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Let me guess… You don’t get to meet with the other art teachers in your district on professional development days? Or, maybe you do… but it’s impossible to get your team on the same page. Maybe you considered a professional consultant to help, only to discover they’re incredibly expensive, only stick around for a day or two, or don’t have enough Art Ed expertise to provide you with the meaningful tools needed for success!

I’ve been there, done that. Hi,Welcome to The Education Sea. After years of designing and implementing my district’s Professional Development as the facilitator of our art department, I’ve seen it all… the good, the bad and the ugly! This is why I’m so excited introduce you to PD PAKSthe ultimate PD solution designed specifically for Art Education.

PD PAKS are designed to provide your Art Department with Ridiculously Relevant™ Professional Development, on your own time, at your own pace, customized to your needs. Each digital PD PAK box includes a tremendous number of downloadable resources and group activities, uniquely designed for Art Teachers! Best of all? As your PD PAK progresses, an AOE Art Ed Expert will be there supporting you the entire way, as your helpful ‘consultant-on-call,’ via Skype/Phone and ongoing email support.

Relevant PD is an essential component of any successful Art program. Together, we are going to take your Department to the next level. We’re going to give you the tools you need, to enhance your Art Curriculum, to develop relevant assessments, to justify your program, and to get your entire team working towards a common goal. Get all the details below, and don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions you have along the way!


Talk to you soon!





What is a PD PAK?




Choose your PD PAK



Assessment PD PAK

Assessment Strategies are becoming a necessity in today’s education world. Art Educators are striving to find creative ways to gain meaningful data to show student learning, growth and achievement. By assessing our students in a variety of ways educators can gain program effectiveness, community support and also gaining a deeper understanding of what our students truly know and are able to do. Get ready to explore current research in assessment in arts education and explore strategies and systems that some of the top schools and programs in the nation are using to assess the arts.

During each activity you will do a mix of research, discussion and hands on toolkit assignments to put the new learning into direct practice. You will leave this professional development series with a comprehensive Toolkit of sample assessments that can be put to use immediately.

Each Assessment PD PAK includes:

Curriculum PD PAK

Designing your art curriculum is perhaps one of the most personal acts you will do as an art educator.  It’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, hoping that each part will fit together perfectly. It can be very difficult to make sure you are designing a curriculum that is balanced and meets the needs of your students and your teaching style.

Through this professional development session you will research what some of the best districts and programs in the nation are using for their art curriculum, as well as observe different styles and types of art curriculums being used and marketed today. Using this data as ammunition, you will design your own comprehensive toolkit with all of the necessary pieces to implement a curriculum that fits in best with your teaching, your students, and their needs. Don’t let someone else be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your team’s art curriculum. Design your own today!

Each Curriculum PD PAK includes:



Why PD PAK’s?


1) They’ll Help Unify Your Team - AOE Classes are PD for individuals. PD PAKS are PD for groups! If the Art Teachers in your district already meet as a department, this will enhance and focus your efforts. If you’re not already meeting as a group, PD PAKS are a great reason to get started! PD PAKS will help get your team on the same page, with common goals and focused outcomes.


2) They’re Ridiculously Relevant™ - Tired of sitting in generalized pd meetings? Tired of being told to “make a connection” when the connections just aren’t there?  Finally, there’s relevant PD that is focused specifically on art education. PD that won’t waste your time, where the ‘connections’ are clear and relevant.


3) They’re Incredibly Affordable - While professional consultants can cost thousands of dollars a day (not even including the cost of providing lodging and travel expenses), PD PAKS are far more affordable. One simple flat fee – only $599 – regardless of your department’s size.


4) You Won’t Be Alone - Every PD PAK comes complete with an AOE Art Ed expert as your consultant-on-call to guide you through the activities, provide feedback over the phone, Skype and email support. All the perks of a consultant, for a fraction of the price.


5) They’re Research Based - All of our PD PAK content is research based, rich and full of information, samples, and ideas gathered from all around the country (and world) at your disposal. We’ve done the research and data aggregation and put it all in one place, to save you time.


6) Practical Application - The best PD not only has research and great content, but gives you actionable steps to put what you learned into use in your own art room. PD PAKS are full of project ideas and applications you can implement immediately.


7) Work at your Own Pace - Unlike a consultant that’s ‘one and done’, you can utilize PD PAKS at your own pace. Download the PAK instantly, then spread the content however it works best for your group. Utilize the content for 8 hour PD days, weekly get-togethers, or on an as-needed basis. Use the information how you want, when you want, and we will be here to help customize it for you.


8) Team Building - PD PAKS don’t just include art content, you will also receive a Facilitator’s Guide to help your team start acting like a well oiled machine. The Facilitator’s Guide helps you understand the challenges of running a small group and provides real-world proven strategies to overcome them.


9) Jam Packed with Resources - PD PAKS are packed full of a tremendous amount of information, so whether you tackle it all right away or spread it out over time, you’ll definitely bet getting your money worth. eBooks for each member of your team, hundreds of links links, handouts, downloadable and editable matrixes and printables to put to use right away in your classroom. Talk about a time saver.


10) They Empower You, and Your Program - If you want to be taken seriously by your administration, taking matters into your own hands and demanding relevant professional development is key. 100% of our content has been developed exclusively for Art Teachers, by Art Teachers. This is the type of professionalism  that can be program building, and program saving!






Pricing & What to Expect

When you’re ready to move forward, click  any of the ‘sign-up’ buttons on this page. Once you click ‘Sign Up,’ you will be taken through a very simple two step process.

1) Sign-Up Form: The first step is to fill our our sign-up form. This will provide AOE with all of your contact information, so that an AOE Art Ed Expert can call or email to schedule your initial consultation, and get a better idea for how the PD PAK can be customized to fit your unique needs.

