because I would love to have something new and different to do with my middle school students. I have a particularly tough 8th grade this year and I think this would excite them! Keep up your great blog and thanks.

  • Julie

    As as Title I school, there are many projects I would love to try out with my students, but we just don’t have the funds to purchase them. Additionally, this is my first year teaching and I would love to WOW the kids with a project they would never forget! We do have a kiln and for that I am very thankful. I’d like to show the administration that there is more we can do with it than just clay.

  • katiemalonesmith

    my middle school students would love this! what a great medium to use. It would be great to introduce them to the ancient art of glass.

  • Janet Bryan-Beshear

    I WANT THIS FOR MY ART STUDENTS—-I’ve been wanting to do some fused glass lessons, but can’t afford the materials! I WANT TO WIN THIS FOR MY ART STUDENTS!!!!

  • Jodi Youngman

    I am excited for a medium that is guarenteed to engage ALL of my students. I can’t imagine anyone daydreaming when they see this kit come out!

  • Margaret

    I’ve always wanted to try this! I love glass art, it is such a beautiful medium that I wouldn’t ever be able to afford with my school’s budget. This would help students create something that would become a treasured keepsake!

  • Abigail Tucker Gravatt

    I teach sculpture and ceramics at the high school level and I would LOVE to teach glass fusing with my classes! I do not have the materials to do so and would be ever so greatful for this starter kit. One of my lesson units is on jewelry and my students could do so much with glass. Currently they only work with clay and found materials. The Ed Hoy’s kit looks like it could make a lot of projects and would be great for me because I have about 100 sculpture students a year split between 4 classes.
    I spend a great deal of my own money each year on materials for my students so that they can experience using a wide variety of mediums. Our budget is pretty much $2 per student for the year (which is basically nothing). I have to get very creative with material choices and have started having to do fundraising just to have the bare minimum in the classroom.

    I love this web site and have used a lot of resources from it in my classroom.

    Thank you for your dedication to art education!
    email just in case:
    - Mrs. Gravatt
    *attached is work from a student last year

  • Nancy Backus

    I love glass and getting to introduce this to the kids would be fantastic.

  • Peg

    I would TOTALLY LOVE these glass fusing products for my classroom. Currently my budget doesn’t allow for such awesome materials. Thanks for offering this fantastic free offer for my students!!!!!!!

  • dthorpe

    I would LOVE to do fused glass with students! Our budget continues to be cut every year, and in the school I work, over 70% of my students are on free lunch, so they just don’t have extra $$$ for supplies like this. A ‘luxury’ would turn into a reality! Would love to be able to win this pack!!!!!

  • Mary Reel

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I have done a tiny bit of glass fusing myself, but don’t have the budget to do it with all my students. This would allow me to try it with every student!

  • Purposely Designed

    This is something I have been wanting to try to learn on a person basis, I would to share this new medium with my students. I work at a Title 1 school so we are lucky to get basic supplies let alone something as cool as this woild be!

  • Susan Legere

    I would love to win this opportunity for my 7th grade students! I love to do simple jewelry with them and this would be a great addition! Wish us luck!

  • Joyce Dorian

    Just getting starting learning about using glass in my ceramic kiln…so excited that you are posted lots of info about this, now a great source, and a give-away, things just keep getting better!!!!

  • Shari Long de Wever

    I have been wanting to do glass forever…just so expensive to start. All of these tips are wonderful and to have the possibility to win it for my school would be such a perfect motivating tool!

  • Laura Steves Hann

    My art department was lucky enough to check out the world of glass at The Oatka School of Glass in Batavia, NY. We all were bitten by the glass bug and want to do more! Winning this would start us on our way!

  • Jason Stier

    I have been experimenting with glass, clay, and glass for years. Even tried the “micro kiln” that can be used in a microwave. Looking forward to playing with glass for real!!! I teach at an alternative high school where many of my students are fascinated by the art of glass.

  • Rachel Marcotte

    One of my schools just got a kiln this past summer and I can’t wait to start having my student work with glass!

  • allison

    I never knew you could use a regular kiln – always thought you had to have a glass fusing one! This would be a very cool way to introduce elementary students to jewelry making!

  • Wendy S Sweigart

    This is something my middle school students would absolutely LOVE! I’m a new teacher this year and looking for cool projects to engage my students. I’ve worked with stained glass on my own and have worked with artists who’ve used fusing methods and have always wanted to try it. This would be AWESOME for my students! :)

  • Faith Knudsen Bongiorno

    As a second year art teacher, one of my goals is to continue to introduce students to various mediums and mix mediums. My middle school students would love the experience of working with glass.

  • Jennifer Braas

    I teach jewelry/metalsmithing and have wanted to try glass for a long time but have never experimented with it. (Budget dollars are stretched as it is!) WOuld love to win these delightful supplies to try it out!

  • Sam Stone

    We are finally getting a working kiln and I want to really wow the students with possibilities. Having to cut way back on our usual order to buy the kiln, money is scarce. Glass is an awe inspiring material and most of my students will never use it if I don’t get it for them.

  • Lynn Williams

    We have been toying with the idea of putting glass fusion into our Middle Years curriculum. We offer copper enameling and jewelry making, but see this as another contemporary and unique way to keep our students excited about the visual arts. This would definitely fit the bill!

  • Monica

    I have done mosaics with stained glass in the art room but would love to work with fusing too!!! I love all things glass art!!!!!

  • marcia

    Dying to fuse…got a nice big kiln!

  • Betsy

    Fusing glass is on my art journey “bucket list”! I have always been attracted to the idea of glass fusing. My kiln is up and running as of today and if I could win a starter glass fusing kit I would love to get started. When I have spare time I enjoy
    beading and jewelry design so glass fusing would be an exciting addition to beaded creations.

