Nov 22, 2013

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Popular Art Ed Rock Stars to Present at AOE Conference!

Heads up, AOE Fans! We’ve recently released as slew of conference presentations. All of these presenters are new this year, and you may notice some familiar names, such as the hilarious gal from the popular blog “Art Teachers Hate Glitter‘ and some new faces with amazing talent to share as well.


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‘Kickstart Your Curriculum with Music’ – Greg Percy (Songs in the Key of Art)

One day, when students were struggling with basic art room concepts, art teacher and musician, Greg Percy, ( made up a simple song about the primary colors to sing to his kindergarten students. The concepts stuck, and the rest is history! In this presentation you will learn creative ideas to kickstart your curriculum with music to help students learn art concepts in new ways. You will also get to hear Greg perform one of his songs!

’10 Creative Art Room Hacks’ – Mrs. ATHG (Blogger – Art Teachers Hate Glitter)

Sometimes getting the most out of your job requires a little creative tweaking. This presentation will explore shortcuts to make the art teacher’s job easier and more fun! From supply distribution to classroom management and perhaps even some surprise solutions you never even knew you needed!

‘Using Cultures to Create a Thematic Curriculum’ – Cassie Stephens (Blogger at Cassie Stephens)

As an art teacher, I spent many years feeling overwhelmed trying to teach my students art history, concepts, vocabulary and culture all in the course of one short school year. I often found myself lacking focus and energy which made for a pretty frustrated (and not too much fun to be around) art teacher. However, when I decided to spotlight one continent, and the countries and cultures that reside there, I found I suddenly had a focal point. These days in my art room, you’ll find a place decorated like the continent we are exploring; music playing from the cultures we are studying; books to read and objects to behold. Not to mention lessons that incorporate art history, vocabulary and concepts. And, most importantly, a happy art teacher (dressed in costume) and happy art students. Join me in this presentation where I’ll share how I create a thematic curriculum based on cultures from around the world.

‘Thinking Globally in the Art Room’ – Trina Harlow (Art Educator, Prosper, Texas)

Art teachers have been teaching cultural-based art or folk art units for decades. 21st century learning, however, requires this genre of art education to continue to be taught in a post-modern context, but expanding the content with a larger global emphasis.  Globalization is here to stay and globally inspired art has the ability to teach our students about the world they will live and work in once their education is complete. Technology is changing how humanity does everything.  It is changing the art studio.  Art teachers that not only embrace, but absorb their students in a complete global experience are furthering the significance of art education.

This presentation will focus on using Skype in the Classroom, an amazing technological tool that should be in every teacher’s toolbox, to expand the impact of globally inspired art units.  Examples of specific units, including the Worldwide Color Wheel Project, will be shared and methods, as well as tips,for using Skype in the Classroom.  Why just teach students how to draw ocean mammals and fish when you can teach them to do this AND Skype with an underwater oceanographer (who is actually down under the ocean) at the same time? Why just teach students about the cultural art or folk art of another people group, culture, or country when you can do this AND Skype with teacher’s and students in that country at the same time?  Technology has a meaningful home in the elementary or secondary art classroom and studio. Our very large world is shrinking rapidly.  When art transcends the four walls of the art room, art teachers are using art in a meaningful way to prepare our students for a world that is changing so rapidly we can’t even predict the changes. Let’s teach our students to think globally, but act locally.

‘Successful Weaving Projects for All Ages’ – Amanda Novak (Blogger, Organized Chaos)

Whether you love to weave with students, dread weaving with students, or plain avoid it all together – this presentation is for you.  I will provide a variety of materials, methods, and ideas to adapt and modify weaving for ANY grade level along with strategies of how to break down vocabulary and skills for your students and even a some management ideas to keep it all organized!  Come join me as we unknot the stresses of weaving with students for success at any age.

You can see over 23 art ed experts present in 5 hours on January 25th (Think TED Talks for Art Teachers) during The AOE Winter Online Conference. Fire up! It’s gonna be awesome. You can and read more about each presentation and learn how to sign up on the conference page.

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  • Cassie Stephens

    So excited to attend (and present) and see these art teachers chats!