2) Purchase & Download: After you’ve filled out the sign-up form, the next step is to purchase your PD PAK via credit card in the AOE Store. Unlike education consultants that can cost thousands of dollars for just a day or two’s work, PD PAKS come at an incredibly affordable standard flat rate of $599. They’re the same price whether you have three teachers in your department or three hundred. If your school can’t pay via Credit Card, we can also work with your school to do a standard invoice/PO process. Just contact us for more information.

Once the PD PAK has been paid for, you will be automatically sent an exclusive and secure link through your email. Simply click this link to download your PD PAK and start pouring through the detailed content immediately! Be sure to read the Start-Up Guide first as this will help you get off on the right foot!

It’s that easy! Two simple steps, and you’re ready to get your Art Team inspired and aligned to the same goals!




Get Your Administration on Board

Download PD Research Paper

Download Admin Letter

Unlike purchasing an AOE Class, which is designed to help you get individualized PD, PD PAKS are designed for groups, districts of Art Teachers… which means you’ll likely have to convince your principal, administrator, or curriculum director that PD PAKS are the way to go. No fear, we want to help make that process as seamless as possible.

Administrators are usually stumped when it comes to fitting the art teachers into their professional development. I honestly think they don’t MEAN to forget about you, but unfortunately since relevant PD is so hard to find and because there are so few Art Teachers relative to the rest of their teaching staff, you often get overlooked.

Help your administrator out a little with a friendly reminder, and pass along this one page Admin Letter (from Jessica Balsley) that explains exactly what PD Paks are, and why they will benefit your Art Department. The letter includes AOE’s contact information so they can contact us directly with any questions. If you need research to back up your case, you can show them this short two page PD Research Paper detailing why art teachers need content specific professional development.

Worried your school does’t have the funds? Don’t assume anything. Did you know that schools in most districts set aside funds available for teacher professional development each year?  Be proactive and ask. You never know what the answer might be. Why should all the PD funds to go the classroom teachers?

Does your school board have grants especially for continuing education for teachers?   Go ahead and make a phone call or set up one quick meeting and investigate. This is your “ticket out” of boring PD that doesn’t relate to you.You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find out. Since our PD PAKS are very affordable compared to a consultant, and gives you days worth of relevant PD to use within your department, you might be surprised just how open your administration is to the idea.




Still have a few questions? The answers you seek should be below… if they aren’t, you can always call Jessica at 515.508.1609 or email her: theartofed@gmail.com for more information!

What is the cost of a PD PAK?

 PD Paks are one flat fee of $599, no matter how many art teachers are participating. You won’t find any PD out there with this much content and support for such a low cost. Consultants can cost over 1000 per day, and that doesn’t include the fee to fly them out to visit you. This is an affordable and relevant option for art teachers.

What's the best way to pay? Do you take PO's?

The easiest and most simple way to pay for our PD Paks is via Credit Card – simply click the ‘buy now’ button, enter your card information, and submit. Your download will start instantly! You can just pay directly with your school’s card. Most schools have a credit card, you just have to ask the right people!

If that won’t work, we will accept PO’s and can send you an invoice to bill out to. All inquires for PO’s can be directed to Jessica Balsley at theartofed@gmail.com or call 515-508-1609 for a mailing address.

Who can I (or my administration) contact for more information?

Contact Jessica Balsley directly at theartofed@gmail.com or 515-508-1609. She’ll be happy to help answer any of your questions about PD Paks.

Are PD PAKS appropriate for K-12 Art Teachers?

YES! The activities in our PD Paks can be customized to fit any level of art teacher and are designed for all levels. Perhaps your middle school team would like to do this as a group- Great! Maybe you entire K-12 team wants to participate. Perfect! 

Is there a refund/guarantee policy?

If you are not happy with our services (we’ve never met someone who isn’t) we will work with you to customize your package to better meet your needs and make every effort to make PD PAKS work for you. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, we will provide you with a refund of your purchase price. If you aren’t sure if PD Paks will be perfect for your department, please give us a jingle and we are happy to dispel any myths before you take the plunge.

How do the Art Teachers obtain their class discounts?

You will be given a special discount code to give to all of the teachers who participate in this PD, they can use it to get 20% off any AOE Class they take within one year of the PD PAK sales date. This is a great way to extend the value of your PAK, and let your teachers save hundreds of dollars renewing their license or earning graduate credits. We recommend taking a class in a different topic than your PD Pak, as content may overlap.

Do we have to follow each activity exactly?

No, part of the beauty of a PD PAK vs. a temporary professional consultant is that you can tweak and adjust the PAK to fit your unique group, your unique schedule and so on. We will work with you personally to customize the plan for you and your team, based upon where you are currently at in your journey. This is customized consulting, with all the bells, whistles and communication attached.

Okay, I'm convinced. What do I do now?

When you purchase a PD PAK by clicking the large buy-now button and purchasing through the AOE Store, we will send you an email that explains how to obtain access to download EVERYTHING you will need to get started. This is your PD in a box… One package, at one time!  The “Start-Up Guide” will be your first piece of reading material. It will carefully outline the steps you will follow to cash in on your services and put the resources to work right away. Of course, I’ll be there every step of the way to assist you with questions.

You will contact me right away to set up your initial consulting call and the rest will flow perfectly from there…We won’t leave you hanging.



You Deserve This

Don’t hesitate any longer. It’s time you enjoyed some Professional Development designed just for you. It’s time you demanded more from your PD and wrangled your Art Department into something exceptional. All it takes is a few minutes to sign-up… and the information and resources are just a download away!