  • Ashley

    I would love to explore this with my students. We have no experience with glass and this would be such an experience for them to be introduced to the materials and process. We have a kiln in our art room and this would be a great addition to explore art in our everyday lives and art in the world we experience. The pieces we would create would also allow us to sell them for a fundraiser in order to give back to our local community charities. We have a group called the Creative Minds and within this group we do service learning community artwork to give back to the community and our neighbors through art creation.

  • Amy

    What a great opportunity to try something awesome!

  • Jenette Noe

    I would love to win this starter kit because we just ordered and installed a new kiln that can be programmed to fire glass. We’re excited to start doing glass fusing in our class, especially because we have boxes of glass scraps saved from years of stained glass classes.

  • Brenda

    I’m a teacher who taught glass fusing at the high school level years ago. I would love to introduce this is to my elementary students. I am now teaching in a school where we have very many poor economic level families. This would be the spark to keep kids in school. We are also a focus school where we have to close the gap of reading and math. Very hard if the kids are not in school. As my button on my apron says, “Art keeps kids in school!” We would be very greatful if we won this great opportunity to learn a new skill. What a super opportunity to help kids to see all that art can be, and what they’d be able to take in high school when they choose to stay in school.
    Thank you!

  • Kaycie Peck

    I teach 7-12 in a small rural school in Wisconsin. Glass fusing would be a great way to incorporate a media they don’t always see. I think glass has the wow factor that would bring in otherwise skeptical students about joining an art class. I would love a chance at having a real change to bring it to the classroom!

  • Jamie Pilant

    This would provide my students the opportunity to work with a medium they wouldn’t be able to use anywhere else. The kit would also provide a fundraising opportunity for the students to sustain the use of glass fusion in the classroom.

  • Kristin Quackenbush

    My kids would love to try what I do as an artist as they have seen my work but we don’t have the resources to start it up at my school.

  • Jill

    Despite the technical aspects, this seems more accessible and somehow even less messy than clay in the kiln. I’d love to give it a whirl! My budget won’t cover this at all.

  • Sylvia Latham

    My kids just watched a short youtube video on Chihuly and loved his work. They all wanted to know why we couldn’t do something with glass? I have a kiln and would LOVE to do this project with them but my budget seems to always end up going to other items like erasers, sharpies, and etc. This would be such a great surprise for my class as an end of semester project. I think I would be just as, or more, excited then them to win this amazing giveaway!

  • Georganna Tomkins

    What a wonderful opportunity for my student artists to try an exciting new medium! I know they would love working with glass and the idea of using this as a fundraiser is intriguing. Getting started with the free kit would set us up to use part of the profits to purchase more glass supplies and continue the fundraiser next year, and the next…

  • Amy

    This would be a great addition to our fledgling sculpture program. I saw and participated in the demonstration at NAEA Fort Worth. Back then I taught elementary but was intrigued. This year I’m teaching high school sculpture- a perfect fit. What a great way to teach color schemes, balance and jewelry!

  • Kat McQuillan

    I am an elementary level art teacher for Greenville Public Schools in Michigan. WE are a small town northeast of Grand Rapids. West Michigan is very supportive of the arts but our state in struggling financially as many are. My district K-12 art education team is working hard to design our program to grow and enhance the learning experience for our students but limited budgets make that effort a challenge. Our team is determined to provide kilns at all levels and glass is definitely a welcome possibility. This would be awesome to get glass started asap with this generous giveaway. WE would be more than grateful for the opportunity to create and educate with the Glass Fusing starter kit.

  • Mary

    When I first started my job, I had a cart and was going from classroom to classroom. Because of this, I was limited in what media and materials we could work with to make our art. For the past several years we have been in a classroom now and I have really been working to I increase the types of media I use so the kids can experiment with as many types of materials as possible. We now use fibers for weavings, clay for pottery, and plaster for masks and sculptures. We have never used glass before, though. I have seen glass demos and just read the AOE article on using glass in a clay kiln and would love to give my students the opportunity to try working with it but, with budget constraints, basic supplies are an absolute and extras are limited. I know my elementary students would love to experiment with these materials and would be so excited and proud of the things they could make.

  • Donna Angus

    One way to capture the attention of middle school students is using materials that are new and exciting to them. I find they are always more responsible and mature when I make a big deal about using something new that is
    ‘only for the 8th grade”.

  • Yehudis Lewis

    This would be a great addition to my daughter’s art supplies.

  • rsmelko

    This would be a wonderful new medium to introduce my students to, and would tie in greatly with the high school’s field trips to Corning Glass Museum.

  • Christy Humpal

    Glass would be an exciting new media to work with to promote design thinking and engage those students who don’t love to draw

  • Zach Morrison

    I have covered Chihuly using plastic bottles and other glass-simulating materials and my students are always super bummed that we don’t get to work with actual glass. Needless to say, this would be an excellent opportunity to surprise them! :)

  • Kristin Janisch

    I’d love to be considered for the fused glass kit! There is something magical about glass…it creates excitement in the classroom to use a medium my students think is “professional,” meaning they can create a quality product almost immediately. Students see the principles and elements of art happen before their eyes. And…they create something they can wear or give to their parents to show off their art work to everyone. An enhancement to my curriculum, excitement in the classroom and an art advocacy tool, it doesn’t get better than that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • LWKieling

    A couple of years ago all (not just those in art) the 7th grade students worked with a guest artist to create a fused piece for themselves and one that became part of a collaborative installation. I would love to integrate it to be part of their experience and not just an isolated project.

