Jan 3, 2014

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5 Things High School Teachers Will Love About the AOE Online Conference

I was talking to a High School art teacher recently, and she wondered if the AOE Winter Online Conference was going to be geared to High School Teachers (this is a common question we get).

I reassured her that just like TED Talks, we will cover big picture, over arching ideas about K-12 Art Education with examples and specifics for all levels thrown in for spice. There will be a little something for everyone. I also shared some snippets from the following 5 presentations that I thought she would enjoy. I hope this sneak preview helps as you make the decision to attend!


1. Stop Motion Animation – Theresa Gillespie will cover simple strategies to set up, organize and publish your own Stop Motion Animation productions using an iPad and a little creativity.

2. Art for a Cause – Is your art club looking for something to sell at the next basketball game or homecoming rally? Why not put the artwork to a good cause with this charming project that all ages will enjoy creating, selling and using.

3. Speed Dating as an Art Critique Method? This will have your adolescent students blushing and laughing, all while getting in some important critique time. Nic Hahn will share the details in her presentation about “Empowering Your Students.”

4. Failure is OK – Oh, the self conscious teen years! Ian Sands will show us it’s ok to be vulnerable and show our students that teachers also make mistakes. Allow your students to help you solve problems with Ian Sands’ engaging presentation called ‘Project Flop: Good Lessons from a Bad Teacher.’

5. Choice Based in the MS Art Room – Do you have the guts to let your STUDENTS chose the topic of the next project? Zombies anyone? Andrew McCormick will explore what choice based methods can look like at the MS/HS level and share why his curriculum has never been more vibrant!

Whatever level you teach, there will something in the conference lineup, swag box, and raffles just for you! Time is limited – Register by January 13th to receive a swag box and make sure your spot is reserved for this event.



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  • Jessica Balsley

    If you’re a HS/MS art teacher and have any questions about the conference, feel free to post them here or contact us at or text/call 515.650.3198!

  • Cassie Stephens

    These offerings sound great — for any level teacher! Part of the fun of hearing a wide variety of presenters is getting creative and dreaming up ways to make it apply to your own classroom. I can’t wait for the AOE Conference!