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Each month AOE puts on a LIVE web event called a ‘workshop’. During each workshop an AOE Team Member presents on an important topic in Art Ed, and attendees are given the opportunity to interact, comment, ask questions and have them answered live.


AOE Workshops are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month. Most AOE Workshops are completely free to attend. If you’re registered (simply fill out the form at right) we will send you all the information you need leading up to the event via email. Sample Workshop

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Upcoming Workshops:

As long as you’re registered (above) for AOE Workshops, you will receive email notifications and exclusive links to attend these great live online events. Below is a sneak-peak at workshops you can expect to see in the coming months! See you there!

Monday November 25 at 8:00 pm CST - 'Assessment - Using Data as a Program Saving Advocacy Tool'

“I have some data, now what?” Most art teachers are collecting data in some way, shape or form in their art rooms. But once you collect data on your student’s progress, what are you DOING with the data to help drive your art program and advocate for the great things happening in your art room? This workshop will provide Art Teachers with the ammunition they need to use assessment results not only as a way to measure student progress but as an advocacy tool to promote their Art Program, celebrate student success, drive instruction, and build important relationships with administration and the community. It’s time to think differently about assessments! We will share shortcuts to streamline your data collection processes and put your data into visual formats for easy advocacy efforts.

December 2013 - 'Art and the Core: Connecting Art and Math'

Art and Math have so many natural ties, and with the Common Core standards being pushed more and more in the art room, we want to help you make those connections clear and easy. We will cover several Common Core Math Standards and talk about art projects and resources you can use to carry those out in your art room. We will also cover sneaky ways to get in a little ‘common core’ with projects you probably already doing. Planning matrixes will be provided to help you piece together how you are connecting to math in your own art curriculum.


Past Workshops (videos included):

workshop screenshotDid you miss a past workshop? You can’t interact and discuss with everyone since you missed the live componeont, but no worries… you can still watch the event and get all the content. Simply click on the Workshop you’re interested below to watch the video and access the handouts!


8/23/2013 - 'The Secret to Writing Effective Student Learning Outcomes'

Call it what you will; Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s), Learning Targets, or Power Standards, In the world of education today it’s imperative that art teachers are able to communicate exactly what learning will take place in the art room, and effectively communicate this to both administration and students, so everyone is on the same page. In fact, many schools are requiring this, making art teachers feel the pressure even more. In this workshop Jessica Balsley, founder of AOE, walks you through this seemingly daunting task of writing your SLO’s, share with you a variety of examples (and examples of what NOT to do). You will learn secrets to writing your learning outcomes so the creativity stays at the forefront of your classroom, makes assessments easy, and helps you get organized with your curriculum. Download Handout

9/26/2013 - 'Using Digital and Traditional Portfolios as an Assessment Tool'

Portfolios continue to be one of the most authentic and comprehensive ways to assess student art work, and provide a valuable opportunity for students to review and evaluate their own work. Whether you prefer traditional portfolios or are moving the archiving of artwork to digital formats, the power of the portfolio can be an asset to your art program.

This workshop will cover some of the best digital portfolio options out there and provide trips and tricks for organizing traditional portfolio processes for the most effective outcome. We will also talk about different ways to use the portfolio process to create and administer assessments and student reflections for all age levels. Let’s talk portfolios!

10/2013 - 'Creating a Curriculum Around the Elements and Principles of Design'

Handouts and Resources:

Here is the PDF of the Slides I shared, so you can see each list in more detail.

The Designing Your Art Curriculum Workbook is a free mini-guide for you of planning matrixes to get you started organizing your curriculum. Grab your copy right here.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic of curriculum here are all the articles we’ve ever written on the topic.

What questions do you have about your own curriculum design process?

I am happy to help!