  • Kristin Yager

    I would LOVE to win this exciting opportunity for my students! We have studied glass art and viewed the amazing art of Dale Chihuly but have yet to be able to create our own glass art. The plastic bottles, solo cups, and shrink plastics can take you so far. :-) My students and I would be honored, thrilled, and be over the moon with joy at being able to win! Thank you for this opportunity! What a great contest!!!

  • Leah

    I have done the glass gems melted in the clay bird baths and the kids LOVED them! Now I’m onto making slumped wine bottles for my art club to decorate and sell. The kids are fascinated by the melted glass, and to be totally honest, so am I! I have tried to figure out how else to use glass and this would be a great opportunity.

  • Jen

    It would be amazing to win this kit to create jewelry, mosaics, or coasters with my classes.

  • Danica Reichert Willis

    It would be awesome and greatfully appreciated to win this kit and give the students at my school the opportunity to experience glass fusing.

  • Michelle

    Glass fusing is a beautiful keepsake art that students and their families will treasure. I’m excited to try it with my art club students and possibly develop a project for each grade.

  • Tammie Bruton Clark

    Loved knowing I could do this with my ceramics kiln! I teach at twoTitle I schools and would love for my students to engage in a new medium. They would be over the moon. I may have write a grant to get a starter kit, but what fun!

  • Beth Ha

    Students are fascinated with the process of glasswork. The thought of melting glass is exciting and fascinating to them and the products they can create very tangible. Our school is fortunate to be sandwiched between the Pilchuck Glass School founded by Dale Chihuly and the Chihuly Glass Museum. For us, glasswork is not only an interesting medium experience, it is our local history. One of my passion is to bring our local art history to life and expose students to professional artists actively working in art professions and experiencing living displays in our community. I would like to coordinate a multifaceted art experience starting with a trip to the Chihuly Museum to view artists creating glass art in the hot shop. Next, we would view the current glass exhibits in the gallery and later culminate the experience with a “hands on” classroom lesson providing students with the opportunity to create their own glass masterpiece through the miracle of glass fusing.

  • Stephanie Holmberg

    I would love to start some glass making projects with my students! It actually requires less materials than I thought. I think it would be a really great motivator for the students!

  • Amanda Pawelski

    I would love to share my passion for glass fusing with my students. I just got an automatic ceramics kiln and was excited to hear that I can use it for glass fusing.

  • Jodi Watkins

    This kit looks like so much fun! It would make a great addition to my art curriculum!!!

  • Kimerlen Spake Moore

    this would be a great addition to my art/science unit on light for 3rd and 4th grade, specifically my transparent, translucent, and opaque lesson. and it just looks fun!!!

  • Debra Hastings

    Hi! This medium looks so exciting to work with and I think it would be a great way to explore color theory, and even tints and shades. I can also imagine extending the medium to concepts such as cityscapes, landscapes and modern art!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and here’s hoping Fused Glass Fairy is looking towards NH when the drawing occurs!
    Take care,

  • Jessica

    Jessica B.,

    Loving you class on Assessment!

    I have been busting to hold a fused glass workshop for my fellow teachers throughout my district since we have a new Skutt kiln for the 1st time in the elementary! I think it is a great way to build connections for our staff. It would serve as a pilot for my next big idea which is to offer glass fusing through the Adult ed classes our district holds each spring as a fundraising option to benefit our art dept. .
    Talk about getting Art in the Community! Folks can visit our new build, art facility and make some art that they can wear. Awesome PR and art advocacy!

    Thanks again for the class and this opportunity!
    Jessica L.

  • Nichoel Johnston

    Love this idea for the art room. Hope I win!

  • Michael P.

    We are always looking for new things to add to our Empty Bowls program and this would be an awesome new project. I just purchased a glass kiln last year and would be able to stay busy with a class pack like this.

  • Penny

    I need this kit! Would love for my High School Art Club to experiment with this as a workshop! Love your site!

  • Abigail Krone

    As I was looking at this page I forgot to turn off my computer projector…several of my students looked up from their work and immediately wanted to know if they’d be doing something with glass in the future. We’ve never done glass fusing before, and all I could tell them was, “Well, keep your fingers crossed that we win!” Here’s to wishing :)

  • Monet0922

    I am teaching a HS art class for the first time in over 10 years!!! I am looking for new project ideas to share with them and I think this would be great!!

  • Tina

    I love Jessica L’s idea for adult art classes for the community! We have started doing glass fusing with our high school art club so that activity is slowly growing for us.

  • RS

    I would love to introduce my students to glass!!

  • nina

    I love the idea of the random. I like that you are not entirely sure what your object will look like when you get it out of the glass kiln. I work with mostly digital students and I would love to have them start working in the physical world. Glass is a great place to start!

  • Mrs. Potts

    I would love to get the opportunity to expand the vocational program at our special needs school with fused glass! We currently make and sell lovely clay and textile works of art at local high-end gift shops in our city. The proceeds from our sales go to expand the program as well as pay our students for their work. Thank you for your consideration….this would be an incredible boost for our non-profit school!

  • Liz

    Would love to have this for my classroom to expand their use of different mediums and techniques.

  • Erin Bradford

    After the AEI fall conference I would love to introduce glass art to my students.

