Nov 1, 2013

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Workshop: Designing a Curriculum Around the Elements and Principles of Design

Each month AOE puts on a free live workshop online. I know many of you couldn’t attend, and those who did are looking for all the great resources I mentioned, so I am including everything today in one place just for you! In this workshop I shared how you can spiral an art curriculum through the K-12 experience using the Elements and Principles of Design as a starting point. You can watch it in full right here:

Handouts and Resources:

Here is the PDF of the Slides I shared, so you can see each list in more detail.

The Designing Your Art Curriculum Workbook is a free mini-guide for you of planning matrixes to get you started organizing your curriculum. Grab your copy right here.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic of curriculum here are all the articles we’ve ever written on the topic.

What questions do you have about your own curriculum design process?

I am happy to help!

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