Nov 7, 2013

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Found Object Sculptures: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape and Form

Art Skills: Planning, Sorting, Gluing

Art History: Louise Nevelson

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Found Object Sculptures

Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

This lesson is fantastic to help your younger students develop their fine motor skills. Students love the idea of turning trash to treasure! To make this lesson even more engaging, you could have students go on a “treasure” hunt around the school, picking up small odds and ends (broken pencils, paper clips, twigs, etc…) to use in their sculptures. The lesson would also be a great tie-in to recycling or Earth Day.

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  • Hannah
    • Amanda Heyn

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I read your post- I too was surprised at how much the kids LOVED choosing and gluing items. It’s a great way for the littles to practice those fine motor skills.

  • Hazel

    I’ve done this with upper level students…each does one 10×10″ square and then I install them together as one piece—-very Nevelson-esque!

    • Amanda Heyn

      What a great idea. I’ve never thought of doing a collaborative piece this way. I bet it looks awesome!