  • carolyn

    i have been fusing glass as a balance to my painting career for several years now, and the buzz about my glass at art festivals has become louder than the buzz about my oils!
    i wrote a curriculum this summer called Creative Arts/ An Elemental approach..every project is connected to earth, water, fiber, plant, metal, wood, or you got it, fire..the fire of the glass and clay kiln!
    we have been slumping glass as a reycling awareness event but hope to start fusing glass if my budget ever permits!
    i have a grad student from 15 years ago who teaches glassblowing at nearby “GAS TO GLASS” studios affiliated with SalemCommunity College. It is a prototype facility , first of its kind, to tap the methane gas from the landfill across the street to “fuel” the furnaces at her glass center….AND
    she was the first female glassblower ever at nearby WHEATON VILLAGE GLASS MUSEUM in Millville, New Jersey.
    They have a quote on the wall at Wheaton…”down in south jersey, they make glass, by day and by night the hot fires burning bidding the flames let through the light!”
    so you see. we are an indegenous glass community here, and it is my goal to bring fused glass into the classroom for all of my students, so they may graduate with the skills and knowledge to begin their own cottage industry glass studios!
    carolyn mortimer
    a.p. schalick high school
    718 centerton road
    pittsgrove, new jersey 08318

  • Ashley Fournier

    This would be a fantastic opportunity for my students to get a hands on experience with a new material. We would love to win the glass fusing kit to try something new in our art room.

  • DL Shuster

    Wow. Amazing giveaway. I have always wanted to try this out…but was concerned about how to fuse in my ceramics kiln…..I have a group of 6th graders who would be so thrilled to try this out!

  • Andrea McDonough Varner

    Our High School students LOVE spectrum 96 glass fusing products! We were able to fund a public art project last year and we are hooked!

  • Mary Sederburg

    Would love the opportunity to show students the color and light of fused glass. Budgets are usually pretty tight around here and this would be a great opportunity for kids to try something new and contemporary.

  • Jennifer Emery

    What an amazing opportunity! I took a fused glass workshop last summer and wanted so badly to share what I had learned with my students! Unfortunately, when I presented the idea to my principle, he said no because of budget cuts. This would be a blessing to me and my students to explore a material beyond paper, paint, and clay!

  • TC

    I am so interested in doing this! What a great opportunity! I teach at a small parochial school and to win this would be most helpful since our “budget” doesnt always allow for things like this! thank you!

  • Robin Kinney

    My students love glass, whether they’re creating mosaics or jewelry. We’re hoping to visit a glass blowing studio next semester so they can see glass in its liquid form. We’ve never fused glass before so this will be a new experience for them.

  • Miranda Zahn

    I am always looking for new projects for my classes. My high school students are so excited to try this – something they can’t do on their own.

  • Jane Davis

    This would be a wonderful project to do with many ages. I teach grades 1-12 and what a great addition it would be.

  • Barbara Russo

    Right now my students are fairly limited in our sculpture and 3-d department because of the amount of budget spent on clay supplies.It would be great to add this component to the curriculum if we only had the supplies to work with!

  • spencefi

    Glass fusing sounds very exciting, I think it would definitely spark the interest of some of my more reluctant artists. I would love to try it with my sixth graders!

  • Diane Koch

    I have worked with cutting and soldering stained glass ut never even tried fusing glass. Until this year I didn’t have a kiln so I never even thought it was a possibility. I’d love to bring this new experience to my innercity students. I think they would love it.

  • doug davis

    I have never worked with glass before. I think my Art Club students would enjoy a new medium!

  • Becky Vaughn

    I bought a glass kiln about 8 years ago and hve yet to use it! I started up an after school art club with my fifth graders and thought what a perfect way to finally start using it. We have an art teacher in the district who is a glass artist and is so excited to help get this going at the elementary level!

  • Michele Gorham

    This sounds awesome! I would love to work with fused glass with my students and a starter kit would be an amazing addition to my curriculum!

  • mcq

    Amazing medium! After visiting the Corning Museum of Glass, so excited to try glass making with the kids

  • Colette Alexandra

    I took a glass fusing class over the summer and have been wanting to share mosaics with my art club — this would be a great start!

  • Holly

    I did a glass workshop at a conference once and fell in love with it. I would love to build my passion and share this new found passion with my students!

  • Lori Crawford Lowery

    I’m new to glass fusing, but would love to give it a try! I know my upper elementary students would love the different material also. Fingers crossed!

  • skherri kuecker

    I have taken workshops and have done my own glass beads but would love to pass on my passion for glass art to my students.

  • Pam

    Ready, Set, Go!!!!

  • Melissa

    You’re recent glass fusing articles have me intrigued! I have a brand new 3D Art class and have been looking for lesson ideas that not only excite the students, but also excite ME (most importantly haha)…and I am definitely excited to try this! I finally have two kilns and not enough variety of lessons to keep them fully interested just yet. Whether I win or not, I will be trying some glass fusing and I appreciate all the input and information because I have no background in glass. Yay!

  • Dana Micks

    I am willing to take the risk for my students and be the guinea pig for my colleagues. My students because of their demographics often times can not experience equality with others in the district. Glass fusion would a blessing to add to our curriculum.

  • JoAnne

    I would love to learn and teach my students to use glass. What great creativity awaits!

  • Mrs. Arneson

    This would be fun to do with my students, thanks for a chance to win a starter kit!

  • Sandi Blankenship

    I think that my students would love to win a glass fusing kit! We have never done this before. I hope that our school wins! I love the digital images of all the glass pendants. I would love to try this with my class!

  • guest

    I would love to use glass with my students…it’s a material they would really be excited about!

  • Lisa Mansell

    I have loved beautiful colored glass since I was a young girl. I would LOVE to teach my Advanced Art students how to create beautiful fused glass projects. Glass is not an inexpensive media to work with, and since the only money by art classes receive is the project fees the students pay, (if they can afford to) then winning the class package would be an AMAZING gift for them!!! THank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Kim Bruns

    I would like to win the fused glass kit!! My fifth graders learn about Chihuly and his glass sculptures, but we don’t have the budget to actually work with glass! The students would be so excited to get a chance to create their own glass pieces.

