Dec 16, 2013

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AOE Featured in Scholastic Instructor Magazine

Last week my aunt (a long time 4th grade educator) called me as she was flipping through her Scholastic Instructor Magazine and saw an article called “PD in your PJ’s”

The article was all about online professional development for teachers, and she thought to herself, “I should send this to Jessica, it’s right up her alley!”

As it turns out, the very first line of the article was actually ABOUT AOE, which prompted her to call me in a an excited frenzy!

We had a good chuckle together and I told her that yes, I was interviewed by Scholastic Instructor this Summer. AOE was to be featured as an innovative online provider of PD in education.

Pinch me – that’s us! It’s a honor to be seen as ‘cutting edge’, not only in the close-knit art ed community, but outside of our content area as well, in the larger world of education! The article of course referenced our Online Classes, but also the upcoming Online Conference, and our monthly AOE Workshops.

If you’d like to read the article, I’ve linked it below (click the image) so you can check it out for yourself, or snag a copy in the teacher’s lounge at school if you get Scholastic Instructor Magazine!


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  • Sue Alexander

    Congratualtions Jessica, from one who has benefited from your “cutting edge” in more ways than I can begin to chronicle. I deeply appreciate the relevance (ridiculoulsy), the convenience, the value, and the rigor. You bring expertise in a warm and highly engaging manner, But the very best outcome for me has been in building a community of like-minded learners in my content area.

    When you’re the only one in your speciality in your building, your world is a bit of an echo chamber inside your own head. I can’t thank you enough for providing this opportunity for professional growth.within our “special” community.

    • Jessica Balsley

      Sue- Thank you for your kind comment! We are glad to have you part of the AOE Community!

  • Marcia Beckett

    Yay, that’s very exciting! Congrats!

  • Erica

    Yay! Congrats brave girl! You took all this on step by step. It’s been a whirl wind few years. . . glad to see your journey. You are inspiring.