Dec 6, 2013

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Special Online Conference Delivery: Did Someone Say Swag Box?

We’re sneaky little buggers… surprise!




What you already know… is that on Jan. 25th, we’re putting on Art Ed’s only 100% online conference! It’s an amazing event – over 25 of the best art ed presenters from across the country, inspiring advice, giveaways, and a whole lot more!

What you probably didn’t know… is that we’ve been planning and conniving to give each Winter 2014 Conference attendee even more than they bargained for!

Attendees of this conference will not only get all the great presentations they’ve been promised, but will also be receiving a very special box in the mail prior to the conference beginning with some excellent freebies and art room products! We’ve been working with some of the best Art Ed companies out there to prepare this special ‘care package’ and we can’t wait for you to open it!

Almost all of the presentations are now released and you can use the pull down menu to read the full descriptions of each one at the bottom of this page.

* If you haven’t yet signed up to attend the Winter 2014 AOE Online Conference, do it now before its too late! (there are only so many boxes to send!)

*This bonus box is only available to art educators in the Continental US.

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  • Leslie McReynolds

    So excited for this conference! I didn’t attend my state one because I planned on this! Thank you for all you do ^.^

  • Cassie Stephens

    Question: Does AOE ever stop being awesome?!
    Answer: Um, no.

    Seriously, this is great! Ya’ll rock!

    • Jessica Balsley

      :) Thanks, Cassie!

    • artteach91

      no and no!!! Cassie did you read all of that above… it said ” It’s an amazing event – over 25 of the best art ed presenters from across the country”… that is YOU Cassie… You are going to Rock… can not wait!!!!
      Christy Schuler

      • Cassie Stephens

        Aw, thanks, Christy, you made my day :)

  • sandy borkowski

    When do we find out if we get a swag box? I can’t wait!! :) I want one!! I love AOE! It’s my go to site for all my art education practical and fun needs, and it just keeps getting better!

    • Jessica Balsley

      If you have signed up and paid for the conference, you will get a swag box automatically. We have not reached our 1,000 limit for boxes yet! :) Make sure you have a US address and you can always email to confirm!

  • Richelle Bower

    Very excited to see what is in store!