  • Courtney Smith

    I have been doing stained glass on my own for about a year now and I am always showing my students my work. We did a little bit of mosaic work last year and I am hoping to start doing traditional stained glass later on this year. I have always wanted to try doing fused glass, but haven’t had the resources to do so. My students have been quite interested in anything glass related. We would love to be able to use our kiln for something other than pottery.

  • candy anderson

    This kit would be a great way to introduce fused glass to my elementary students. Hope we win!

  • Rachelle R

    Looks like loads of fun! :)

  • Stephanie

    I have never done Glass Fusing but just signed up for a class to learn how through my county a couple of weeks ago! This would be an awesome set of supplies to start working with my students once I take the class!

  • Debbie

    I LOVe fusing glass and teaching students about the properties of glass!
    I sure would love a free starter pack…

  • Alissa Baylen Turner

    I am new to glass fusing. What a great way to get started!

  • Kelly Joyce

    This seem like something my High Schoolers would enjoy doing. I am always looking to do some new and different and out of the typical high school art project box.

  • Meghan Purcell

    I would love to incorporate a glass fusing lesson into my curriculum! I have always taught lessons surrounding Dale Chihuly and his fabulous sculptures, but we have used melted plastics rather than glass! The students would be so excited about this new opportunity! Thank you for offering this lesson and giveaway!

  • artyfrog

    This is one medium I have always wanted to try but never had the resources. I love to give my students exposure to all types of art. This starter kit is just what I need!

  • Amy Gale

    I would love to be able to introduce my students to the wonders of glass art– something that isn’t so easy on a limited budget!

  • Alyssa Mattheis

    I am intrigued by the idea of using my ceramic kiln for more than just ceramics, this possibility further justifies the purchase, and housing of, this large piece of equipment.

  • Geri

    I teach Mixed Media and Ceramics. It would be wonderful to incorporate glass into both classes with the firing process and using new materials to enrich student learning! I really want to win this class pack!!!!!

  • Mary Marcantel

    It would be fantastic for my student.s to be able to do glass fusing! I,’e got my fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed just wishing and hoping that I win!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    I’ve always wanted to try this with my students, but our budget is so small that it never seems to stretch so far. This would be an amazing addition to the curriculum and one my students would love.

  • Angeline Parkinmil

    Glass is a medium that students usually do not have a chance to work with so having the opportunity for my students to create their own glass masterpieces is such a treat. I have been interested in glass fusing for quite a while and this is just the push to get me to plan lessons around this medium.

  • Michele Pietrzak

    Our summer camp kids love doing glass work with a local glass artist. I’d love to be able to spread that love around all through the year in my classroom.

  • deb

    One of the best comments on of my students ever made about one of of art projects was “You really get excited about doing art!” One of the ways I try to keep that excitement is by trying new things right along side my kids. Sometimes we do great things but sometimes we just plain fail to which we say ” Hey, not the end of the world.”
    I find the more variety of art experiences they have in the art room, the more chances they have to find themselves and be successful. I gave done glass fusing in my microwave kiln and find it to be beyond exciting and I think the chance to allow them to share the experience would send them over the moon!

  • Felicia Lee

    I have been researching these fusing kits but never know which ones to try!! This would be amazing for my students!! I think my severe and profound ed kiddos would love this too!!

  • Angie Howie

    I have never done this before. It looks so cool. I would love to learn how to do this.

  • sandra darden

    I have a tiny budget for many kids, so what a great opportunity to be able to create some pretty amazing products with a medium with which my students have no experience! kudos to you for putting something unique out for us to try! And I do think any age level would be successful at it.

  • COS art teacher

    My school is in a very rural area. Glass would be yet another experience in a new media for them. Making extra items as a fundraiser for our art department is an excellent idea!

  • k-8art teacher

    My kids have been dying to try this out

  • Beatty

    I am new to the world of glass fusion. I LOVE IT!! I’m convinced this is the project that every art student can create a glass fused piece of art and feel like Rock Star!! I have only created and designed for myself, but I would LOVE the opportunity to introduce this amazing art form to my students.

  • Ms. Mona

    Students get really excited about glass and it is a great way to teach color theory, emphasize safety in the art room and create one for your self and one for someone less fortunate. Selling student made jewelry is a great fundraiser. Our students created works for other students in an orphanage in another country.

  • emmalatte

    We have done glass mosaics in the past and they were a huge hit. My students have a hard time stretching themselves out creatively, so the more new media they can try the better. We are on a busget freeze right now, so I don’t have access to much new stuff. I am also trying to start some entrprenurial enterprises inthe art room. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Tracy Steele

    I have been a stained glass artist for years, but because of all the steps (cutting, grinding, taping, soldering) I did not think it was a good fit for my high school class. Glass fusing is perfect. It’s like painting with glass, teaches students color theory and composition while working with something that is new to them…GLASS! I know my students will love this.

  • ms. o’grady

    I would love to introduce fused glass to my elementary students.
    This kit would be a great!

  • Anne Flues

    I would so love to do some glass projects with my students! I read the article on using a ceramics kiln for glass slumping on Ed Hoy’s International website and I am very excited. All I need are the supplies… and our school has a very low budget for the arts. I really want to do this!

  • eegbert

    That looks like something my middle schoolers would LOVE! We’ve never done glass before, only watched videos about glass blowing. They would be thrilled to get hands on with such colorful materials.

  • Clara Crosby

    I would love to try this with my after school art club!

  • Christy Stallop

    I would love to introduce this to my middle school students. I love to incorporate core classes into my art projects. It helps my students apply high level thinking in a practical way. Glass fusing could open up all types of discussion and introduce science in the art-room.. Students could learn why the glass melts, what is glass made of…etc.


  • Laura Beery

    This would be a fabulous addition to the middle school art production! I had just saved a pinterest pin using openings in the clay slab. The openings are filled with glass to fuse into the opening. How exciting to make a product go farther! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Jane

    I teach a class in contemporary crafts and my high school students would trying glass fusing. I can also see possibilities of fund raising with fused pendents. Awesome offering!

  • Jody Tate

    I need this! I love fused glass but I have never been able to afford to buy the materials for my class. I am a huge fused glass fanatic and would love to share my love of the medium with my students and start exploring the creative possiblities. Please pick me!!!!!

  • Marty

    I remember a field trip I took my students to visit a glass fuser/beading artist. She was kind enough to let each try a little bit with the torch and beading filaments – the kids were hooked and were asking immediately when are we going to get a fusing set-up.

  • Ashley Bailey

    We just got a ceramic/glass fusing kiln, but have no glass fusing supplies yet. This would be awesome!!

  • Myra Taylor

    I would love to try this out with my Art Club! I teach at two schools and I have two Art Club groups and this would be a nice thing for us to work on and sell in our Art Club store! All funds we collect goes to our spring program to plant flowers in our school and art supplies.

  • Chris

    Winning this glass fusing kit would be a great way to expand my high jewelry class and give students an opportunity in a medium the never would be exposed to.

  • SGram

    Have been wanting to try fusing with my classes.

  • Linda Forrester

    This would be amazing to do. My after school kids would love to try this.

  • Mrs. Olson

    I would love to introduce my older students to a new medium, and I think they would LOVE fused glass!

  • Deborah

    My middle school classes are very interested in trying this art form- hoping we can do this!

  • Laura M

    My students look anything that goes in the kiln. Fused glass will be perfect to try with them!

  • Catherine Gruenewald

    I had no idea this was possible with my kiln. It would be a great experience for my students.

  • Rebecca

    Would love to learn & experiment w/ fused glass in my art classes!

  • Stephanie Needham

    I have shared my love of mosaics with my students but this would be the bee knees. I teach K-12 and would try and expose everyone to this great art form.

  • Stephanie Needham
  • Natasha Shannon

    Saw a wonderful Dale Chihuly exhibit last winter and I have been wanting to do a glass unit ever since then.

  • Romy

    I would love to try this with my older students. The boys are hard to focus, but anything that adds the elements of fire will work!

  • Susan Rusen

    Good stuff! Cannot afford to explore glass with my very limited school budget but winning would allow be share this with my students.

  • rpatterson

    I just took a class on glass fusion and have been hoping to share what I learned with my older students in my art clubs. I have the kiln and all I need are the materials to help them learn a new art medium!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Cynthia Nelson

    I like to try new things, and my students do as well. I’ve heard about these kits, and I think that it would be a great experience to share with my students.

  • liz

    my school does an annual multicultural night and this would be a wonderful new media to try out with the kids.

  • Lynne Robbins

    We have been fighting for first place in line for the give away. a family member of mine is a glass artist and he has been fighting for second place in line.

  • Kim

    What a great product to bring creativity to the classroom! My students would LOVE to have the chance to work with glass – it could be the start of something big!!! A super big “Thanks!!!” for the chance to win! :) ;) ;o) ;0) ;D ;-) ;D :0) :) ;)
    From me and all the kids! ) ;) ;o) ;0) ;D ;-) ;D :0) :) ;) ) ;) ;o) ;0) ;D ;-) ;D :0) :) ;) :)

  • Allison

    I’ve just started a new MS job after having been cut from my elementary job in June of 2010 (because of gov Christie cuts) and I was so excited that i have a kiln and that i got to go to Aenj and see the new technology! I’m anxious to try glass fusing but can’t get supplies until next year

  • Mrswilcox

    I love this idea! Can’t wait to try it! This would be so motivating for my students because it’s something they’ve never done before. Plus, the results are stunning! And it doesn’t have to be fired twice, wait for dry time, etc.etc!

  • Hannah

    I’d LOVE this for my class! I currently do a little glass fusing with a visiting artist, but have the students pay if they want to participate. I’d really like to be able to have ALL the students be able to share this opportunity by having the supplies on hand for them!

  • Lynn

    glass fusing would be so cool.

  • r. silverman

    That would be a great learning project for me and my students!

    • Kim Gilman

      Glass is such a magical medium. A major Chihuly installation is in town that most of our middle and high school students have seen, as well as a small gallery of his work. Our art program has three art teachers and 2 kilns, but has not had the opportunity to do glass with our students, mostly because of budget constraints. I visited the Ed Hoy booth and several other glass vendors at the NAEA convention and came home excited about glass. Advanced kiln training for the art teachers is on our fundraising wishlist this year. I envision our students making projects like slumped glass platters that could be contributed to the Fine Arts auction each year as well as small jewelry pieces and tiles. The starter kit would provide materials to get us started making glass pieces which we can use to help justify the inclusion of glass in our program next year.

  • Beverly Barry Haagen

    I have just started in glass fusion and love it! My art club did it last year and I am excited to try more – this kit would be fabulous!

  • Dee

    I am so excited to be able to try this. I just got my first kiln and it may be wired by next summer. Can’t wait to be able to do clay and glass with my students

  • James Abbott

    I’m looking forward to including glass as an additional media in our ceramics program in the near future. I know how appealing it is to students to work with tactile materials and tools. Ceramics is so engaging for them, and an additional media like glass would be wonderful for exciting student about art. I’m particularly interested in the potential for fundraising that glass product can bring to our art program. I know that parents and our community would be very excited to see glasswork from our students!

  • Paula Wiese

    My class is waiting to continue beadmaking. I want to get some prices on mosaic glass. Great craft project. I would like it if Ed Hoy’s took a school PO. I would be able to spend more money.

  • Mary Weimer Green

    I teach at an inner-city school. With my budget, we rarely have a chance to work with anything as wonderful as glass. It would be great for the children to have the sense of accomplishment that they would get from completing a successful piece in glass and it would also be a great motivator! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jennifer Nordensvan

    I tried glass blowing this summer and am doing a Chihuly unit, this kit would be the perfect edition to make it seem real to my young Chihuly’s in training. This also is cart friendly which works for me, as it’s always challenging to find amazing cart friendly REAL art projects.

  • Kendall Gamelin

    I would love to add this to the art experiences my students have. They are always excited for materials beyond paper and pencil. Glass fusing would be something

  • Julie Wasson

    I love Ed Hoy and the support that they give to teachers. I took a class there several years ago and was really Impressed at the way and means that they work through the process. The one article was especially interesting with the chart and how to info on how to use your ceramic kiln for glass.

  • sandy borkowski

    I have wanted to fuse glass with my middle school art students for so long now! This would be a medium not easily accessible to them outside of school, and the students have changes so much since I started teaching art 20 years ago. They are not easily intrigued and wowed.

  • Jivy

    Pretty, looks like fun!

  • erica

    I would love to start jewelry making because I’m sick of silly bands and rubber bands on the floor!

  • Sara Fadenrecht

    I do a enameling project with my high school jewelry classes and it is always the favorite. Even the students that resist participating in the other techniques dive into the enameling because of the color and transformation. I know that glass fusing would be an even bigger hit!!

  • Jacqui Logan

    This sounds like a great activity for my art class. I would love to win this kit! Jacqui Logan

  • Vonnie

    We’ve been using recycled glass in our ceramic kiln – I just have to make sure that different glasses aren’t layered as we don’t know what coefficient they are. We’ve come up with some pretty cool stuff….imagine having some of the ‘fun’ colors to work with and being able layer different colors!

  • Laura Sprague

    Got a new kiln and would love to try this glass in it-I am doing a Chihuly unit also and instead of clay-would love to use real glass.

  • Eileen

    Glass is such an exciting and comntemporary medium…it would be a wonderful experience to be able to share this excitement with my young students as their art teacher!!!

  • Lianne Tebussek

    I have always been a fan of Chihuly’s work and would love to share that with my students in a medium similar to his! Budgets don’t always allow for extra projects like this and it would be amazing to try!!

  • Debi Dupont

    WoW! What a generous kick off to a wonderful new medium for the kids to explore! We have a good clay program running, but I have been wanting to work fused glass into the upper grade clayworks projects. It has been impossible to convince admin that it is a worth while investment; they would prefer to stick with tried and true media. If they had a chance to see the possibilities and the kids’ and parents’ enthusiasm I think they would find a way to increase the budget. Thank you for the chance to win….my fingers and eyes are crossed!

  • Melanie

    Would love to experiment with this and my students. It seems such a fresh take on an ancient craft.

  • hillary hubacker

    We do tissue paper stained glass but real glass work in the classroom would be amazing for the students. This could also be something that we sold at our annual art auction!

  • Corinne Schuster

    I would love to do this with my kids. Most of them probably have never even seen anything like this. It would be such a great experience for them.

  • Khristy Dean

    I am a fused glass artist when I’m not teaching elementary/middle school art. It’s so funny that this is a giveaway right now because I was just talking with a fellow teacher about starting an art club . Our first project was to be fused glass but it was proving to be cost prohibitive, this would be a wonderful win and we could do the club fee free!

  • Lenea

    This would be great. My Art Club kids have been asking about working with glass.

  • Cheryl

    I have been following your recent articles about using glass in the kiln, Jessica. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I would really love to try this new (to me) technique-what a beautiful result!

  • sarah

    I have taken several workshops in glass fusing but have yet to it with my students. I Need this class pack to get me started! Thanks for all you do to inspire and inform!

  • I-love-art-for-life

    Ohhhh!!! How much could my students do with ALL that!!!! Thank you Ed Hoy’s and Jessica!!

  • Dana Reck

    Glass is so magical! Can’t wait to try it out with my kids!

  • Bonnie McDaniel

    I took a class at The Vinery in Madison, WI and would love to get started fusing with my middle schoolers!

  • Denise

    This process looks amazing-have always been afraid to try it-but I have new confidence!! Thanks for this offer ;)

  • Tera Morriss

    I’m from a school with a yearly budget of under $900… It is quite sad.. I would love to introduce something different for a change… my fingers are crossed… and so are my eyes and toes…. :D

  • Christy Schuler

    I WANT IT!!!! I would love to do something new and awesome with my older students!!!! My students would think they were such artists if we did something like this….very cool

  • marie ebert

    This looks like a wonderful project for middle school students. I teach in a title 1 district , I did not receive a supply budget this year. I teach 400 students in 2nd to 8th grade and would love to expose them to a variety of projects. This kit looks awesome and would give the students an opportunity to work with materials they haven’t used before. Since it makes 96 pieces and I have 86 middle school students.. it would be perfect. Hope we win!

  • Kat

    This would be a great way to do projects to make a community connection – I especially try to do projects for the older members, who support our school in so many ways. It would also be just plain exciting for the students to work with this!

  • Kiara

    I have never used glass but it has always been on my “art class bucket list.” Would soooo love to win this!

  • cpani

    I want my students to be able to experience this.

  • Karen

    I had an glass fusing Inservice many years ago. I would LOVE to start doing this with my middle school students!

  • Lindsey Jenkins Gerow

    During free day centers, the bead table is usually the favorite. Somehow, some random glass fused pendants were mixed in with the pony and seed beads, My students we not only fascinated with the way they looked and felt, but begged to take them home, The next week,4th/5th grade art club submissions were due, and one requirement was to list three things that they would like to do in art club. It had a resounding response for glass jewelry! Interesting enough is that I was planning a found objects jewelry sale for this December.However, my first big purchase since I stated at this school, this year, is an eagerly awaited kiln (schools been open for 7 years). It would be wonderful to break the kiln in with these fantastic little treasures!

  • DarkstoneArt

    I wear a fused glass pendant I made in a workshop and all my students are absolutely fascinated with it and want to know all about what it is and how it was made. I would love to have the opportunity to teach them the art and science of glass fusing, but my art budget was slashed this year to zero.

  • Beth Carter

    I have created fused glass projects for myself, and I know my students would love to learn how to do it too!

  • Paula Tilton

    I’d love the glass,
    To share with my class,
    We study a lot about Chihuly.

    To win the glass,
    And create with this class,
    Would totally kick some……….. booty!!! ;o}

  • Kaci Smith

    My students would love to try this technique out! We did a large unit on jewelry making last year and it was a hit…even with the boys! So cool!

  • Cristin Perth

    I would love to use this with my art club students, we are not funded by the district and this would be a great way for us to raise money at our end of the year carnival. I haven’t tried anything this fancy but would love to branch out. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the chance at winning!

  • Rick Harrison

    I teach K-12 art in a rural community and I know my upper level students would love to explore the world of glass fusing.

  • MJ Sadler

    I would love to be able to do this in my classroom!

  • Lora

    Glass fusion would be great to introduce to my older students. I teach in a small Texas community that is offering art now for the second year for K-5. As a former art teacher and elementary teacher, I am thrilled to be teaching what I love once again. Winning this kit would be a huge hit for my excited students.

  • Jennifer

    I am currently on a cart and can’t wait to have a classroom and hopefully a kiln to use this with!! We are building a new school to open next year- can’t wait to work with glass!!!

  • Lynn Moore

    My school just received a donation of glass kilns and other tools, but we don’t have the materials to work with. This would be awesome if we could win the supplies for glass fusing. I teach in a very rural area on an Indian Reservation and my students don’t often get a change to try new mediums. The students would be so excited to create jewelry and other glass art. We could even use it for a fundraiser to keep our supplies in stock. Please consider my students for this package. Thanks!!!

  • Ashlee

    I am excited at this opportunity. I teach in 2 schools and have a minimal budget that could never afford things like clay, let alone glass! But I want to expose my students to as many different art forms as possible. This would be a great prize for my classrooms.

  • Hillari Knight

    This is a wonderful exciting opportunity! I work at a small
    school with a very limited budget. This kit would be an amazing learning
    opportunity for my middle and high school students!

  • meghhudson

    This looks like so much fun! I would love for my students to experience this!

  • Arra Van Galder

    I love Ed Hoy’s I attended a class at one time and it was a great experience!
    -Arra Van Galder

  • Amie Salmon

    I would be very excited to implement this in my art room! 5th graders would love to learn more about this as a Science connection, I’m sure. I would be grateful and honored to accept this prize for GBES! Thanks!!
    ~Amie Salmon

  • kmgifted

    I love to integrate unique materials into my lessons as I teach gifted and not solely art. My students are able to find amazing ways to work with new medium and enjoy learning new techniques. I personally am a beginner working with glass and would love to find a reason to spend more time focusing on it!

  • Christine Bozzuffi

    Haven’t received my supplies yet-so this would be awesome to share with my students!! Would love to win it!

  • Angela Davidson

    My classes and art club would love it! I hope we win!

  • Stephanie

    I would love to start fusing and slumping glass in my high school classroom and this would be a great way to get us started! Thanks Ed Hoy for sponsoring!!!

  • Dar McClelland

    I am excited to get started with glass fusing in my classroom because I visited the Ed Hoy vendor booth at the NCAEA conference two weeks ago and one of the representatives said students could make their own fusion forms with clay and kiln wash! It was so inspiring. And so often children work with opaque materials; wouldn’t it be wonderful to give them an opportunity to apply their knowledge with translucent materials in a small relief sculpture?

  • Joanne

    I could put this to good use with my art club. Thanks for sponsoring it!

  • Caitlin Grove

    This would be a great support to the beginning of the glass program I am developing with my 5th grade students. While I’ve attended a teacher seminar in the past, this would really help make this art form accessible to my students. I’m excited to share this amazing medium and learn more about fusing.

  • Ann Sealey

    Congratulations Danica!

  • Dawn Rossbach

    I have been looking at glass fusing for a long time to do with my kids, but frankly have been deathly afraid to after a we had a kiln accident where the glass overflowed out of a vessel and ate a hole the size of Miami in the bottom of the kiln. Did I exaggerate? Okay, maybe the size of a softball. Well, that kiln finally was killed off in another catastrophic disaster (maybe I shouldn’t be using a kiln), but now I have a kiln with a digitally controlled thermostat and feel more confident in starting a new kiln “killer” project. (no, no…it’s not that bad :O.

    Anyway, starting something new and different in the art room is always fun, but challenging. What’s going to change? What will be replaced? Where will I safely store the supplies? Most importantly, does it fit my curriculum, meet the rigor I want in my classroom, and what supplies do I need? Usually, that last question is the one where I find that I order supplies and sure enough, I’m missing a component, tool or supply that now we have to “make do.” I think the kit looks not only complete, but pretty amazing and could be a great way to incorporate into my new class I’ll be teaching, “Mixed Media.” Materials of all sorts will be used to teach students how to voice their ideas through their artwork and this looks like the perfect thing to work with! Bring it on!